DSC Supports Rep. Gosar’s Grand Canyon Bison Management Act

Grand Canyon Bison Management Act
Grand Canyon Bison Management Act

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DALLAS, Texas -(Ammoland.com)- DSC applauds Representative Paul Gosar (R), along with co-sponsors Trent Franks (R), Tom O’Halleran (D) and David Schweikert (R), for introducing the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act on June 22.

The bill would authorize the use of science-based wildlife management and sustainable-use conservation techniques to control the bison over-population within Grand Canyon National Park (Park). DSC, a leader in advocating for hunters’ rights, strongly supports the proposed legislation.

The National Park Service (NPS) recently issued a draft environmental assessment that recommended 400 excess bison inside the Grand Canyon be culled, at taxpayer expense, through the use of paid sharpshooters.

While the Park’s enabling legislation does not authorize hunting, it is an established and effective management tool on 51 million acres of NPS lands on 59 properties. Representative Gosar’s bill would authorize limited hunting of bison in the Park to prevent the destruction of critical habitat for other wildlife.

Specifically, the Grand Canyon Bison Management Act would require both the U.S. Department of Interior and the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to coordinate on a plan to manage the bison population utilizing volunteer sportsmen holding a valid state-issued hunting license.

The volunteer hunters, who would pay for the privilege, would then be allowed to cull bison and remove the harvested animal from the Park. Wildlife surveys estimate that about 600 bison reside in the Park and NPS biologists say the ecosystem can support around 200.

“This bill is good for wildlife conservation, preservation of biological diversity, taxpayers, as well as western big-game hunters, many of whom have waited decades for the opportunity to hunt a wild bison,” said DSC President Craig Nyhus. “DSC greatly appreciates Rep. Gosar’s sponsorship of this important legislation and we look forward to working with him to move the bill through the House and on to the Senate.”

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AR Hunter

DSC really REALLY sould get involved in the Feral Horse issue that is wrecking havoc in multiple states due to LARGE over populations. This science based concept keeps escaping the feral horse issues in NV, UT, CO, NM, WY, MT, and AK just to mention a few. Imagen the real Game Habitats they could be saving by getting involved and solving the issue for good and not to mention the $50,000,000 annually of tax payer money – ANNUALLY on feeding and housing unadoptable horses. Feral horses is an issue DSC needs to seriously get involved with along with many other… Read more »

Wild Bill

@AR Hunter, Congress has already passed a Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act. Congress has deemed these animals the property of every American citizen. I own one three hundred and twenty millionth undivided part interest of each and every wild horse and burro. I want my share to remain healthy and free. Since the BLM has started their roundups, the wild population is one tenth of what it was. BLM management has f*cked up our wild mustang population enough.
Wild populations of the animals that we hunt would be better served by eliminating the nonnative imported wolves.

AR Hunter

Wild Bill, Please research your share of the Feral Horse issue. Your “Healthy” horses are dying of thirst and starvation in NV and other areas from sever over population… sever. Like they are pounding the ground into sand that is becoming inhabitable for any vegetation and huge amounts of water resources previously used by natural animals is depleted and then the feral horses camp on the sites and further chase all other animals large and small off the precious water holes. These feral horses double in population approximately every 4yrs… they currently are about 50,000 overpopulated ACCORDING the 1970s Act…… Read more »


Sounds better to me than PAYING a bunch of “sharpshooters” to do this. Let people PAY for the privilege of culling the herd and making use of the meat; Want to do some good, MANDATE that the BULK of the bison goes to orphanages or be offered for sale to the public. Use it to feed the military.