Dark Storm Industries, LLC (DSI) Signs Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM)

LBM to expand DSI’s brand recognition among key markets, as well as develop and expand its writer relation’s program.

DS-10 Typhoon
DS-10 Typhoon
Dark Storm Industries
Dark Storm Industries

Oakdale, N.Y. (Ammoland.com) – Dark Storm Industries, LLC (DSI), a New York based firearms manufacturer, has signed Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) to build brand awareness through LBM’s public relations program. Founded in 2013, DSI specializes in the manufacture of modern sporting rifles and has developed the DSI line of rifles to meet the ever-changing regulatory environment in states such as New York and California.

“We are looking forward to getting the word out about DSI and its unique, restricted state-compliant firearm designs,” remarked Laura Burgess, founder and CEO of LBM.

“The AR market is highly competitive, but for whatever reason big manufacturers have been largely ignoring gun guys and gals that live in restricted states, leaving a void in the marketplace. We are thrilled to represent DSI and applaud its willingness to step up to the plate and help out these ignored gun enthusiasts.”

LBM will focus on growing the brand’s awareness as the source for compliant AR platform rifles in DSI’s key markets of New York, California, Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as building awareness of its standard rifles for the consumer market across the free states. LBM will do this by developing and fostering writer relations, increasing editorial coverage and facilitating media events.

In addition, DSI has tasked LBM with developing sponsorship opportunities for industry media review and demo days, as well as helping to promote “special projects” when available.

Dark Storm Industries Rifles
Dark Storm Industries Rifles

“My business partner Peter and I founded DSI out of our frustration with local dealers who did not stock parts for AR style rifles or who had hard-to-navigate websites with unknown inventory. We cater specifically to the AR platform and as a fairly young company with a niche product we needed an agency that could help steer us through the market, as well as provide us with sound advice on how to grow our brand within our key markets and beyond. We have found that agency in LBM,” commented Ed Newman, co-founder and owner of DSI.

For hi-res images, press releases or collateral, please visit DSI’s client page at www.lauraburgess.com/clients/dark-storm-industries-llc/.

For more information, visit www.dark-storm.com.

About Dark Storm Industries, LLC:

Dark Storm Industries is a New York based firearms manufacturer specializing in modern sporting rifles. Founded in 2013, Dark Storm Industries developed the DS-15 line of rifles to meet the changing regulatory environment in states like New York and California. www.dark-storm.com

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    1. I actually found their attitudes quite the opposite of The above author. Recently I found a gun on Gunbroker for way below the cost of the exact model carried by DSI. I used there FFL services and was charged extra money above the FFL cost because I did not purchase it through them. When I mentioned that no other FFL dealer “penalizes” a customer in this way I was told “Well your not a customer anyway”! Well number one I have purchased in the past so I WAS a customer and number two your right now I NEVER will be again! Camp-Site here I come.

    2. DSI manufactures their own rifles on the premises. They have their own CNC machining tools and it’s a pretty impressive operation. I was able to tour the machining facility. Ed and Peter are knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to every individuals needs. I have several of their products. Additionally, the facility is perhaps, the most beautiful firearms store in all of Long Island which also incorporates a 5 point state of the art range. I have always found it disheartening having to deal with these specialty stores and everyone behind the counter have an attitude or a chip on their shoulder. Everyone at DSI is exactly the opposite.

    3. I live not to far from Dark Storm Industries Manufacturing on Sunrise Highway. Never been in there. It looks like a gun/sporting store. Where do they “manufacture”? Does some other company actually manufacture the AR-15 (DS-15) receivers and parts and put their DSI name on it/them? Where are the actual manufacturing facility/buildings?

      1. We have a 3000sqft manufacturing facility in Oakdale in the same shopping center! We make our own receivers both billet and forged as well as many other parts. Checkout our website http://www.dark-storm.com & our Facebook page. All the assembly is done there as well.

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