Grey Ghost Precision Custom GLOCK Slide

Grey Ghost Precision Custom GLOCK Slide for GLOCK 19
Grey Ghost Precision Custom GLOCK Slide for GLOCK 19

Grey Ghost PrecisionU.S.A.-( For anyone who owns a GLOCK19, they’ll be among the first to tell you that it’s a pretty great pistol right out of the box. Arguably one of the most simple, reliable, accurate and reasonably priced, the GLOCK has been at the top of the pistol market for the bulk of recent history.

GLOCK makes no bones about the fact that they stay true to who they are – even down to the aesthetic of their products. There’s no mistaking what a GLOCK looks, acts and feels like.

That being said, even the most classic models can stand to upgrade. Personally speaking, GLOCK’s triggers aren’t my favorite, the barrels aren’t “match-grade” and the slides are about as exciting as ramen noodles without that spice packet.

Fortunately, the market is becoming more populated with custom-houses who specialize in making GLOCK’s look…well, awesome. However, in order to get this customized look, you have to send your pistol in, wait forever and spend a King’s ransom to get your stock slide machined. Although you achieve ‘cool’ factor, the function and accuracy of your GLOCK is not always increased.

Enter Grey Ghost Precision. Traditionally known for their top-tier rifles, the folks at GGP introduced us to their new line of GLOCK slides while at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Grey Ghost Precision G19 V1 RMR Slide
Grey Ghost Precision G19 V1 RMR Slide

Few companies have been able to successfully make the step as seamlessly as Grey Ghost Gear – and their expansion into the firearms world. The company, which is best known for its gear, garments, and packs, launched itself headfirst into what is seen as an already crowded market. The first three rifles that came out of the firearms entity, Grey Ghost Precision, were nothing short of awesome – and anyone who knows the team at Grey Ghost would know, they weren’t satisfied with stopping there.

Grey Ghost has continued its clear focus on the end user, creating a thoroughly tested and combat proven product that focuses on quality and affordability. Additionally, they have made the product available and attainable to ‘us guys’ that can’t really afford the ‘Gucci’ bedazzled products and made the products attainable. Tightening up the tolerances and using better materials has really made a difference.

Grey Ghost has continued it’s clear focus on the end user
Grey Ghost has continued its clear focus on the end user.

The increase in popularity in handgun modifications also increased turn-around time for many mod-shops. Realizing this ever-growing delay in the process, the team knew they had to come up with a better solution. Never compromising on performance, Grey Ghost turned their heads in the direction of pistol modifications – from slides to barrels, and boy, are they sweet!

Grey Ghost has worked hard to maintain a reputation in the industry that is second-to-none when it comes to class, work ethic, quality, and innovation. The team not only brings new products to the market on a consistent basis (typically ALL products go to combat before they are available), but they ensure that each product that goes out the door is worthy to carry the brand’s name.

Grey Ghost takes a different approach to GLOCK modification, as they manufacture their slides in-house! Made from17-4 billet stainless steel, allowing for tighter tolerances than a factory slide, GGP manufacturers an entirely new slide for your GLOCK right on the premises.

To ensure user-satisfaction and ultimate perfection, Grey Ghost deploys their products into the hands of trusted industry partners and professionals. The team relies on their feedback as an invaluable ingredient in improving every product and ensuring they are exactly what their customers want to carry. Taking every review and critique, in conjunction with thoughts from Special Forces teams and instructors, Law Enforcement, competition shooters and hardcore hunters, the product you will see come out of the box will be the result of legitimate evaluations and honest feedback. These slides are available in two different slide machine patterns for both G19 and G17 sizes, as well as the option of with or without an RMR optic cut.

To ensure user-satisfaction and ultimate perfection, Grey Ghost deploys their products into the hands of trusted industry partners and professionals.
To ensure user-satisfaction and ultimate perfection, Grey Ghost deploys their products into the hands of trusted industry partners and professionals.

At their 2017 launch, the slides are initially available as stripped (ready to go after installing internals, sights, and barrel) and only costing $424 – so not only are they badass, and driven by feedback from their end-users (just as is the case with all of their products that come out the door), but they’re also affordable and attainable.

I was given the opportunity to test out one of GGP’s GLOCK Gen4 slides, and walked away from the range, right into my place in line – ready to order my own.

The slide arrives in an intriguing black box marked with a minimalistic line drawing of the slide design, with the ominous skull of the company logo on the side. It doesn’t scream at you – it’s subtle.

Upon opening the box, however, an entirely new tune is sung. The slide comes with a manual depicting the RMR slide plate and mounting screws, and the lifetime warranty information. Perfectly presented and ready to go!

Initial Impressions:

GGP G19 V1 RMR Slide
GGP G19 V1 RMR Slide

The GGP G19 V1 RMR Slide looked and felt great. Immediately I could tell that the top and side serrations would make gripping and charging the pistol instantly easier; and the rear serrations were cut deep enough to effortlessly power stroke the weapon, without fear of my hand slipping off. It was also already cut to be RMR ready, and an intricately designed plate made the slide look not only intimidating but statuesque.

I quickly installed the slide onto a stock Gen4 frame and began to dry-fire, racking the slide from both the front and the serrations. The deep-cut grooves in the metal seemed to bond directly to my hands, adding a degree of confidence every shooter can appreciate. The slide exterior was Black Nitride coated, offering years of protection against corrosion and abuse. Adding this slide only made the GLOCK feel more comfortable to handle. Once the initial lust for this elegant piece of machinery wore off (and I took a break to go to the store and bought more ammo), I knew it was time to actually put it to work and rip as many rounds through it as my trigger finger could handle.

Range Time:

Enter Grey Ghost Precision.
Enter Grey Ghost Precision.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of pretty looking guns on the market – guns that just catch your eye. Those fancy guns are a total waste of time, money and effort if the gun doesn’t shoot or improve the user’s performance! So I put it through the paces at the range.

Training with the GGP G19 V1 RMR Slide
Training with the GGP G19 V1 RMR Slide

Running drills at 5, 10, 15 and 25m, I started with the stock GLOCK, with American Eagle 115gr FMJ ammo, to make sure I had established a base line to judge the GGP Slide from. Adding drills with multiple target indexing, reloads, and dummy rounds would ensure I would have to rack the slide a truck load of times.

I incorporated shot clocks and standard 25m bull’s-eye targets so that I would be able to get extra data to compare and to test the accuracy and performance in stress shoot situations.

The next day, I set up to perform the same drills I did the day earlier. Using the same ammo, but now the GGP slide took the place of the standard issued stock slide.

I immediately found it was easy to clear dummy rounds faster, thanks to the serrations, and the ease in sending the slide forward by power stroking it.

I also discovered that having the Grey Ghost barrel, I recorded a better distance score than that from the previous day – shaving seconds off non-dominant hand reloads and failure to fire drills were a huge plus. The Grey Ghost Precision slide was more accurate, performed at a much higher level and was easier to operate at all levels.


I firmly believe if you buy anything for a weapons system, it should increase your accuracy, make the weapon more efficient to use or increase your ability to employ that weapon. The Grey Ghost Precision slide easily puts a check in the box of all three of these categories.

I will be purchasing one not only for EDC but also for competitive shooting. I not only look forward to the release of these slides to the public for everyone to enjoy but selfishly, I’d like people to quit asking to shoot mine.

The Grey Ghost slide enhances the GLOCK 19, making it effortless to use, easy to look at and an affordable firearm. There is no need for me to purchase stock GLOCK’s anymore – I’ll be buying 80% lowers and doing builds with these slides from now on. And with them being manufactured in-house, in the US, you can’t go wrong with this set-up!

About SSG B. Brabant

SSG Brent Brabant has attended the Squad Designated Marksman Course, Advanced Marksmanship Instructor Course, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat, and the Advanced Low-Visibility Shooters Course. He was a Senior Instructor at the Asymmetrical Warfare Group/I Corps Advanced Marksmanship Instructor Course for two years and got to serve as a guest instructor at the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course. SSG Brabant has served multiple combat tours. Additionally, he has served as an Instructor and taken multiple non-DOD course on rifle and pistol.

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Victor Conde

I recently got a chance to go try out the new GGP Glock 19 slide. Im not an operator, I probably shoot once every two months. I am by no means a “shooter”, so shooting with all these guys was intimidating. However once i shot with the GGP slide i didnt feel so out of place. It felt good to be able to get a respectable shot group. Im by no means ready to quit my day job and start looking for sponsors. But what i can say is that I look forward to buying one of these slides and… Read more »

Noah T

Having put about 1500 rounds through my ggp slide (500 suppressed) i can say firmly i love it. Accuracy has increased, and the gun runs flawlessly thus far. Not having to be out a slide for several weeks, and paying half of what some other custom slides cost is just amazing. If you are on the fence on modding your glock, weather for an rmr cut or just improved use, this is the slide for you.


I had the opportunity to test fire the Grey Ghost Precision G19 and G17 aftermarket slides this past weekend. I was impressed, to say the least. As much as out of the box accuracy is hyperbole, the GGP improvements tightened my shot group considerably. I ran stock Glock G17 and G19 side by side for immediate comparison, switching the uppers back and forth from the stock bodies. As much as want to say its the shooter and not the weapon, hit up GGP and take the challenge yourself. I am convinced and will be purchasing mine this week. While the… Read more »


Still think my RTF 2 fish gill serrated slide looks better. And i have no issues racking it. Wish Glock still offered the RTF 2. Aggressive grip texture better than Gen4 and the fish gills look great. People ask me all the time if its a custom job. They blown away when they find out its a factory Glock.


If these slides are anything like Grey Ghost’s rifles, I NEED a couple in my life. Nice change to see Glock slides that are a functional improvement, instead of just an instagram queen. Great work GGP!

Brian James

I watched a guy using this slide at the range with this slide from Grey Ghost. His groups at 10 and 15 were unbelievable. I asked if he minded I gave it a try, and my results were similar. Even ringing steel out at the 50 line was surprisingly capable. I preordered a v2 slide and a GGP barrel as soon as I got home. Can’t wait to try it on my Polymer80 19 build!


This piece says the slides are made “in house” but I’m pretty sure these are coming from Aero Precision and branded as GGP. Unless Aero and GGP are the same thing? Either way I’m interested and will probably be trying one out as they are made locally to me and being able to buy gun parts made in your city is pretty slick.


I asked this same question and found out that the in house slides and AERO slides are from the same specifications and drawings. AERO has the ability to push out the quantity and quality, eliminating wait times by keeping up with demand and allowing GGP to focus on innovation for end users while AERO maintains high production tolerances. I own 2 GGP rifles and they were produced the same way.


Good info. Thanks.