Clinger Comfort Cling Holster Announced

Clinger Comfort Cling Holster
Clinger Comfort Cling Holster
Clinger Holsters
Clinger Holsters

USA – -( We’re proud to introduce the all new Comfort Cling Holster from Clinger Holsters.

The Comfort Cling holster is a clipless holster that can be used in the waistband without a belt clip or belt. It stays in place due to its non-slip properties. Also, it stays put in a pocket when the gun is drawn.

While there are other clipless holster options available, the Comfort Cling holster raises the bar for comfort, durability, and performance.


Some clipless holsters on the market rely on raised dots or ribs to increase friction. However, those raised dots can irritate your skin. The Comfort Cling Holster relies on an amazing outer layer to maintain friction. It’s very soft and smooth yet maintains an extremely high friction.

We have developed a cushion for the middle layer that feels like gel. However, it weighs much less than gel. All these features ensure the Comfort Cling holster is the most comfortable holster on the market.


Some clipless holsters use foam for the outer friction layer. The problem with using foam to build a holster is that it’s just not as durable as it should be. The Comfort Cling holster uses a very durable outer layer. It should last for countless years of daily use. In addition, we use the toughest ballistic nylon available on the inner layer. Your firearm will not rub a hole in the Comfort Cling holster.


The low friction ballistic nylon will provide a fast, smooth draw. At the same time the high friction outer layer will grip your clothes and won’t let go. There’s one last important ingredient that makes the Comfort Cling Holster outperform the other holsters on the market. The Comfort Cling uses a zig-zag stitch that pins the binding completely down. Your gun sights are much less likely to snag on our binding. The other holsters use a straight stitch. The Straight Stitch can leave a lip on the binding that can catch your gun’s sights.

You’ll experience a smooth, snag-free draw with the Comfort Cling.


One last feature will make you want to get a Comfort Cling holster: the price. The all new Comfort Cling holster is just $19.99.

Shop Clinger Holsters online at Amazon.

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I couldn’t tell any comfort difference between these and my Remoras or Sticky Holsters, nor any quality difference. I’ll use one IWB to walk to the mailbox or let dogs out behind my house out of sheer laziness sometimes, but I really only like them for pocket carry on the rare occasions I go that route. The only pocket holster I like nearly as much is a kydex custom to which I attached some of the Remora fabric they sell a la carte. All clipless holsters have poor retention and without exception, all fail miserably IWB when put to serious… Read more »

Joseph Pistorio

Like most I have a drawer full of holsters that I’ve tried. Due to my build IWB carry never worked out for me. I ordered this holster for my new EDC Taurus PT 111. I usually had to pocket carry a 380 or use the SP holster. This holster works as stated. After trying it at home for feel I now am able to carry IWB. I most always wear cargo shorts for work and at home. Sunny Florida. Use holster at the 1 o’clock position. Easy draw and even if I place between my undies and pant it stays… Read more »