Some Improvement for Chicago Gun Owners

By John Farnam

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Some Improvement for Chicago Gun Owners
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Chicago additional:

My recent Quip about the City of Chicago was true, but as it turns out, dated!

The mayor and other liberal politicians still hate the private ownership of guns, and all gun-owners, but things have improved, slightly, since 2013 when the rules I described were last in place:

From a friend in the area:

“Due to onerous rules that the City of Chicago imposed on gun-retailing within the City, there are currently no gun stores, so City residents must, at least for now, purchase guns outside City limits.

However, the federal court struck-down these rules as a ‘de-facto gun-ban,’ which the Heller and McDonald decisions, along with the Illinois CCL Act, prohibit. So, some gun retailers are now attempting to open shop within the City, but none have yet.

As for handguns, all restrictions have been thrown-out. Any City resident with a valid FOID (firearms owner’s ID) card may now purchase virtually any handgun anywhere in the state of IL and legally bring it into the City. No magazine-capacity restrictions. Any IL resident (including City residents) with a valid IL CCW Permit may now carry concealed within the City. IL CCW Permits are “shall issue,” and are thus not hard to get.

There are currently twenty-six ‘prohibited locations’ within Chicago and Cook County that a CCW Permit holder cannot legally enter while armed. Mass-transit is one, and Cook County Forest Preserves is another. This issue is also currently in court, because these are precisely where one needs protection!

The City of Chicago does still have a poorly-written ‘assault-weapon ban,’ so it is difficult for anyone to know precisely what guns are ‘banned.’ That issue is also now back in court. There is a good chance it will be ultimately thrown-out too.

All burdensome Chicago ordinances related to gun registration (mentioned in the last Quip), limits on number of handguns owned, magazine capacity limits, etc, were made void after July of 2013 with the enactment of the IL CCL Act.

There is currently no police effort (open or clandestine), I know of, designed to penalize or harass lawful owners and CCL carriers. My good friends within CPD are command-level officers, and they know of no issues.”


I still have no plans to visit Chicago (nor Baltimore, Detroit, NYC, et al), but there are obviously a few courageous politicians in IL (mostly Republicans, but even a few Democrats) who actually care about good and decent people, not just violent criminals. They deserve a lot of credit, and thanks!

I apologize for my dated information.

Things are looking up!


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@tomcat, I here you. Lot of unfriendly’s. Make a spelling error expect numerous insults. Some guy commenting on another article thinks Obama invented “cash for clunkers” and told me to get my facts right when it was George Bush in/around 1992.


If the lead in commentary is correct, It’s about time, and very long overdue.

Jim Macklin

Chicago has a city law against laser sights, such as Crimson Trace. So be careful. Illinois CCL does include a “non-resident license” but you can’t even apply for it unless you are a resident of one of four states that have STRICT may issue laws. When Illinois law was written the phrase “substantially similar” was included because the intent was to have reciprocity. But reciprocity was written out of the law but the qualification remained. It doesn’t matter if you take the 16 hour Illinois CC class, you can APPLY unless you’re a from an approved state. That probably violates… Read more »


I’d like to respond, but I know my response will never be seen by anyone as by the time Ammoland “sensors” my response (two days recently from Saturday 10AM to Monday morning) the article will be buried in the archives.


@jh45gun, I know what you mean. It is frustrating to take the time to write an opinion then have the great profits (sensors) either delay, post and remove or not display at all. Of course being they have a New Jersey address has a lot to say about First Amendment rights (not sure they think there is any). Only a chosen few are allowed to say anything they want and it becomes cast in stone when they type it. Then again, maybe they are writers for this rag and not who they say they are. I rarely comment anymore and… Read more »


@jh45gun, @tomcat. My censors inform me that both of you might prophet from further coursework in grammar and spelling.