Bossier City Police Dept Chooses Battle Rifle Company

Bossier City Police Dept Chooses Battle Rifle Company
Bossier City Police Dept Chooses Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle CompanyBOSSIER CITY, La. -( The Bossier City Police Department has taken delivery of fifty custom Trooper Carbines from Battle Rifle Company, specially designed to meet the department’s needs for patrol and tactical use.

The rifles are equipped with ambidextrous controls including selector switches and magazine releases. To complete the package, the rifles are setup with Streamlight Protac 2L lights and 2-point slings, three magazines and tactical bags. The rifles will be issued to officers assigned to traffic and patrol.

“The Bossier City Police were very thorough in their selection process,” says Chris Kurzadkowski of Battle Rifle Company. “They spent two days at our facility in Houston, Texas before ordering the rifles.”

Sgt. Daniel Haugen, Firearms Trainer for the department, spent time studying the build methods and construction, and selected the design for the final product. The chosen rifle design was test-fired at the range on the second day, and was then vetted for the build. These rifles were ultimately selected for their solid build, quality components and excellent function.

Located right across the river from Shreveport in Northern Louisiana, Bossier City is known as one of the fastest growing cities in Louisiana.

It is a tourist destination for millions of people each year who enjoy the great outdoors and gaming. Bossier City PD is a modern, growing department, and the new rifles are a welcome addition.

Battle Rifle Company is a custom builder of AR style rifles for law enforcement, tactical shooters and government agencies.

To learn how they can build something for you, contact:

Chris Kurzadkowski
Battle Rifle Company
17313 El Camino Real
Houston, Texas 77058
866-804-3049 fax
[email protected]

For more information on Battle Rifle Company, visit their website.


About Battle Rifle Company

Battle Rifle Company was started in April of 2010. Our mission is to make the finest, most functional tactical rifles and we work hard every day to make sure our quality is never compromised. We bring added value to every rifle we build. You can count on the reliability, functionality and performance that a BATTLE RIFLE gives you, wherever you might have to end up. The feature packed Battle Rifle has evolved from over 20 years of experience to bring it all into one precision package for use under any condition. We make a better BATTLE RIFLE, one that you can count on.

For more information, please visit

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Hi Everyone

Mark Are

Battle Rifle Company needs to sell their battle rifles to the PD. (but then again, maybe NOT!) . AR 15’s ARE NOT “battle rifles”. They are good for practicing for when you actually have to use your battle rifle. Battle rifles would be M1A, HK 91 and variants, FN FAL and variants, AR 10 and variants all typically chambered in the accurate easy to get 7.62 x 51 NATO round. 5.56 is great for practice, like 9mm is great for practice. And of course that is my not so humble opinion. I’ll take a REAL Battle Rifle over a toy… Read more »


Congratulations Battle Rifle Company! Way to go. You guys have really grown and developed over the last 5 years. Continue making great product and servicing your customers and you will continue to grow. Don’t listen to people who have nothing to do but complain. Keep rocking and rolling,

Declan Kelly

Battle rifle Belgian FN FAL American M14 West German Heckler & Koch G3 Battle rifles are post-World War II, magazine fed, military service rifles, that fires a full-power rifle cartridge, such as the FN FAL, the M14 and the H&K G3.[1] The term “battle rifle” was created largely out of a need to better differentiate the intermediate-power assault rifles (e.g. StG-44, AK-47 and M16) from full-powered automatic rifles (e.g. FN FAL, M14 and H&K G3) as both classes of firearms have a similar appearance and share many of the same features such as detachable magazines, pistol grips, etc.[2] This term… Read more »


I bet you hawk the gun blogs to correct folks who call mags “clips”. Your rhetoric really sounds newbie gun show cool. I love 45s and 308, 7.62, ECT. But, I feel very well armed with a good 9 mm and a proven AR 556. Nothing personal, but you need to catch on. The shtick is old and worn. Lot of new shooters coming on the seen. Your opinion, proven false, only confuses.