Rep. Gosar Introduces Bi-Partisan Bill to Manage Bison Population

Wild Bison
Wild Bison

Arizona Game and Fish DepartmentPHOENIX, Ariz. -( U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar introduced on Thursday the bi-partisan Grand Canyon Bison Management Act, which would allow the use of wildlife management and conservation techniques on the bison population within Grand Canyon National Park.

Specifically, the act would require both the U.S. Department of Interior and the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to coordinate on a plan to manage the bison population utilizing volunteer sportsmen holding a valid state-issued hunting license.

The volunteers would then be allowed to cull bison and remove the harvested animal from the park.

“This bill is a strong step toward ensuring the bison population remains in proper balance to allow for the recovery of natural habitat within the Grand Canyon National Park,” said Game and Fish Commission Chairman Pat Madden. “Simply allowing Arizona’s sportsmen and women, and our hunting heritage, to manage bison populations within the park just makes sense. This bill is essential to helping the National Park Service to preserve and strengthen the crown jewel of our park system, while saving tax dollars and protecting critical habitat for other wildlife.”

Over the past few decades, the bison abundance, distribution, unfettered reproduction and movement in and near the Grand Canyon’s North Rim, have impacted both natural and cultural resources within the Park. Wildlife surveys estimate that about 600 bison have migrated into the Grand Canyon National Park.

While hunting is prohibited in the park, the practice is an established and effective management tool to maintain a healthy balance between wildlife and habitat on 51 million acres of National Park Service (NPS) lands on 59 properties.

The NPS recently issued a draft environmental assessment that recommended excess bison inside the Grand Canyon be culled through paid sharpshooters.

“I am proud to have introduced this important legislation,” Gosar said. “The NPS plan does not take advantage of, nor utilize the expertise of the AZGFD to manage this bison herd. The plan also ignores the opportunity such a partnership facilitates to reduce the herd to manageable levels with citizen hunters willing to pay for the chance to hunt them. This bill will immediately allow for the reduction of the bison herd, ensure its long-term sustainability and provide Grand Canyon National Park resources a respite from degradation and a chance to rejuvenate and heal.”

The bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Reps. Trent Franks (R), Tom O’Halleran (D) and David Schweikert (R).

U.S. Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake have also shown their support for utilizing Arizona’s hunters to maintain bison populations as a means to protect the Grand Canyon’s resources. Both sponsored a similar bill in the Senate in 2015.

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I wrote aa comment re; this proposed new program for Bison. There was absolutely nothing inflammatory, politically correct or politically incorrect. There were no personal attacks. In fact, I said that I hoped that Sec. Zinke would bring to the table new ideas and thoughts in making all management programs successful. It has been 2 to three hours since I posted it, and I see that the post has been removed. I would very much appreciate being told as to why rules you have that I apparently have broken. I would greatly appreciate the sponsor of this list giving me… Read more »


I certainly hope this plan actually is for and does protect the Bison. The BLM program has and will continue to be an abysmal failure. The ” we do the best we can” doesn’t work, These are living creatures who did just fine before man got involved. For any of these animals to ever end up in an inhumane horror called a slaughterhouse is a cruel and unusual punishment The weak, as well as the old, are taken to sale barns, where the meat packers stand in line to bid for them.. Their death is terrifying and brutal. This can… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tuneaby, The native Americans used to kill way more than they needed. Sadly true. They would drive the buffalo over a cliff by the thousands, skin them and just eat the tongue or the hump. Where is the knowing and understanding the value of the spirits of these that are part of all of our heritage in that? I don’t know about the sale barns, but you should not get your biological education from the Walt Disney companies.


Sir, Is rudeness your normal method of entering to a conversation with some? I find it most interesting that you consider yourself so all knowing that you presume that you know exactly where someone you have never met nor had a conversation with derived their “biological education”, as you put it. Frankly, I would very much appreciate your giving me, and the others reading this article the refrence books, authors with dates; you have used in reference to the Native Ameican treatment of the buffalo. You see, sir, I do not consider myself psychic, nor all seeing. I would never… Read more »


Never thought I’d see the day that the Bison get to the level that now needs thinning.

Wild Bill

, Yeah, the Globalist Green “Save Us from Ourselves” crowd did decades of conservation heavy lifting to achieve it, and deserve all the credit.