Holiday Weekend of Murder and Shootings in Chicago

By John Farnam

Revolver Gun Shot Blood Splater
Holiday Weekend of Murder and Shootings in Chicago
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Exciting Holiday Weekend in Chicago:

At least 102 people shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend! At least eighteen gunshot fatalities. We can only guess how many were shot-at, but not hit, or wounded, but never reported.

Shootings were largely confined to south and west sides of the City, despite the deployment of hundreds of officers, on overtime, and several “ anti-violence raids.”

Chicago police executives are “perplexed!”

The bright side:

Not only tourists are scared away. Even terrorists are afraid to go there!

Curious that not a single one of the reported shooting involved a legally-licensed Illinois CCL holder.

Imagine that!

Leftist media opponents of Illinois’ CCW law, which went into effect in 2013, breathlessly predicted a “wild west bloodbath” (as they always do). They were right, in a way. The wakeless bloodbath in Chicago has continued, but apparently undisturbed by the State’s CCW law!


With proactive policing all but dead in Chicago, and CPD officers cowed into inaction, it matters little how many are deployed!

VCAs (violent criminal actors) should be deathly afraid of police. In Chicago, they were at one time. They’re not any more, nor is there any reason for them to be.


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Bob Shell

As long as Chicago is run by crooked politicians the violence will continue & get worse. The mayor is so crooked that when he dies they will need a corkscrew to bury him All of the city officials take bribes from businesses for licenses or some other consideration. The police commissioner is nothing but a political hack. He is more worried about disarming honest citizens then doing something about the violence. None of them gives a rat’s ass about the victims. The two things on their mind is how much they can steal & how many times they can get… Read more »

Silence Dogood

The last Republican elected as Mayor of Chicago left office in 1931.

86 years of DemoRat control of Chicago…what did you really expect was going to happen?


Excellent website on Chicago.

Paul Kish

Chicago has safer excellent dining party areas and not safe areas. Mafia/Al Capone culture exists. Drugs are rampant. Many of the older gang leaders/members have been killed. Younger and wilder gang members have fewer mentors. It is heavily fragmented with many groups determined to make Chicago a safer city. Many of these groups are very successful, and do make a huge difference, especially empowering those with addictions and allowing the healing power of God to work. The political atmosphere in Chicago hinders those that criticize the liberal ethic and advocate for God. Everyone thought Obama would focus on Chicago and… Read more »

Wild Bill

Kish, How about allowing the healing power of natural selection to work?


Hmmmmmm, please define a “hood rat and homie”. If there the same as in South Central as in Chi-raq ha ha. Damn lib-yards need to realize that bad guys are bad for a reason as for they do not adhere to the law. DUH!!!! Bad guys don’t get a conceal carry permit to be within the law before they rob the bank and crime.


This will continue as long as black communities either don’t vote or vote Democratic. I’m not saying a Republican administration would do a whole lot better but for the Dems it’s a “why bother, they are going to vote for us anyway.” And the correlation between large cities with ever constant on party rule and massive gun violence seems to point that out.



This is false reporting. Everybody knows Chicago is a gun free zone. Lol

James Deck

Why doesn’t someone or some gun rights organization sure the city of Chicago for discrimination for allowing one group of individuals to have fire arms but make and enforce laws that only have an effect on law abiding citizens?

Wild Bill

Why not a class action?


The best solution is to fill six railway cars with firearms, drop these off, unlocked, on a Chicago siding, and let the “homies” help themselves to the contents. Chicago could clean itself up in about three days. (Insert wry emoticon here)


Durabo….. funny you should bring up train cars filled with guns. Chicago, with one of the biggest R.R. Hubs seems to have a problem keeping the hood rats from identifying and pillaging the EXACT rail cars that stop in the depots which are stocked floor to ceiling with arms on their way to Chicago’s gun shops. It has long been a conspiracy theory among the libs that these hood rats are tipped off as to which rail cars contain the arms so they can target them,make fast exits, and continue the killing of each other. (Not really a bad idea… Read more »


Eggs Zacharay (an Asian breakfast) Mike! That’s why I suggested leaving the rail cars unlocked, to avoid destruction of the hasps. I agree, Chicago is the spot the tube would be inserted if if the USA needed an enema. Dead people and illegal aliens vote, the dead are resurrected, Lazarus-like, for elections, and politicians are bought and sold for a pittance. Let the sewer rats take each other out of circulation, even if the shooters insist of firing with a ‘homeboy sideways grip. They may not hit the intended target…but the ‘hood in Chicago is full of targets of opportunity.… Read more »


Rather those who don’t like guns are afraid to go there. If it’s truly that violent you can shoot others dead legally so it’s all good.


HA,HA,HA,HA,HA, HA… hilarious!


Self-styled 2A heroes can go to Chicago and clean up the place all legal-like.


HA,HA,HA,HA,HA, HA… hilarious!
An excursion vacation. Your choice, southern border, or Chi-raq…
You can offer kisses and an admonition to behave!
HA,HA,HA,HA,HA, HA… You are really hilarious!
You should do stand up.