Unafraid to Be Blinded

Art by Michael Ramirez

Political Correctness
Political Correctness
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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Unafraid to Be Blinded

Morrissey concluded his strong statement with an attack on how the political correctness of Britain’s leaders doesn’t protect the people they’re supposed to serve.

“In modern Britain everyone seems petrified to officially say what we all say in private. Politicians tell us they are unafraid, but they are never the victims. How easy to be unafraid when one is protected from the line of fire. The people have no such protections,” he concluded.

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    1. My advice would be to buy a bigger pistol that is more compatible with suppressors. If you put one on a little LC9 you are defeating the purpose, and with quite a bit of complication.

    2. I have a Ruger LC9. To attach a noise suppressor to it do I need a new barrel made? Thank you.

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