Maine Resident Who Shot Intruder Won’t Be Charged ~ VIDEO

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Nagant M1895 Pistol
The resident, who is disabled, had bought the 7 mm Russian handgun just days before this attempted burglary.
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Bangor daily news reported 07/06/1017 Rockland, Maine, a local resident that shot an intruder who broke into his apartment in an attempt to rob him, will not be prosecuted, according to the Knox County District Attorney.

Back on August 31st, 2015, the 69 year old resident shot a 47 year old intruder, during an attempted midnight burglary at Park Place apartments.

The resident, who is disabled, had bought the 7 mm Russian handgun just days before this attempted burglary. He purchased the gun because of three previous burglaries and told media he kept his gun under his pillow.

He said he heard a sound inside his apartment and saw a shadow pass into his kitchen. With his gun in hand he confronted the intruder who was looking through the residents pain medications at the time.

The resident explained to the media; “I told him to sit down while I called police or I would blow his brains out”. The intruder complied by sitting down on a coffee table while the 69 year old called 911. While the resident was speaking with 911, the intruder jumped up and the resident fired one shot. The intruder fled out the back door leaving a “pool of blood”.

“The Knox County District Attorney has reviewed this matter and said “Had this case gone to trial, the evidence would have raised issues related to self-defense and defense of premises. The standard of proof in criminal cases is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and I do not believe that we can meet that burden in this case.”

In July, the intruder was sentenced to 4 years in prison for attempting to steal drugs and refusing to submit to arrest.


Another victim who could not possibly defend himself against a younger and more agile intruder without his firearm.

Presumably the homeowner used a Nagant M1895 7.62 x 38 seven-shot Russian military revolver. This is a little below the power of a 32ACP and would fit his budget.

The defendant disclosed to investigators that he had been too drunk to notice that he was in the wrong apartment. His defense was he thought he was stealing his own drugs. Dumb!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Jo Ann

My God that poor man doesn’t have enough pain n suffering- some scum has to try to steal the man’s medicine? Good for him in defending himself n his home. Honest outcome too. Outrageous behavior by perp.


Mr. Lembo had been denied the right to have a firearm in public housing until the NRA stepped up and helped get policy changed.


The authorities, it appears, showed remarkable and not always encountered good sense here, or so it appears.

Graham Baates

Interesting choice of a firearm. The Nagant revolvers are gentle to shoot. We own one for the historical value and interesting “gas seal technology” which moves the cylinder forward as the hammer cocks to seal against the barrel.

Gregory Peter DuPont

“7mm Russian handgun”??? I figured Ammo land could have/should have caught that typo..a 7.62×38 Nagant is a Russian receiver,but 7mm?? What,its a .280??
Either way,happy outcome. Still,the very notion that this man was facing charges/eviction thoroughly enrages me-and it should everyone.
Who’d have thought we’d see a ” defensive use of the Nagant revolver and cartridge” in 2017???


“Stealing his own drugs”, Riiiight… lying POS.

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

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