R&W Targets Selected by The Deerman’s T.H.E. 3D Archery

R&W Targets Selected by The Deerman's T.H.E. 3D Archery
R&W Targets Selected by The Deerman's T.H.E. 3D Archery

R&W Archery LogoDowningtown, PA-(Ammoland.com)- R&W Targets is proud to announce that The Deerman's T.H.E. (TotalHunting Experience) 3D Archery has selected to exclusively use R&W 3D Targets for their tournaments. Touted as the only 3D bowhunter archery tournament series which truly reflects real-world hunting scenarios, T.H.E. (True Hunting Experiences) introduces ultra-challenging 3D competition shooting designed to take your bowhunting skillset to the next level. Given the design and purpose of T.H.E. 3D tournaments, the unmatched quality and realism of R&W 3D Targets are a perfect fit.

R&W quality is not lost on T.H.E. 3D founder and president, Jimmy Gould. “We've been using R&W targets for our extreme 3D archery tournaments for many years,” stated Gould. “Their realism and ability to stand up to years of abuse have truly added to the quality of our shoots and kept expenses down. To say we're excited to finally partner with the target manufacturer we have known and trusted for years is an understatement.”

R&W 3D Targets
R&W 3D Targets

R&W 3D Targets President, Al Perelli, echoed Gould's sentiments. “I've watched the Deerman's T.H.E. 3D Archery presence grow and attract some of the best archers and bowhunters around. With scoring similar to the Fred Bear system and real world vital placement, I truly believe in the philosophy of the shoots and fully support their desire to equip bowhunters with better decision making and more accurate shot placement. If Fred Bear were alive, he would shoot The Deerman's 3D tournament!”

Tournament archers and bowhunters can expect to see R&W's full line of targets at future Deerman's T.H.E. 3D tournaments. More than simply engaging R&W Targets in some pretty extreme scenarios, shooters will have opportunities to win and purchase R&W Targets at T.H.E. 3D events.

About Deerman's T.H.E. 3D Archery

Deerman's T.H.E. (True Hunting Experiences), is where 3-D Archery meets hunting. Billed as 3D archery with a unique twist, Deerman's T.H.E. emphasizes true hunting scenarios and clean shots with weighted scoring to reward effective real-world accuracy in often less-than-desirable shooting situations – the type of shots hunters are often faced with making at the moment of truth. Tournaments range from local and regional to annual World Championships. Learn more about Deerman's T.H.E. 3D Archery, visit http://deermanstheworld.homestead.com.

About BIGshot Archery

For over 25 years, R&W 3D targets have earned a great reputation for durability, world-class quality and exceptional realism. R&W Targets has a simple vision – to provide quality 3D targets that solve real problems for archers, bowhunters, archery clubs and ranges. As a BIGshot Archery company, R&W Targets furthers BIGshot's laser-focus on enhancing the way you practice and the way you prepare for your next bowhunting adventure. For more information about R&W Targets, please visit www.randwtargets.com.

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