This Week On ‘Gunventure’ – Tanks For The Memories



MANDEVILLE, La. -( This week on GunVenture, it’s tanks, trap shooting, and so much more, when we head to Ox Ranch with Ryan Gresham and Ruger’s Mark Gurney.

They’ll shoot the BIGGEST gun ever fired on GunVenture- from a Sherman tank, hunt deer using the Ruger SR-762, and fly to San Antonio for a visit to Dury’s Gun Shop where they’ll learn about some truly unique, and antique, firearms.

From the Arizona desert to the snowy mountains of Oregon, along the East Coast and into the hills of Texas, follow the GunVenture Team as they explore the world of shooting – hunting, training, target shooting, and everything in-between.

The GunVenture crew also manages to fit in a few side trips: It might be a visit to a brewery, shooting machine guns, the search for the best lobster roll, or off-roading in a Jeep. Whatever it is, you KNOW it’ll be fun!

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