California DOJ Issues Proposed Regulations for Ammunition Licensing

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Firearms Policy CoalitionSACRAMENTO, Calif. -( Today, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) posted new proposed regulations for ammunition vendor licensing that are required by Proposition 63 after they were actually due under the laws that were passed last year.

So far, Attorney General Xavier Becerra is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, now-Senator Kamala Harris, in failing to comply with the legal process or statutory deadlines.

“Of all the regulations that DOJ is supposed to create from the deluge of gun control legislation in 2016, these would appear to be among the most straightforward to accomplish,” said Craig J. DeLuz, spokesperson for the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC). “DOJ knew last year that these required regulations had a hard deadline so that businesses could begin applying for ammunition vendor licenses on July 1 of this year. There is no excuse for them being this late.”

FPC’s review of the new DOJ regulations is part of their ongoing “California DOJ Regulatory Watch Program”, which was established to hold the state accountable for their implementation of various anti-Second Amendment legislation.

At and its companion page,, FPC tracks every move made by the CA DOJ’s rulemaking process. FPC’s goal is to ensure that the regulations proposed by this process are legal and fair. FPC has so far been successful in repeatedly thwarting DOJ’s attempts to create law by executive fiat under the guise of the regulatory process.

Following DOJ’s numerous prior attempts at hiding firearm regulations from the public, DeLuz and FPC recently filed a legal action against DOJ (DeLuz, et al. v California Department of Justice) in order to ensure that DOJ complies with the California Constitution and Public Records Act.

“This is just the most recent event in a series of regulatory failures, demonstrating that DOJ is either incompetent or is deliberately manipulating the process to obscure it from public comment, or both,” said DeLuz. “Those who have taken an oath to enforce the law must also follow the law. And the DOJ has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. So, we’re keeping an eye on them.”


About Firearms Policy Coalition:

Firearms Policy Coalition is a 501(c)4 grassroots nonprofit organization. FPC’s mission is to defend the Constitution of the United States, especially the fundamental, individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, through advocacy, legal action, education, and outreach.

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does anyone know when this new registering of ammo will begin?

ted tietjen

Where can I get the new ammo.permit for 2018


There might not be any excuse, that being beside the point, for the thing that drives the antics above discussed in the blatant desire to trash the basic civil rights of the law abiding, end of story. One supposes that, at some point in time, who knows where or when that will be reached, the courts will exercise their responsibility, and act to control the run away state bureaucracy, that has grown much to big for it’s britches. Of course, as to how much damage will have been done before the courts wake the hell up, who knows. I suspect… Read more »


The whole point is to insure there can be not armed rebellion.


Can’t ban guns. Require ammo vendors to be licensed, then have no way to get one.

Orville Cox Jr

I was born and I still live in Kentucky. THANK GOD. I got my CCDW permit a few years back. My instructor lived in California, moved to Ky. Few years ago. He said he just couldn’t take Ca. Stupid firearm laws anymore. He is now the owner of the number One (1) indoor shooting range and certified forests instructor it the Louisville area. Kentucky would vote out the anti gun nuts you all have “in a heart beat”.

Samuel Stephens

Kalifornia’s Attorney General Xavier Baccera is more concerned about saving his money source and benefactor Planned Parenthood than doing his job concerning legislative mandates, i.e., ammunition regulation mandates. To mention Xavier Baccera and Kamala Harris in the same sentence creates an unhealthy sensory overload especially since living in Kalifornia. The bad thing cannot move just yet.


when does this new reg law take place in cali ? does anyone know? i cant find it online


Disgraceful, simply disgraceful. These leftists on the public payroll absolutely have no shame.

Roger L. Manchester

Trump needs to start arresting them for breaking FEDERAL LAW.

Silence Dogood

What part of out-of-control jackbooted Fascist-Sycophants don’t you understand?


These PUBLICLY PAID SERVANTS need to be removed from all PUBLIC OFFICES. VOTE THEM O U T !!!!!!!!!!


the mindless or careless voters of California steadfastly refuse to vote them out. Some are smart enough to “vote them out” with their feet… voting the corrupt politicians out of their own lives, at least.


The problem is they are out numbered by the liberals. It’s an infestation of nasty violent hippies that want everything for free.

The Revelator

FB, Do you remember C.W. McCall’s song “Crispy Critters”? Goes perfect with your comment. Good Post sir.

Jim Macklin

Since California is about to declare itself a “sanctuary state” and since they are bankrupt, how will they pay their welfare state without Federal money?

California was a beautiful state, until the extreme politics took over and banned mowing grass, cutting brush, so now it burns down every year.

When the state goes belly up, the national guard can be called into Federal service and the state returned to a constitutional form of government.


Good post!


Bankrupt yes that has happened over the last three governors we have had, the one we have now is even worse than the others, jerky brown is soooo far to the left that he is playing with fire, he cares nothing for the people; in one statement he gave a few years ago he said that he will make this state as free of guns as he could. If I had the money I would get out of here in a flash, it seems that conservatives just are not welcome here. Let the state go belly up those of us… Read more »


Good luck. One of my friends from Rancho Cucamonga just moved to Texas. He couldn’t take it anymore. He is happier than a fly on a cow pie now.

Wild Bill

It cost us a fortune to relocate from Ca to Texas. Best $20,000 that I ever spent. I went to my first gun show in a little town near me and met three other guys that had moved from Ca. They were running the TX State Rifle Association booth. Their motto was “Don’t let Texas become like California”. I signed up for a life membership and bought a nice pistol in the same hour.

John Dunlap

Why sit and wait? I know a lot of people who can’t get out, and as some of my friends have learned who did leave, the leftists just follow you. That’s what happened to California, mass migration from disasters like New York, Illinois, Michigan, etc.. Every couple of weeks, I send a message through the White House website calling for Jeff Sessions to start criminal investigations of Moonbeam and his cronies in the state legislature. I post frequently at various forums, asking people to boycott California tourism and businesses. If others would do the same, we could really ramp up… Read more »

The Revelator

John, I’ve been boycotting California for the 31 years I have been alive. I also encourage everyone I meet to do the same. My advice is to lose your guns in your basement, then hide down there when the black hole known as LA begins to implode. Stay safe Brother


Fortunately not all California counties will comply with the sanctuary area policy.


Mine won’t. The sheriff has publicly stated, in writing on the so website, that we will not support any state laws or enforcement actions which violate constitutional rights. The board just tabled a vote on sanctuary saying that this county has no desire to be part of that. Such is the case of many rural counties. Civil Disobedience! Even in liberal bastions like LA, the people have yet to show compliance with the ban on so-called high capacity magazines. Such is also the case with MA, NY, and CT. In Australia, England, etc., handguns proliferate and are the number one… Read more »


Copy that….Little do most people realize it’s San Francisco and L.A that make up for all the liberal votes. Other than those two cites, most of the counties are red.

The Revelator

Yep FB. Funny how idiots like to congregate in groups. It’s almost as if they share a herd mentality………………. Nuff Said.


DaveW- Do you mind me asking what part of Cali you live in? My family is in Placer County & Butte county.

John Dunlap

Ditto. I’m currently in Riverside County, DEFINITELY enemy territory! We’re working on relocating, but probably won’t be able to make it across the state border (yet). I found the interesting list below at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association website. It’s from 2013, but of those in CA, only Humboldt and Del Norte counties have new sheriffs. I would imagine that most of these sheriffs haven’t altered their positions, so I figure this is as good a place as any to begin my research. I have a metal detector I’ve never really put to good use. It might be… Read more »


I live in Butte County. The Sheriff here is very pro 2A. He says he’ll issue a CCW to anyone that can legally purchase a firearm. The police department on the other hand loves to pull you outa your truck and harass you for an hour when you tell them you legally carrying.