Internet Cell Phone Purchase Ends with Robber Dead

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Internet Cell Phone Purchase Ends with Robber Dead
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( 3 KTRK (ABC) TV 13 News reported 05-10-2017 in La Porte, Texas, a family is grateful they are OK after a suspect attempted to rob them Friday night at their home in La Porte.

According to the family, their teenage daughter was buying a cell phone. The arrangement was made on the internet. The seller was supposed to meet them in a public place on Friday evening, police said. There were delays and the family agreed to meet at their home.

When the seller arrived that night, the teen girl asked if she could see the phone before handing over the money. The buyer then pointed a gun at the teen’s mother’s head and dragged her by the hair, continuing to demand the money.

When the teen ran inside to get the money, her father saw the gun pointed at his wife’s head. The father then tackled the suspect to the ground. He was able to get the seller, now robber, away from his wife. When the two regained their feet the father said he would go get the money but instead he got his gun.

He returned to the front door where the suspect was standing. The robber started to raise his gun and that’s when the father said he was forced to shoot.

Police said the robber was shot in the stomach. He left with another suspect who was sitting in the getaway car. He was found 15 miles away at a Citgo gas station. Police took him to the hospital where he later died.

The suspected driver of the getaway car was being questioned by La Porte police.


La Porte PD has special parking spots dedicated to buying, selling and exchanging goods in their parking lot. The spots are under 24-hour surveillance. They recommend people use those spots when making transactions.

“Anytime that you’re going to attempt to meet with a stranger to exchange goods, or money, or anything like that, you’ve got to be extremely cautious and that’s why we’re always looking out for our citizens and provide such a zone for them,” said Sgt. John Kreuger.

There are plans to do that here in southern Nevada too.

Bob Irwin, The Gun Store, Las Vegas

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I had a pretty good idea about the truth before I even clicked on the link. Watch out for those “teens”.


You can get killed while your under 24 hour surveillance, our local PD also has a ‘NO GUN’ posted
at the safe place for online trades.


Meet strangers at the door with a gun in hand behind the back is the rule at our home. If I am not home dont open the door talk through it. Teaching your family to stay safe is part of raising them. Just like teaching them to cross a street safely.

Scotty Gunn

You agree to buy something on the internet for cash. The deal falls through and they want to come to your home. Umm NO! Go find another phone.
Why is the daughter and mother meeting the guy at the door? The father should be there, armed (concealed). Everyone of age should be armed, if possible.
These people weren’t thinking, and almost became a statistic.

Heed the Call-up

Scotty, they are a statistic, attempted robbery. The mother could/should have also been armed. Firearms are not solely the domain of men. Annie Oakley proved that over 100 years ago. A female coworker I taught to shoot last year recently got a CC permit.


Nobody who mattered got hurt. I just love a story with a happy ending.

M Reyna

The only safe zone is the one you create.


OK, that safe zone may be a good idea but, like the false security of every other single security camera, none of them will prevent you from potentially loosing your life, all they can possibly do is help the police find your murderer. Does that make you any less dead? Will they erase the memory from your mind of you having to see your wife or daughter raped, and then murdered? No, they will not. That is the brand of safety government provides to us and to me it is not protection at all, its a way for the homocide… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Ironically, one local police department in my state had banned the sale of firearms in their monitored, designated “safe sale” zone, until they were reminded that was unconstitutional. I don’t believe I would have done what that father did. That could have turned out real bad for him and his family. He got lucky. His ruse to go back into the house was wise, but I would have called the police, and delayed confrontation with the man, giving him excuses about not having the money or able to secure (find) it. Why he didn’t have his firearm to begin with,… Read more »


Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


I don’t know about LaPort but response time where I live would have allowed the thief plenty of time to escape. And you never know when someone like that might decide to shoot anyway.

Heed the Call-up

Bud, if the guy left without further confrontation, that is good. Why risk death unnecessarily? That was part of what I was alluding to, he might have just given up and left. As far as him deciding to shoot anyway, that, too, is true, which having his firearm on him to start with would have been wiser, rather than having to run back into the home. He tackled the guy first, so at that time, if he had his firearm on him, he could have more easily resolved the conflict then, which is why I also stated that I hope… Read more »


What a novel idea. That’s a “safe zone” concept I can agree with.


What a novel idea. That’s a “safe zone” concept I can agree with.