Kumbaya BS

Art by A.F. Branco

Kumbaya BS
Kumbaya BS
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Kumbaya BS.

The Shooting in Alexandra has brought both parties together for a brief moment, kind of…

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A.F. Branco is a GrassRoots Conservative Political Cartoonist for Conservative Daily News, Net Right Daily, Legal Insurrection, and now Ammoland Shooting Sports News. Share this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor.

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  • 16 thoughts on “Kumbaya BS

    1. All the libs wanted in coming together was more gun control. Could you imagine if oblomo was still in office? MSM would have been beating the drum 24×7, murphy would have crawled out of the sewer shooting his useless mouth off.

    2. Left wing liberals (who now control the Democrat party and have for the last 30 years) are serious liars, manipulators and are actually very dangerous. Left wingers are very supportive of the communist/socialist line. Ultimately the far left will win because they just do not care about the truth and that makes their war so much simpler over that of conservatives who actually care but are quickly willing to eat their own, while liberals will back anyone or any policy to meet their goals. Due to this, the left will ultimately win!

      1. So what are you proposing – hoist the white flag and hand over our guns? I don’t think so! I the Republicrats go wobbly then we Independents will rise against the B.S. Folks are going to be cashing in their chips, but I believe there are still more of us who love the freedoms the Founders gave to us. And plenty of us are willing to fight.

      2. @Jim, Always with the negative waves! I think that ultimately capitalism will win because there is profit in it! As long as people keep coming up with new gun games, gadgets, gizmos, and firearms the profit will continue. A brand new Pew poll intimates that seventy percent of Americans have fire a gun! That is the highest percent in history. Is that skyrocketing percentage due to being a veteran of one of America military services? A little. Self defense? A little more. But mostly it is due to Americans having fun with the shooting sports.

        1. @WB Think the millennial generation may be accounting for a lot of the rise in gun ownership. listening to my daughter (who hates to be called such) has always had her head on straight. Her friends are coming around and seem to be realizing what is going on. Sounds like more of them will be voting in 2018 than in previous years and so need to be included in conversations when ever possible so they will be informed in November .

            1. @WB and all concerned – If y-all do face book there’s someone posting there as
              OLDVet he ain’t me, however he hasn’t said anything I would disagree with. He doesn’t mince words either.

        1. As a shooting buddy use to say, there are three thing to remember when shooting.

          Shot placement
          Shot placement
          Shot placement

          That’s all I needed to know!

        2. @VE Vet OMC, When I first enlisted, my a WWII Pacific vet had this sage advice. “Don’t let em give you that M-1 carbine. You can shoot a man six times and he won’t go down.” And this, “Shot placement is everything. So just keep placing shots in em until they stop rolling around.”

    3. I’d like to see a related cartoon based on the “Animal Farm” equality concept now that the congress critters have proposed that THEIR concealed carry permits be recognized in D.C. while other citizens’ CCW permits are not recognized. Perhaps it would further the prospects of a national CCW reciprocity law.

      The gist of the quote? (Paraphrased from memory) ‘We are all equal, but some are more equal than others.’

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