Michigan Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill Signed by Governor

Michigan Switchblade Ban Repeal Bill Signed by Governor

Knife RightsMichigan-(Ammoland.com)- Knife Rights’ Michigan Switchblade Ban Repeal bill, SB 245, was signed yesterday by Governor Rick Snyder.

SB 245, sponsored by Senator Rick Jones, simply repeals Section 226a (switchblade ban) of the Michigan penal code originally enacted in 1952. SB245 is the culmination of years of effort by Knife Rights and our friends in Michigan including Senator Mike Green, the original sponsor of the bill.

SB245 becomes effective in 90 days on October 10, 2017. Switchblade (Automatic) knives remain illegal in Michigan until then.

Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter noted, “this is a great day for Michigan knife owners, but there is still plenty of work to be done to rid Michigan of its remaining archaic and vague knife restrictions. Knife Rights will keep working until Michigan’s law-abiding knife owners are free to carry any blade they want.”

Knife Rights has repealed switchblade bans in Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin and now in Michigan.

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So it’s law you can carry a switchblade now in Michigan is this correct


I hope so all done and said carrying a switchblade in Michigan is legal correct


Does the law allow for a concealed knife in a pocket or is it required to be carried openly?

colm prentice

like to thank everyone that help pass this bill



The first link states that in Michigan, if a bill passes with a 2/3 majority, then the act becomes effective immediately.
The second link(to the bill itself) even says “ASSIGNED PA 0063’17 WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT”
Thus, I believe the Public Act is indeed already in effect, because it passed the house and senate by more than 2/3.
Not trying to be rude, but I believe this articles October 10th effective date is incorrect.


EDIT: I linked the wrong bill on accident for the 2nd link. Corrected :


Bill 245, not 239. Still says “ASSIGNED PA 0096’17 WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT” though.


Are single edge OTF knives 3 inches and under legal?


After I personally did a good amount of research, I would say yes they are ‘probably’ legal if you don’t carry them with unlawful intent. I’m not an attorney though so don’t take legal advice from me. I will say though that I’ve looked for good OTF auto’s under 3″ and they are not easy to find, even Chinese clones.

Knife fanatic

Yes this repeal makes automatic out the front and out the side knives legal to own and carry under and over 3 inches long. The blades still have to be single edge. And according to the Michigan legislative website, it says this bill was signed by Governor Snyder on July 13, 2017 as public act 96 and effective immediately.


Where does it say that it must be single edge ? I have read the act several times including the part that is being repealed, and no where does it say the knife must be single edge. Do you have somewhere I can see that ?


I agree, but it will be nice to be able to collect and sell switchblades. I have been collecting and buying and selling knives for 35 years and passed on some great knives due to the law. Many people openly sold switchblades at some shows with no problems but one friend got busted and it cost him a lot of $$$.


It should be noted that ALL of the switchblades in the pictures will still be ILLEGAL due to their having double edges. Also carrying any knife over 3 inches can be questionably legal if it is a ‘dangerous weapon’

Knife fanatic

In Michigan the law is clear that you can carry a knife with a blade over 3 inches as long as you don’t have unlawful intent. I spoke to and confirmed this with the lead Michigan senator sponsor of this senate bill Rick Jones and a Michigan State police officer. So as long as you’re not doing anything illegal with a bigger knife, then you are good to carry it. I carry knives between 3.5 and 4 inches and have even had officers check my blades out and compliment me on them.