Survival Goes High Tech in Outdoor Channel’s ‘Survival Science’

Outdoor Channel's Survival Science
Outdoor Channel's Survival Science

Outdoor Channel TV

DENVER, Colo. -( From bear attacks to facing a tornado to accidentally falling from a tree-stand, outdoorsmen and women face dangers from more than just the prey they are after when they step foot outdoors.

Hosts Nick Mundt of Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector and Laura Schara, co-host on MN Bound and fashion expert, will show what it takes to survive almost anything outdoors in the new, original series, Survival Science airing exclusively on Outdoor Channel beginning July 3 at 9 p.m. ET.

The first episode takes a deep dive into attacks from grizzlies – one of the most powerful land animals living in North America. From recreating a smack of the bear’s powerful arms to building their own grizzly jaws, Schara and Mundt show how deadly a bear encounter can be.

“The moral of the story is…we demonstrate how powerful a grizzly attack can be on a person – nothing is safe, unless you are made from steel – and we show that, too,” explained Mundt.

“Nick and I are teaching people how to be prepared when heading outdoors by making them stop to think before taking one step outside,” said Schara. “Even if you’ve done it a thousand times before, elements change, nature changes and you always need to be literally one step ahead.”

Future episodes have Schara and Mundt testing core body temperatures and energy expended by facing hurricane-force winds and blizzard conditions.

“Survival Science is all in the name of testing survival skills and this episode shows how the body reacts to extreme elements. You can literally see – with the help of geo-thermal cameras – how our core temperatures change dramatically in a matter of seconds when faced with strong winds, cold rain and biting cold – and then combine all three of those,” said Schara.

Nick Mundt grew up in the town of Spearfish, in the Black Hills of South Dakota and was a licensed guide in Wyoming for more than 15 years. He began his television career as a freelance cameraman and field producer, working for Realtree Outdoors for nine years.

Currently, Mundt is a co-host on Michael Waddell's Bone Collector and Realtree Roadtrips along with Michael Waddell and Travis “T-bone” Turner. Nick’s ability to entertain a crowd has made him a hunting camp favorite and his up-tempo attitude and humor have made him one of Outdoor Channel's favorite personalities. Nick's skills as a hunter and woodsman make him one of the most successful in the business.

Laura Schara is unique to the outdoor television world as she combines her deep-rooted outdoor heritage with years of fashion experience spent as a fashion trend expert for Macy’s. She can easily transition from talking fashion, home and lifestyle trends to exploring the great outdoors: hunting, fishing and cooking wild game.

Currently, Schara appears on Fox Sports Network Due North Outdoors and also co-hosts MN Bound on KARE 11. One of her passions is wild game cooking as she hosts a segment called Wild in the Kitchen where she creates delicious field-to-plate recipes.

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