Swab-its Changes How People Clean Their AR-15/M4 Platform Firearms

Swab-Its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs For MSRs
Swab-Its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs For MSRs

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Swab-its introduces their new Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs for AR-15/M4 and similar Modern Sporting Rifles. These unique swabs feature wings that penetrate locking lugs to quickly and easily clean the internal diameter of the barrel extension.

Each lint-free and fiber-free tip can be used multiple times and should substantially outlast a similar priced bag of patches, mops, and felt pads. And their handles double as Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI). They are an extraordinary precision cleaning and lubricating tool for the ARl-15/M4 platforms.

Swab-its line of firearm products are designed and made in the USA to take the pain out of gun cleaning. Swab-its foam swabs are a US patented replacement to the patch, mop, and snake.

All Swab-its foam swabs are made with reusable lint-free foam and are washable with degreasing soap and water or mineral spirits and can be used over and over.

Swab-its Bore-Tips and Bore-Whips come in major calibers, threaded to the standard cleaning rod. They compress as they enter the barrel.

Then, as they travel through the barrel, they expand into the rifling with a 360 degree tight bore fit for precision cleaning and lubricating.

Swab-Its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs For MSRs
Swab-Its Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs For MSRs

Swab-its Gun-tips are foam swabs designed to clean other parts of firearms. They come in assorted lengths, head sizes, and thickness with their own handles made of robust and flexible polypropylene.

The 3 in 1 9mm Swab-its Bore-Sticks are a replacement for the rod, jag and patch. Bore-Sticks™ are caliber-specific and come with their own handle.

Swab-its will continue to develop more unique gun cleaning products to change the way people clean their guns. Currently, other Bore-Sticks calibers, as well as Multi-Cal Bore-Whips, are in product development at their factory in Springfield, Mass.


About Swab-its / Bore-tips / Gun-tips:

Bore-tips are a tough, reusable foam tips engineered for a specific tight bore fit providing a 360 contact with all the lands and grooves of the rifling. No more messing with jags or having to load poor fitting patches to the cleaning rod. Bore-tips thread onto a standard 8-32 cleaning rod. Bore-tips and Gun-tips perform better than patches and offer complete coverage and delivery of cleaning solvents and oils to the firearm. They are both reusable and can be washed, offering a very economical way to keep your firearm clean.

For more information on the complete line of Swab-its lint free, reusable gun cleaning swabs, visit their website.

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This would be very beneficial to AUG users who have better access to the chamber.


Might be good on a handgun, but I don’t see that plastic stick standing up to cleaning a long, dirty 45-70 rifle barrel for long.


Hey, Swab It’s people. You missed with this one! Disassembling an upper to the extent shown in the picture requires armorer-level knowledge, tools, and time. Great idea, but flawed execution. No one in the real world disassembles their upper to clean it!
The stick ain’t long enough, and doesn’t look strong enough to hold up to twisting, either. Try again!


So what I find funny is look closely to the image provided. The bolt carrier group is from a gas piston rifle. Does one even need to clean the lugs at all in a piston rifle. The design pushes the gas elsewhere. and I agree I have nver pulled a barrel unless I am replacing it.