Chinese Food Driver Shoots Would-Be Robber ~ VIDEO

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Dangerous Delivery
Dangerous Delivery
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( WJXT News 4 Jax in Jacksonville, Florida reported 06-21-2017 a driver delivering Chinese food shot at least one of three teens who apparently set up the driver with the intent to rob him. They called in a Hot Wok Chinese food order and had it delivered to a vacant home. The For-Sale sign at the home was missing.

The delivery driver showed up at the home, was approached from behind and held at gunpoint. Witnesses told the media that the driver threw the food at one of the robbers, pulled his Glock from a holster and fired four to five shots. He hit at least one of the teenage robbers. (Ages were not disclosed.)

The bag of food and receipt were still left behind the next morning. Crime scene tape is also on the ground where neighbors saw the whole thing unfold. Neighbors recorded video of the wounded robber being transported to the hospital. The other two would-be robbers ran away.

One neighbor told media “Is that money really worth it? The delivery driver said he had $200 at the most on him. Y’all planned to kill somebody over $200! They don’t think about innocent kids next door and the next family?”

As of this writing a second robber has been arrested and one is still at large. The names and ages of the teenage robbers are not being released due to the ongoing investigation.


Food delivery drivers are always at risk. Here the teenage robbers apparently removed a “For Sale” sign from a vacant home and then robbed the victim as he approached the door.

Had he not been carrying his firearm, this would likely be a murder. As usual, when the fight starts, the accomplices run, leaving their friend to fend for himself. There is little honor among thieves.

The video recorded by neighbors’ security cameras should make this an easy case to prosecute.

The neighbor is wrong. To street thugs $200 is a lot of money. These days’ victims are often killed for the price of the next drug fix, a cell phone or sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

Carry your firearm!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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The neighbor may have a different point of view if the robbers knocked on her front door instead of
ordering delivery.

Kevin Williams

If you look at the provided video in its entirety, in a completely objective manner, it is apparent that the remarks by the neigjbor, are not directed to the motivation of the assailants; rather, She is complaining about the.victim using lethal force for a small amount of money without regard for.the safety of innocent neighbors. This is quite evident by her remark that the victim admitted to firing his weapon without using a second hand to help hold it. Doesn’t seem to concern her that he was placed in fear.for his life if a weapon was, indeed, used by the… Read more »


I agree, she seemed to have no anger at the thieves for robbing him, only anger at the delivery man for defending himself. It might be a case of her not making herself understood, but that’s the way I understood her. I’m glad she’s not my neighbor; I certainly wouldn’t come to her assistance with an attitude like that.

Roy D.

Bob says to carry your firearm, and he is right about that. How about staying away from the demographic that causes the most trouble. There’s a reason I don’t travel east of the Mississippi River.


El Paso, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Reo=no, Las VEgas, Boise, yup.. everywhere west of the ol Miss is clean, safe, beautiful………..