She’s In Jail Because Gun Inside Purse Went Off

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Harold Gater
Harold Gater : Reporter
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( USA Today reports on 05-26-2017 in Jackson, Mississippi, Story Headline “She's in jail after dropping purse — because gun inside it went off”

A 58 year old woman from Philadelphia, Mississippi was in Lakeland Family Medicine Center on the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus Thursday when she had a mishap.

The woman dropped her purse and the gun inside it discharged. Another woman waiting in a doctor's office was wounded by the bullet. An ambulance transported the victim, whose name was not released, to the nearby hospital's emergency room. Her wound to the leg is not believed to be life threatening.

Mississippi has one of the most permissive gun laws across the USA, allowing a person “constitutional carry” privileges of having a concealed firearm without a state-issued permit. However, the building where the incident occurred had signs outside forbidding firearms on the premises.

She was charged with three misdemeanors – possession of a stolen firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and simple assault according to the jail website. Campus police arrested the “shooter” and booked her into the Hinds County Detention Center.


Only main stream left media would present such a story as a firearm issue. Another victim shot in a gun accident?

Later in my paraphrased story above, U S News points out the woman’s a prohibited felon with a stolen firearm. No doubt the facility was also a posted “Gun Free Zone

Typical of anti gun media. Just reading the headline by this reporter, Harold Gater, and you would think it was a careless gun owner, instead of a convicted felon…

Just read the headlines and you think it was a careless gun owner, instead of a convicted felon! What kind of gun fires inside a dropped purse anyway? Makes me think there is more to the story.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KSHP 1400 AM radio (Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.) As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State and local courts.

  • 24 thoughts on “She’s In Jail Because Gun Inside Purse Went Off

    1. FWIW…I attended a military school in NC from 10-12 grades. part of the JRROTC course was firing and accuracy with a .22 LR caliber marksman’s rifle, and we also learned to disassemble and reassemble a M14 rifle blindfolded.

      And of course “gun Safety” was taught too. Although I already was knowledgable and good firing rifles/shotguns, there were many who took the classes who were not, and they learned gun safety among the rest of it.

      I agree that classes on how to handle, and how to be a good shot, along with gun safety should be taught before students leave high school.

      And…If a little TRUE American Revolution History, about how the USA was founded and WHY , was taught along with it…Perhaps this would also help to quell all the “anti gun sentiment ” by the current generation of students” in the USA as well..

      And instead of the students being taught “guns are bad” by all these progressive/socialist dem teachers that seem to have infiltrated our schools….the students would be able to learn ABOUT firearms and why we have a 2nd Amendment from teachers that support the 2nd Amendment rights.

      Just a thought……..

    2. Quick Google search on her name shows she wasn’t a felon up to this point in her life, the handgun (a derringer) was stolen, and she was in a building marked as no guns allowed.
      The carrying in a gun-free zone is a federal offense, and a felony, and she is being charged by the feds.
      Again, that’s from a Google search.

    3. Clearly, there is an opportunity here – from this story – for widespread education around gun-safety. Gun-safety training isn’t just for OFWGs who hunt or target shoot anymore. We have to acknowledge that just about anyone in America: man, woman or child; marksman, hunter, or non-gun-owner; law-abiding or criminal; literate or illiterate – can come into contact with a gun. It doesn’t matter if deliberate or inadvertently.
      Congress has the authority to “prescribe” the “discipline” for the “militia”. It ought to exercise that authority by conditioning all Federal payments to public schools to require a mandatory gun-safety program in their curriculums. E.g., Eddie Eagle for grammar school; gun-safety operations and the laws for possession and carry for high-school. A mandatory live-fire lab at a range must be included.
      I ask: Are we Americans serious about gun safety and adherence to our gun laws by everyone? Is gun safety a matter of national importance?

      No? I didn’t think so. Well, now we know. The prominent proponents of “gun safety” aren’t really serious.

      1. Spoken like a true progressive: “If you don’t agree with me then you are stupid.”

        Face it, Einstein, you aren’t the last word on gun safety or how it can be communicated effectively. But, like your progressive brethern, you ALWAYS turn to the government to force your opinion on everyone else. Golf Foxtrot Yankee.

      2. @MarkPA, You answer your own questions and then take the answers as proof? Note to clerk typist: please place appropriate insult about his education here, and be inventive.

        1. @JDL & @Wild Bill. I take it that neither of you are far-sighted enough to get my point. So, I’ll spell it out for you. I’m not – in any respect whatsoever – Progressive. As much as I wish to coerce the world to receive the lessons I would like to teach them, I am constrained. I can’t – in good conscious – invoke the power of the Federal government to teach anything – with one apparent exception. It is an enumerated power of Congress to “prescribe” the “discipline” of the “militia”. And, a duty of the States to “train” the militia according to that discipline. That is as clear a Constitutional warrant – even a duty – of Congress to act. I think of, e.g., the “4 rules” of gun safety as at least one foundation of “discipline” pertaining to guns. So, e.g., it is perfectly reasonable (in my mind) for Congress to prescribe something such as the 4 rules; and, that Congress could make effective it’s prescription by some means such as compelling (through forfeiture of funds or subsidy) the “training” of the “militia”. What would be the obvious impact were Congress to do its duty? Clearly, it would demystify guns in the present (and future) cohorts of school children. (Just as I was never mystified by guns because I played with the shotgun inventory in my father’s store as a kid.) Kids would learn that guns are just another kind of “tool”; not unlike a nail-gun or any other dangerous but useful implement such as a knife or saw. Kids would learn that they can handle a gun safely just as they have learned to handle a knife safely; and will later learn to drive a car safely. Few will come away from such a training as hoplophobes. And, it is for precisely this reason that the Antis will oppose gun-safety training in public schools. Therefore, they will show themselves to be the hypocrites they are. Furthermore, kids will learn that there are lots of good practices (beyond the 4 rules) to be learned and followed. This woman should have had her gun in a proper holster. Furthermore, she should have seriously considered the carry alternatives before resorting to purse-carry. Additional alternatives for carrying more safely are Condition 3 for single-action semi-autos and leaving an empty chamber in a double-action revolver. Likewise, kids ought to be taught the current laws regulating carry in-State; and, carry out-of-State for nearby States. The prerequisites for lawful use of deadly force would certainly be informative for children who might – eventually – become the objects or subjects of self-defense. Likewise, that by maintaining a clean criminal record, a child will grow up to exercise (if she wishes) her 2A rights as an adult; one conviction typically disables her of this right for life. Perhaps you two commentators don’t think these are proper subjects for the education of our youth; the Constitution notwithstanding. If so, it would be illuminating if you would explain your respective rationales.

        2. Bill,
          You mean the Diploma he got at the back of the local Sears store (the one that cost him a quarter for the xerox paper)? THAT “education”?

    4. There’s nothing in the referenced article about her being a felon. I checked all the links and couldn’t find anything. What’s the deal?

    5. Don’t quite get the felon with the gun. But I do agree with Ron about the usual B.S. reporting by the liberal reporting. Also the stolen gun also.

      1. They are not safe. The old Remington design in particular. The guns with a cross bolt safety are OK IF you don’t play with it.

        I wonder if she dropped in teh holster or was “playing” with it and dropped it when she pulled the trigger?

    6. A 1911 dropped at least 8 feet that lands muzzle down on concrete might go bang. Not likely in a purse.

      More likely some 1950s striker fired 25 auto with a weak sear. Or perhaps a single action Colt that landed on the hammer at rest on teh primer. Such guns be it Colt or Ruger, without a transfer bar must be carried hammer down on an empty chamber.

      Stolen gun, whether the woman was a felon or not, she would eb a felon for possessing a stolen gun.

    7. She was locally reported to have a MS “enhanced” carry permit, which they don’t issue to felons. There’s likely more to the story.

    8. She shouldn’t have had the handgun. Felon
      Gun shouldn’t have been there. Stolen
      Gun shouldn’t have been there. Restricted location
      Misdemeanors? Ok……..

    9. The gun in the purse is not the point of the story. The biased and deceptive reporting of the incident by the liberal reporter is.

    10. Could have been in the purse without a holster. Lipstick, a pen, etc. in the trigger guard could have pulled the trigger.

      1. I whole hardly agree with MarkPA it’s a great idea. Change the thought process now. I don’t see what you guys have an issue with. The idea of teaching students about guns before learning it from the news. Think of what MarkPA is stating. It’s very well thought out. Train the young minds so they can see guns are not evil. Just your anti gun trolls that talk about stupid gun owners. The ones that would hide behind an old lady with gun because they won’t have enough snowflakes to throw at the bad guys

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