Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest Review

by Jim and Mary Clary
Shooters Jim and Mary review the all new the Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest for versatility, adjust-ability and weight performance.

Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest
Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest
Jim Clary
Jim Clary

U.S.A.-( There are many occasions when we go shooting or hunting that we either do not want to lug a heavy shooting rest along or it is just inconvenient.

That being said, on more than one of those occasions I wish that we had some sort of professional rest instead of a backpack or rolled up jacket. It is under those circumstances that the Caldwell Stinger is ideal.

Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest

The Caldwell Stinger Rest is strong, stable and versatile; yet, it is lightweight and easily carried with one hand. Whether you are simply verifying that your guns are still sighted in at camp, or drawing a bead on a prairie dog at several hundred yards, the Stinger is a very useful piece of equipment.

The Stinger incorporates an innovative front elevation system. The height adjustment knob is spring loaded which allows the shooter to make one-hand coarse elevation adjustments. There is absolutely no wobble. Fine elevation adjustments are made via the rear knob.

New on the Caldwell Stinger Shooting rest are the molded front and rear supports that not only protect the gun’s finish but are firm enough for stability when shooting.

The dual frame of the Stinger Shooting rest with its cam locks allow the front rest to slide forward or backwards, as required by your individual firearm…. and then, they lock in place.

Caldwell Stinger Rest with AR
Caldwell Stinger Rest with AR

Specifications of the Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest are:

  • 3” of front elevation
  • non marring front and rear cradle
  • cam over front rest locks in place
  • 1″ of rear elevation
  • rigid steel tube frame
  • Perfect for extended magazines and lever actions
  • 3.5” of lateral gun fit adjustment
  • 3” of front rest elevation adjustment
  • Rear fine elevation adjustment
  • 3.5” of gun fit adjustment

At this point in time, it becomes incumbent upon us to let everyone know our personal preferences. When we are testing and working up precision loads for our guns, we use several of the more sophisticated Caldwell Rests (like the Lead Sled DFT-2 or Fire Control Front Rest , read our reviews). However, after we develop our desired loads, we switch to lighter rests or bags, like the Stinger or Caldwell Tack Driver Bag, for sighting in our guns prior to hunting or target shooting.

With an MSRP of $119.99 (less $$ online) the Stinger is a bargain and a better deal than the generic (no-name) rests commonly found in most big box stores. If you look around online, you can find it for under $100, which is an even better deal.

About Jim and Mary Clary:

Jim and Mary Clary have co-authored over three hundred and fifty articles, (and counting) on shooting and hunting. You can read many of them on AmmoLand News.

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Chris Reade

I bought a Stinger this afternoon at Dicks sporting goods. Listed for $99.00 but they were also offering it at a sale price. So I got it out the door with tax for $93.00. After minor assembly my AR in 308, and my 223 both fit snug, and steady. Haven’t fired from it yet, but I am sure it will be a great benefit on those long range shots. And for when boresighting my various long guns.


On your friendly Amazon for $99.99!