Grand Power K100 – He’d Never Heard of It, Now It’s His Favorite EDC Pistol

Alan Little
Alan Little, shooting the Grand Power K100 X-Trim
Grand Power
Grand Power

(– Alan Little has been shooting guns since he was 10-years-old. He spent 23 years of his life in the military and now that he’s retired he has even built himself a custom gun range in his backyard.

He’s shot every kind of gun you can imagine. Despite this, before winning the Grand Power K100 Giveaway, Alan Little had never heard of Grand Power before. After spending some time with the weapon it’s now his favorite concealed carry pistol. We wanted to know why.

Why have you been carrying the K-100 over other pistols?

Much to my surprise, the K-100 has become my favorite concealed carry, when I wear a jacket. I just like the feel of it. It’s tight to my side and it’s lighter than other pistols that I have. Quite frankly, I just feel comfortable with it. I don’t even know it’s there. I never thought I’d carry a weapon as big as the K100 but it’s very comfortable. Everything is rounded on it so it doesn’t catch on anything. It’s very smooth.

What have your impressions been of the Grand Power K100 X-Trim so far?

I’m very impressed. Especially by the lack of recoil. I’ve got four semi-autos and they all rise when I fire them and it makes it harder to get back on target. With the Grand Power, the rotating barrel (video below) makes it so the recoil is so low. Instead of the pistol rising when I shoot it, the recoil goes almost straight back into my hand and the barrel stays on target much easier than my other pistols.

I’ve also been really impressed with the quality. I use Militec oil on all of my guns, so I broke down the K-100 and heated and conditioned it. As I was doing so I couldn’t help but note the machining of the metal work on the pistol.  It was immaculate, sooooo smooth, perfectly fitted, no sharp or rough edges. It’s as smooth inside as it is outside. A work of art!

It’s been 100 percent reliable too. No problems at all. Zero malfunctions.

Some people feel they can shoot tighter and better groups with the Grand Power? Would you say that’s the case for you?

Absolutely. The accuracy is on spot. The sight is great. And due to the lack of recoil you can get back on target instantly. As soon as you release the trigger it’s there. On point and on target.

What do your friends and family think of it?

I took it to a family gathering over Thanksgiving and they were all impressed. They really liked the looks of it. Most semis are dull and kind of boring, they’re all the same. This got their attention. They liked the balance, how it felt. A few are seriously considering purchasing their own. The rotating barrel has been a hit with my shooting friends and I enjoy explaining how it levels and reduces the recoil… very impressive.

Grand Power K100 X-Trim
Grand Power K100 X-Trim

What would you say to someone thinking about buying one?

I highly recommend it. I’ve been very impressed with this gun and I already have plans to purchase the next model up, the X-Calibur.

Enough about the gun. Tell us a little about yourself. What are some of your other hobbies?

I do antiquing quite a bit. A lot of lawn work and gardening for my family. I do some farming and ranch work too.  And of course, I love anything outdoors.

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The Revelator

Interesting though, One point to raise though. Laura Burgess is a Marketing group that handles Grand Power as a client. Understandable, but also worth Disclosing as an Ad, not an Article.

Still would be interesting to try one.


Sounds like an interesting pistol, what’s the price range ?


I’m not surprised it’s his favorite gun because he can shoot it with his right leg forward and a cup and saucer grip just like he’s been doing for 30 years. Whatever works.

Graham Baates

All of the Grand Power pistols are incredible. The K-100 is a staple. I carry it’s little brother the P-11 on a regular basis.