Feds Move to Delist Grizzlies – Antis Move to Sue

Grizzly Bear
Feds Move to Delist Grizzlies – Antis Move to Sue

Sportsmen’s Alliance

USA -(Ammoland.com)- After more than four decades, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem population of grizzly bears has been deemed recovered by federal wildlife biologists after far surpassing every threshold required by the Endangered Species Act.

The success might be short-lived, however, as the delisting action sets the stage for expensive court battles with animal-rights organizations who have already promised to file lawsuits to stop the action as soon as possible.

“The delisting of grizzly bears should be universally celebrated as one of the greatest conservation stories in North America, and successes of the Endangered Species Act,” said Sportsmen’s Alliance President and CEO Evan Heusinkveld. “But, unfortunately, there are groups already fundraising to challenge the decision and usurp biological wildlife management with lawsuits and court mandates.”

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem population of grizzly bears has surpassed recovery goals in both population benchmarks and duration of time meeting those goals, proving that the population is not just recovered, but stable and growing.

Moreover, more than 100 grizzly bears have been killed for depredation of livestock or attacks on humans in the last two years – a significant number indicative of the population having reached social tolerance levels within the available habitat.

Despite those successes, animal-rights groups have circled the wagons and promise to fight an expensive legal battle in the courts.

In a New York Times piece, Matt Bishop, an attorney with the Western Environmental Law Center, said: “We have to wait 60 days, but on the 61st day we will sue to stop the delisting.”

The Humane Society of the United States, with an annual budget of $130 million, Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and others all started fundraising on the backs of “endangered” grizzlies the moment the Department of the Interior asked for public comments on delisting.

Their agenda-driven propaganda paints the picture of complete extinction by “trophy” hunters should delisting take place, and their obstructionist game plan assures a long and expensive court battle to defend scientific wildlife management.

“Just as with the Western Great Lakes wolf, a case we’ve been fighting for a decade, radical animal-rights organizations are already setting the table for lawsuit after lawsuit to advance their no-hunting, vegan-only agenda on America,” said Heusinkveld.

With a battle imminent, the Sportsmen’s Alliance remains dedicated to protecting hunting, fishing and trapping from the animal-rights movement, but we need the help of every business and individual in the outdoors world to do so. Please help with a contribution today.

About the Sportsmen’s Alliance:

The Sportsmen’s Alliance protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is responsible for public education, legal defense and research. Its mission is accomplished through several distinct programs coordinated to provide the most complete defense capability possible.

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Another case of leftists elevating animals to human status. They do not believe in god but worship his creations instead. This is the height of ignorance. The leaders of these animal rights groups just do it to become rich and powerful. Their followers are just useful idiots.

Wild Bill

@Chuckbone, Believing in God puts a burden on them to love their neighbor as themselves. That is a lot of work and inconvenience. They worship God’s creations because they live in a cotton batten world, and do not understand that in the natural world making a mistake can make them into lunch for one of God’s creations.


The leftist loons never get enough. If a problem is solved, they want to do more. Because, without a problem there would be no need for them to function/exist. In this case they get to go to court, get media exposure, and most important high dollar donations.