Tovar Cerulli & Phil T. Seng Join Orion: The Hunter’s Institute Board of Directors

Tovar Cerulli, Author
Tovar Cerulli, Author
Orion: The Hunter’s Institute
Orion: The Hunter's Institute

Minneapolis, MN – -( The Hunter’s Institute is pleased to announce the addition of Tovar Cerulli, book author and speaker, and Phil T. Seng, vice president of the communications firm, DJ Case & Associates, to the Orion Board of Directors. Both members will assist Orion with key messages and direction to ensure the protection of the future of hunting.

“This is a critical time for North American hunting and conservation. Across sectors, wildlife conservationists are recognizing the need to become more relevant to society at large. At the same time, the food movement and other social trends are sparking new interest in hunting. Orion has the potential to be a vital voice in these evolving conversations,” stated Cerulli.

Tovar Cerulli is the author of The Mindful Carnivore, which has earned praise from hunters, ecologists, and vegetarians alike. Focused on bridging conservation values and finding common ground, Tovar has consulted and presented for dozens of conservation and education institutions, including the Wildlife Management Institute, The Wildlife Society, and state wildlife agencies across the country. His writing has appeared in Outdoor America, High Country News, The Atlantic, and Petersen's Hunting, among other publications. Tovar is a hunter-education instructor and holds a PhD in Communication from UMass-Amherst.

“It is a great honor to serve on the Orion Board of Directors. I feel this organization’s mission down in my bones, and I’m eager to contribute whatever I can to help extend and enhance the incredible legacy of this country’s outdoorsmen and women for the benefit of future generations,” said Seng. “With the ever-increasing role of technology and media in outdoor pursuits, Orion has an important role to play in helping to form the conscience of hunters, trappers and anglers across North America.”

Phil T. Seng is vice president of DJ Case & Associates, a full-service communications consulting firm that specializes in natural resources conservation issues. Since 1986, DJ Case has been working with state and federal natural resources agencies and private conservation organizations to help them communicate with their publics and constituents about natural resources conservation issues. Seng holds a bachelor's degree in forestry and wildlife management from Purdue University (where he was captain of the Purdue Rifle Team and president of the Purdue Rifle and Pistol Club) and a master's degree in wildlife biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is a lifelong hunter, angler, shooter, and reloader. One of his favorite activities is mentoring new participants into hunting and the shooting sports. He is a certified wildlife biologist and a certified hunter education instructor. He is an active member of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America, and serves on the board of directors of the Hoosier Outdoor Writers and the Indiana Turn In a Poacher (TIP) Citizen’s Advisory Board.

For the past 24 years, Orion has been the authority on ethical hunting by focusing on the social, intellectual and physical environment in which the hunt takes place. Learn more about Orion at

About Orion: The Hunter’s Institute

Orion’s mission is to protect the future of hunting by providing leadership on ethical and philosophical issues and promoting fair chase and responsible hunting. We provide a forum to facilitate innovation, ideas and action to promote fair chase ethical hunting while addressing other hunting related issues; and through vigilance and advocacy ensure the people's wildlife remain in the public trust.



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