62-Year-Old Marine Veteran Shoots 3 Home Invasion Suspects

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62-Year-Old Marine Veteran Shoots 3 Home Invasion Suspects
62-Year-Old Marine Veteran Shoots 3 Home Invasion Suspects
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- AL.com reports 06-22-2017 in Mobile County, Alabama, a homeowner shot three suspects during an attempted home invasion in Theodore on Thursday afternoon, the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said.

Detectives said a 62-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran shot the suspects as they were trying to get into his home on Thomas Road. According to police, the suspects have broken into the man’s home before and threatened to harm him if he reported the incident to authorities.

The homeowner however, did report the first incident. Apparently aware of that, when the suspects returned to the residence Thursday, they fired several rounds through the front door. The victim was hit in the shoulder. The victim returned fire, injuring all three suspects.

Investigators said two of the suspects drove away from the victim’s home to a Dollar General Store in the 10800 block of Dauphin Island Parkway. Deputies arrived at the store to find the two suspects on the ground.

Two of the three suspects shot by a 62-year-old marine veteran when they invaded his home were denied bond when they appeared before a judge Friday morning.

The victim and suspects have been transported to a local hospital. Their conditions are unknown at this time. The sheriff’s office said the suspects are in custody while at the hospital and will be booked into Mobile County Metro Jail when released.


The returning criminals fired through the door in an apparent murder attempt. It is not clear in the reports whether the Marine fired back through the closed or open door. In either scenario his life was clearly in danger.

As the investigators and the court refer to the incident as a home invasion, we can assume they were coming in when shot. No mention of the third suspect in the initial report.

The criminals here underestimated the toughness of a Marine. I’m proud my Grandson is one. Semper Fi!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Gregory Scruggs

Plain and simple self defense from and immediate threat to this Marines life. Good job marine. This is why the 2nd amendment must be upheld to protect the rights of the law abiding citizens.

Samuel Stephens

All 3 criminals dead would have been better headline. Cleaning out the gene pool every so often is a good thing.

Silence Dogood

Second Rule: Always return fire quickly
Semper Fi


Good shooting to the homeowner, I know nothing permanent to the perps, but maybe just enough to change their way of thinking before they barge into another home with guns blazing, but they are stupid and they just might, and that just might be their career ending mistake. Hopefully your wounds heal fast, and thanks for your service.


The former marine did the smart thing by reporting the first incident. Even if they had not shot through the door, the fact they had threatened the man before, goes toward clearly satisfying the “ability, opportunity, jeopardy” triad of reasonable self defense. That is the most important lesson here, and it can help keep someone from facing that “liberal judge”.


This sounds like the same event for which I saw a video online several days ago. If it is the same event, the vet was interviewed and, if I remember correctly, said he “opened the door and smoked ’em.” Hence HE shot through an open door, while the perps shot through a closed door (“drive-by” style?).

For Reb1 – the Marine DID get a reward – his life.


Good job by this home owner! Now, the problem will probably be the liberal judge these youth will likely go before! The Judges in this country are releasing criminals with very light sentences! I have seen many commit violent crimes and get from 1 to 3 years and are released!! This has to STOP!


That part of Alabama might not have too many liberal judges.

I hope the prosecutor charges them with attempted murder….. firing through a door at the homeowner after making previous threats reveals clear intent.

In any case, they picked the wrong “old timer” to harrass. glad he did HIS part well.


hopefully these three won’t be bothering anyone else for a while. The Marine should get reward of some kind for getting these sorry ass punks off the streets!