Gun Owners Need the NRA, and the NRA Needs You

Proud NRA Member and Gun Owner
Gun Owners Need the NRA, and the NRA Needs You
Don McDougall
Don McDougall

USA – -( We all know the NRA is continually under attack.

But it’s more than that; gun owners are stereotyped as racists homophobes who can only redeem themselves by renouncing the NRA.

Some of them do, they write articles and tell us all that no real gun owners support the NRA. Like the new kid in town who lacks any self-respect, they cozy up to the liberal bullies and try to be friends by mouthing the approved lies.

The NRA catches in on both sides, called quislings by the far-right gun associations and racists by the left.

There are times you’d think the NRA can never win.

National Rifle Association Facts

Let me remind you of a few facts. I remember the 80’s. When we elected a President, who was a member of Ducks Unlimited and claimed to be a member of the NRA. A white southern male governor who when asked if he would ban guns said. “Hey, I’m a white male, southern governor… do you think I want to ban guns?… I’m a member of Ducks Unlimited!”. So what happened?

The Brady Bill and Assault Gun ban were the results, and while they in themselves were meaningless, they open the flood gates for the anti-gun left to show who they are.

  • “Banning guns is an idea whose time has come!”
  • “This is just the camel’s nose under the tent.”
  • “Guns should be banned….”
  • “Tell the NRA their worst nightmares are true..”

If they had the votes, they boasted they would ban gun ownership in America. Never before had our rights been so imperil.

In case you missed it the politicians who made those statements are still waiting for their chance to seize power, and if they do your rights to own a gun go out the window.

California and New York are not aberrations. They are the model the DNC, and anti-gun Democrats will use for the rest of the nation.

The NRA's ILA was young back in this 1st fight, and it was NRA members’ alone who rallied gun owners; who fought to protect and restore our rights. Without the NRA you gun owners who now whine and whimper about the NRA would not have the right to own a gun. Without the NRA the next time the anti-gun left comes to power who will be there to defend your rights?

Yes sometimes the NRA pokes the bear, they over react and touch our fears when they don’t have to. Let me say … who cares?

I mean seriously. So Wayne goes on a rant, or Colin cracks a joke or some NRA Instructor make a slip-up. Do NOT make an enemy of the good because it lacks perfection. If you’re SO thin skinned that a few extra emails upset you (and you are too incompetent to find the unsubscribe button) that you’re willing to sell your rights down the river than maybe you should just sell your guns now?

The woman who was supposed to be anointed President said the NRA (and it’s members) are the number one enemy of America, Anti-Gun members of Congress call us the American Taliban, liberal activists call us baby killers and worse. So the NRA calls for the police to crack down on violent rioters and the left goes nuts. We’re called worse than ISIS and the silence is deafening.

I will not apologize for belonging to the NRA; neither should you.

If you’re not a member join if you don’t like the emails hit unsubscribe. If you value your right to own a gun get off your butt and do something to protect those rights. Join the NRA.

AmmoLand Join the NRA Banner
AmmoLand Join the NRA Banner

About Don McDougall:

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 32 thoughts on “Gun Owners Need the NRA, and the NRA Needs You

    1. I feel the NRA still needs to apologize to the USCCA and other companies they “banned” from the NRA-AM. They did so to have a monopoly on the insurance offers at the meeting, and in doing so, hurt the members. I for one, will never get their “Carry Guard” insurance because of this. And I will not send them any more money until they apologize.

    2. I made it to Patron level member in the NRA before I realized there are many other gun affiliated groups protecting the 2nd Amendment and wasting less than the NRA does on advertising (almost 50% is spent trolling for more $$) Many states have states rights gun organizations that do more for the locals than the NRA ever will.

    3. To Mr. Don McDougall,

      Sir, I regret to inform you that I am a former member of the NRA. I had allowed my membership to lapse due to a list of issues I have had with the organization specifically and in general one of which includes the current station of a Mr. Norquist on your board. If you wish to discuss this with me, I am open to it should you wish to contact me privately. I am currently looking into everything I can find out on the GOA(Gun Owners of America) group, and in all likelihood will be joining them instead for the foreseeable future. I am not in any way connected to them, so I am not intending for this to be an advertisement.

      In regards to the rest of your piece, when it comes to the issue of joining together for common defense my principles are not for sale even if the goal is “noble.” Until the issues present within the organization are taken care of, you will not see a cent of my money, or my signature on a list of approval. Instead of spending time on this PSA, it would have been more advisable to spend the time working to fix the problems within the NRA.

      Mr. B.G.

      1. Mr. B.G.
        If the NRA had not existed you would not have the right to own a gun. It would have been taken from 30+ years ago.
        So you go ahead and pimp for what ever group you want. The simple fact is you care more about your principle than your rights. That’s fine. Might I suggest you give up your guns now. You don’t seem to care about protecting your rights.

        1. @DBM.

          No, my right to own a firearm exists whether the NRA does or not. You see, I actually understand the concept of what a “Right” actually is, including the right of intellectually comatose window lickers who to comment on their personal opinions online in an attempt to shame me into doing what they want. Here is the great thing about individual rights though. I don’t have to do what you want! =D

          Personally, you are free to whore yourself out to whatever groups you want, in whatever way makes you feel better, or feel like you are doing something valuable with a sense of duty! You absolutely have that right to do so. But where has that gotten our nation? Currently, we have people in office who campaigned on a promise to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act, not some weak attempt that would leave most of it in place, but when it came time to put up or shut up they folded like two year old lettuce. Now, I want to ask you, were you mad that they did not have the Principles to keep their promise, or were you ok with it because you voted for them like a good little boy because otherwise that other evil party would have won? I can’t wait to hear your answer!

          Since you seem to lack the understanding of what a right is under our American system, allow me to inform you. Our rights are vested in God, or Nature(See also, Natural Law). Since they are not given to us by man, they cannot be taken away, removed, or destroyed. They exist no matter what. They may be repressed for a time, if those who have them end up showing the equivalent amount of spine the GOP has shown over the last year. Or, when you have people who stand on principle and refuse to budge an inch, they continue on. You sir seem to think I would simply roll over should some judge, president, or other government entity ever come up to me and tell me my rights don’t exist. Allow me to correct you on that sir. I’d roll over for them about as much as I would for your comment, if you understand the concept of multiplying by zero.

          So in regards to your opinion and quoting Monte Walsh
          “You can’t have any idea how little I care.”


        1. @Wild Bill
          I pull my weight in other ways. Unlike DBM however, I’m not willing to sell myself, my values, or my beliefs up to any entity, even if it makes people like him trigger like a college snowflake.

        2. @The Rev, I am sure that you do. I am afraid that I did not use the “Leave a Reply” function correctly. I should have been answering Patrick B, supra. I should have addressed the post properly, but did not. I don’t know what I could have been thinking about. Sorry for the confusion.

          1. @Wild Bill

            No harm, no foul.. I was curious why you had sent something like that to me, as you usually save replies like that for the little trolls that pop up around here. In any case, no apology necessary. Hope you have a good day today.

    4. The NRA has been in existence since 1871. It did not become political until about 1970. They were a target/military shooting skills organization almost exclusively until the anti-gun fever after the JFK, RFK and MLK murders. There were calls for bans on telescopic sights, bolt action “sniper” rifles and of course the “Saturday Night Special.”
      The NRA is not able to block all the bad laws anymore than President Trump can make Congress pass obamacare repeal.
      Some NRA members quit because they get a letter asking for a donation, some quit because the NRA the NRA doesn’t parrot the “Second Amendment is all the license I need.”
      Kansas passed concealed carry in 2006 and began issuing licenses in 2007. A few years later true Constitutional Carry is Kansas law and if you’ve got the money you can have a machinegun, suppressor and short barrels. But Kansas had over 100,000 CCHL issued but since since Constitutional Carry about 20,000 people saved $25/ 4 years and did not renew their license. They disappeared from the political tally sheet.
      For all its faults, the NRA-ILA and SAF are important. WE still need HR38, National Reciprocity but lots of Second Amendment purists insist they don’t want the feds involved, state’s rights and all that. Their attitude is screw Hawaii, California, Illinois, New York and New Jersey.
      Being pigheaded and short-sighted seems to be an affliction that troubles too many gun owners.

      1. Mr Macklin,

        It’s not an issue of pigheadedness. Its an issue of principle, and for those of us who truly hold it, we cannot be intimidated, bribed, or coerced into violating that. If the attitude is “The ends justify the means”, then you are on your own. Don’t get mad at other people who do not go along with you because they disagree with you on that matter. It’s your bed, you made it, we won’t stop you from following what you believe, but any adverse repercussions are also entirely your fault. For us, We won’t settle. Good day sir.

        1. My position is not that compromise is necessary. But it is that The rights of citizenship as laid out in the Dred Scott decision are what is needed to preserve the United States and the Constitution. But since gun control was strictly a matter of states criminal law until the 1930s and the Second Amendment wasn’t enforced against the states until 2008, there are lots of laws on the books that must be repealed or over-turned.
          But screaming about rights just gets the anti-Second Amendment and therefore the enemy of teh Constitution a clear target.
          Subtle and steps will get there quicker than open political warfare.

    5. If all the PRO-Gun ,Second amendment ,groups were GONE, SO WOULD YOUR GUNS . For all their faults ,no one is perfect, You still have YOUR GUNS. Those groups that are going after your right to own a gun have a lot of MONEY and ARMED SECURITY behind them . WHAT DO YOU HAVE ??????? STOP COMPLAINING . JOIN A PRO GUN GROUP AND SUPPORT IT.

    6. I have been a member of the NRA off and on (mostly on) since 1955 and although I have not always agreed with their positions on gun policy, I have supported them when it comes to fighting for our Constitutional Right to own a firearm.
      Now that I am retired and money is tight, I will still support the NRA and other organizations the support the Second Amendment to the best of my ability.

    7. My problem with the NRA is they reward politicians that jump through a few hoops with a passing grade, even if they are otherwise a nightmare for the country. I left the NRA after 20 years over giving Harry Reid and others like him an “A”. Their justification was they are only a single issue organization. Well, when they figure out how to be a two issue organization, what’s best for our country AND the 2nd Ammendment, I’ll renew my membership.

      1. In the meantime, WHO will continue to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights? What other “issue” would you like them to support? NO politician will stand with EVERY group. At least we have the “lesser of the two evils” when one votes Pro-2nd Amendment.. The NRA and lots of other pro-gun groups fight for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS every day. All of them are trying to slow down or stop the amount of anti-gun “press” we continue to receive on a daily basis. Wake up and help protect our country. Do it NOW and join the NRA and FREE America!!

        1. The AZCDL* takes good care of my gun rights and they don’t have a Wayne LaPierre sucking almost
          a million dollars a year out of the contributions either

          * Arizona Citizens Defense League

            1. As I said earlier I donated lots of money to the NRA, enough to make it past life member. Now that the state I reside in has their own gun lobby, I prefer to give the nra money to them. Maybe when I hear about how much of that $million Wayne LaPierre is paid by the NRA every year and gets donated back I’ll be in the mood to give them something

            2. I honestly can’t recall if the AZCDL was really organized until just after that ban ended, so I can’t comment. I do remember visiting the gun shows and seeing lots of tables stacked ever higher with what was supposed to be decreasing amounts of hi-cap magazines, which always made me doubt the ban was working as intended.

    8. The reason Hillary the Killary lost. She has NO CLUE.. And Fortunately neither do the rest of the So called democrats.(progressives) (Liberals)etc.etc.

    9. This article is exactly why I am not a big fan of the NRA. The NRA COMPROMISES too much. The compromised with the1934 Gun Control Act, the compromised with the 1968 Gun Control Act, they compromised with the Brady Bill, the compromised and now only rich people can buy machine guns, or you have to be a class 3 “Dealer”. I am a life member of the NRA and frankly if they don’t quit pandering, I’m through with them. Gun Owners of America doesn’t compromise..PERIOD. They even run stories about the POWER OF THE JURY when it comes to NULLIFICATION and the reason the jury was put in place in our form of governance in the first place. I’ve NEVER seen the NRA address that POWER, EVER. It’s as if they feel threatened by it. GOA even stands up for the REASON the 10th amendment is in the Constitution. Sorry Don, but you need to tell the “leadership” of the NRA to get their heads out of the sand.

      1. These posts should be able to be edited. I see in a few places the word THE that should be THEY. I read it before I posted it, and still missed them. BTW…I’m not going to give up any of my rights without a fight to the death. So whoever wants to take them better be willing to die trying.

      2. WE, the People, need to go back and REPEAL the 1934 Gun Control Act as a VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION. Too many “new laws” are based on this idiocy that our 2nd Amendment can be “INFRINGED” in the name of “safety”.. Then, every law passed after that should be thrown out that was based on this “law” and is in violation of the Constitution.. Just because we have to “get a permit from the Govt” to buy a fully auto weapon shows you we have a “government problem”; why should WE have to PAY anyone for our Constitutional RIGHTS? We don’t need a permit to exercise the 1st Amendment!!

        1. @Ron, While I agree with your sentiment, We the People can not repeal the National Firearm Act of 1934 or the Gun Control Act of 1968. Only Congress can do that.

          1. If the right case comes, the SCOUS can declare it to be unconstitutional.
            But every patriotic constitutionalist is needed, which means you join groups for political clout. You always vote the Constitution first and don’t fall into the soros, bloomberg traps of divide by attacking the NRA because they pay Wayne LaPierrier what he is worth.

      3. Mark, I see your post word for word several times a year. So let me ask you a question. Regarding the Brady and Assault weapon’s ban. The NRA “COMPROMISED” and got a 10 year renewal vote, and got the waiting period changed to insta-check. Had there been no NRA compromising on a bill that was assured to pass, well then the assault ban would be in effect today, and there would be a nationwide 30 day waiting period. Care to try again?

        1. The NRA feels more strongly about supporting the thin blue line over my needs.
          You shouldn’t be glossing over the part the NRA had to play in the 1934 court decision either

            1. @Bill, Well, join some other group then. With so many foreign and domestic threats trying to destroy us, we need your help.

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