Elderly Homeowner Shoots Teen Trying To Escape Police

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Elderly Old Man Hands Revolver
Elderly Homeowner Shoots Teen Trying To Escape Police
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- CBS TV 4 in Miami, Florida reports 05-12-2017 the incident began when Miami Police stopped a car driven by a 45 year old that was reported stolen from his son’s mother. While Officers were arresting the driver, his 16-year-old son in the passenger seat and a second teen in the back seat jumped out and fled on foot.

The officers found drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle. A police perimeter was set up in the area. One report said an Investigator discovered the teens took some clothes out of a washing machine to change his appearance. The perimeter was then widened as the subject might have slipped through by changing clothes.

The teen suspects were eventually located after police got a call that the driver’s son had been shot by a homeowner. An 82-year-old resident was startled by the sound of noise coming from his basement. The resident armed himself and then entered his basement. He was confronted by the suspects and pushed by the driver’s son.

The elderly homeowner fired a single shot, wounding the driver’s son in the buttocks. The injured intruder was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment and is expected to survive. The second teen, believed to be the son’s friend, fled but was also apprehended nearby.

Both the 45 year old father and his son are facing a number of charges, including grand theft and drug possession.


He steals the car from his mother to pick up his father from jail.

This “child” needs to be off the street along with his father. The son’s friend was being interviewed about his level of involvement as of last reports.

Perhaps the elderly resident should have called 911 and let the responding Officers search his basement. However verifying what caused the noise first was prudent.

The resident did the right thing. Just needs a bit of work on his marksmanship, or perhaps it was just appropriate bullet placement!

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warren flint

I lived in Broward County,and yes their are some basements in Miami,in some of the old homes that have been their 40-50 years or more,but of course not in newer homes.Live in Central Fl. now,and no basement,LOL

Old 1811

Bad reporting. Nobody in Miami has a basement. The water table is about two feet down.

The Dude

First thing I thought.

Wild Bill

Boy howdy, that sure is a lot of finger on that trigger in the picture, and look at that old fashioned “cup and saucer” grip. No wonder the kid got shot in the “buttocks”!

Wild Bill

Irwin, What kind of drug paraphernalia? Was it the car owner’s drug paraphernalia, of the father’s drug paraphernalia, or the son’s drug paraphernalia, or the son’s friend’s paraphernalia? Had the drug paraphernalia been used? Some might think that I am underscoring my opinion of recreational drug use. Or that I am pointing to an affirmative legal defense, but I am just practicing spelling the word: paraphernalia.