‘Festivus’ for Gun Violence, this Week on Armed American Radio

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Armed American Radio

Armed American RadioU.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The weekend monstercast program last Sunday saw the return of AWR Hawkins as well as a full hour dedicated to training issues.

Hour one brought regular contributor Alan Gottlieb to discuss the failures of the lefts self-created holy day in their declared holiday Gun Violence Awareness day or some such nonsense. I’ve renamed it for them and now call it was it is…Festivus! Remember Festivus? The self-declared holiday from Seinfeld created by George and his father. Yeah. Wear orange for Festivus. What a joke, but I digress. Alan informed us as always and updated us on the SCOTUS among other things he’s qualified to talk about when it relates to our gun rights, which is everything. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach my other scheduled guest, Major League Baseball great, Curt Schilling host of Whatever It Takes with Curt Schilling. We’re rescheduling him as I type this.

Hour two saw the return of AWR Hawkins after a brief hiatus, well deserved and earned but nonetheless, missed by listeners. AWR had more work to cover than we could get to but that’s the fun of having AWR on every week. He dominates! Hour three brought us the combination of Detroit CCW’s, Rick Ector out of, you guessed it, Detroit Michigan who accomplished the unbelievable feat of training and teaching nearly 600 women in ONE day. You read that correctly! 600 female students in one day. Quite an accomplishment and might I say, a slap to those who would lie to us about women and firearms ownership, which is just about everyone in the mainstream press. Congratulations and thank you are in order for Rick. He was followed by AAR longtime guest and great personal friend, Rob Pincus informing us of the huge new collaboration with Personal Defense Network and USCCA. That’s a powerful combination when it comes to training and education and Rob and USCCA are leading the charge.

Enjoy the program this week and I’ll see ya on the radio. Coming up Sunday it’s Emmy Award winning television game show host turned conservative commentator Chuck Woolery and his podcast cohost, Mark Young of the Blunt Force Truth show. I was the featured guest this week on their program and you’ll want to tune in for both shows. I’ll keep you advised when the BFT show airs but you can get a taste of it this weekend on AAR!

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