California DFW Seeks Information Related to Foothill Yellow-legged Frog

Foothill Yellow-legged Frog
Foothill Yellow-legged Frog
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

USA -( The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is seeking information relevant to a proposal to list the Foothill Yellow-legged Frog as a threatened species.

The Foothill Yellow-legged Frog (Rana boylii) inhabits lower elevation creeks, streams and rivers throughout the Klamath, Coast, Sierra Nevada and formerly the Transverse ranges of California.

They can be found in a variety of habitat types such as chaparral, oak woodland, mixed coniferous forest, riparian sycamore and cottonwood forest, as well as wet meadows.

In December 2016, the Center for Biological Diversity submitted a petition to the California Fish and Game Commission to formally list the Foothill Yellow-legged Frog as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act. The listing petition described a variety of threats to the survival of Foothill Yellow-legged Frogs in California.

These include direct and indirect impacts associated with dams, water diversions and development, invasive species, disease, climate change and other activities such as marijuana cultivation, timber harvest, mining, recreation, road building and urbanization. The Commission followed CDFW’s recommendation and voted to advance the species to candidacy on June 21, 2017.

The Commission published findings of this decision on July 7, 2017, triggering a 12-month period during which CDFW will conduct a status review to inform the Commission’s decision on whether to list the species.

As part of the status review process, CDFW is soliciting information from the public regarding the Foothill Yellow-legged Frog’s ecology, genetics, life history, distribution, abundance, habitat, the degree and immediacy of threats to reproduction or survival, adequacy of existing management and recommendations for management of the species. Comments, data and other information can be submitted in writing to:

California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

  • Attn: Laura Patterson
  • 1812 Ninth St.
  • Sacramento, CA 95811

Comments may also be submitted by email to [email protected] If submitting comments by email, please include “Foothill Yellow-legged Frog” in the subject heading.

All comments received by Aug. 31, 2017 will be evaluated prior to submission of the CDFW report to the Commission. Receipt of the report will be placed on the agenda for the next available meeting of the Commission after delivery and the report will be made available to the public at that time. Following the receipt of the CDFW report, the Commission will allow a 30-day public comment period prior to taking any action on CDFW’s recommendation.

The Center for Biological Diversity’s listing petition and CDFW’s petition evaluation for the Foothill Yellow-legged Frog are available on their website.

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the Center for Biological Diversity submitted a petition to the California Fish and Game Commission to formally list the Foothill Yellow-legged Frog as threatened under the California Endangered Species Act this organisation is NOT on about saving any species, nope, they are all on about locking up more lands against normal use. Wasn’t it these guys behind the “listing” of the Delta Smelt that was used to break some thirty thousand farms in Central California? Or the Kangaroo Rat to end any development, also in that state? How about the turtle that was used as the excuse to try and… Read more »

Samuel Stephens

Sometimes Kalifornia State agencies can show great intelligence BUT this is not one of those times. In one of those intelligent times, NOT!, the condor buzzard, the alder berry beetle including the alder berry bush. Ah!, the alder berry bush, GPS located and a $50,000.00 fine to damage one, all because of an endangered beetle. So if it sounds stupid Kalifornia is behind it.


Frogs, we don’t need no stinkin frogs


You need to understand that the environmental laws are *only* enforced against white people in California. This frog stuff is most likely going to be primarily used to drive white farmers off their farms, so the people that own the California politicians can buy the land up cheaply.


They are a pest, find them in my pool all the time. A couple of them decided to invade float that automatically fills the pool. They were setting on top of the float and cause the pool to overflow one night. I wish they were in danger that way I could get some sleep. When it matting season the noise they make is unbelievable.


thousands of human babies are slaughtered daily and they worry about frogs


Sir or ma’am – I will have to disagree with you. If you are talking about abortion, maybe consider finding a more eloquent way to voice your opinion. Slaughtering is something that is done to animals at feed lot facilities in order to feed the human race. The reason people worry about species such as frogs is that we are all part of a greater ecological web. If one species is dying off it can be an indicator of what might be to come for other species.


i have to disagree with you on the meaning of slaughter, the dictionary defines slaughter as the killing of people in large numbers.

Wild Bill

@WaterWorld, So your complaint is the level of his “eloquentness”? Are you a sir or ma’am?


More people need to “worry” and speak up about the SLAUGHTER of so many humans that are unable to stand up for their own right to live… sort of like these biased “center for biological diversity” weenies are speaking up about a frog to further their agenda to sequester as much land as possible from access and use. Yes, we ARE a part of a greater ecological web, Read Darwin much? He explained what is happening to this froggie, as also to all the other “endangered species” we are “concerned about”. It is very simple…. the environment in which they… Read more »

Silence Dogood

“California DFW Seeks Information Related to Foothill Yellow-legged Frog”
Real simple…”Hey, this frog has yellow legs.”


More stupidity from the enviro-wienies of the left.