New Mobile App Gets Customers Excited About Retail Gun Shopping Again

Bring in customers with the number one mobile app from Bubandu for firearms businesses and brands. Increase your walk-in, phone-in and website traffic with the Patriot App!

Ron Peterson Firearms
Ron Peterson Firearms

Albuquerque, N.M., ( – Getting customers into your store has just gotten easier with the first mobile app designed purely for firearms stores and brands. Bubandu, a mobile technology company helping businesses and brands engage their audience on smart devices, is offering firearms industry companies an attractive limited time program for their Patriot App.

The app costs about the same as a print ad in a traditional firearms magazine, but unlike a one-time ad, the app keeps on attracting new customers 24/7, and as an added bonus, Bubandu will include a press release to alert local and regional areas, as well as the firearms industry.

More than ever, businesses are looking for new ways to find and keep customers. An expected 60 percent of all retail traffic will be via mobile devices in 2017 with the hard-to-reach Millennials and Gen X generation leading the way. Summertime has technically been the slow time in the firearms industry with this summer being especially hard after the elections. The deals and products are in the stores, but getting customers to hear about them has proven difficult. Traditional advertising has not been as effective as in the past and social media has become a minefield for companies in the firearms industry.

Bubandu, founded by Randy Asselin, CEO of RockTops Digital Media, has been on the leading edge of the most innovative technology solutions for businesses since 1995. His expertise in telecommunications, wireless, networks, software and mobile solutions has already won him a New Mexico Business First Innovation Award and a Nomination for Innovation Edison Award for patents and pending patents on technologies that build business revenue and provide much needed traction for their brands.

Asselin, a die-hard firearms enthusiast, developed Bubandu to help firearms dealers and brands connect with their customers and potential customers and give them a reason to visit a retail location or buy online. Bubandu’s mobile application provides businesses with effective messaging through push notifications letting customers know when new product hits the shelf or a limited promotion has started.

The Bubandu-powered apps are loaded with engagement tools such as:

  • Push Notification
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Events Calendar
  • Business Hours
  • One-Touch Calling
  • News Feed
  • Email from App
  • Driving Directions

Traditional advertising is losing ground with 18-34-year-old males who now comprise over 40 percent of all mobile sales. Bubandu mobile technology provides retailers with an opportunity to express what is unique about their store, whether it is offering tips and promos to new shooters or the growing women’s market, or providing connectivity to hunting and fishing data, guides and hunting news feeds or keeping law enforcement and first responders connected to news and products that are critical to them.

Geoffrey Russell Outfitters Mobile App
Geoffrey Russell Outfitters Mobile App

Geoffrey Russell Outfitters (GRO), a premier firearms retailer, knew technology was the answer to driving business. GRO owner, Luke McKinnon said, “GRO decided to move forward with an app because too many times, firearms retailers are stuck way behind the curve when it comes to technology. Our store feels comfortable and inviting, we serve locally roasted coffee, we make heavy use of technology in our back-office, it simply makes good business sense to have an app and be at the fingertips of our customers and firearms enthusiasts. The real value of the app for GRO is being able to push messages as a targeted way to reach people on their phones.”

“If it is a slow sales day we can push a message about a flash sale on ammo or accessories giving us an entirely different and effective way to reach existing customers. Our app also helps us ensure that our customers are aware of all of the different services that we offer, such as our Gun Buyer’s Concierge service, online storefront and information about our gunsmithing services, class schedules and more.  These services are what help us to keep the doors open. “

The first retailer to jump on the app technology was not as tech savvy as GRO, but nonetheless, Ron Peterson Firearms of Albuquerque, New Mexico knew it made smart business sense. Ron Peterson Firearms’ shop is a top of the line dealer in antique and modern firearms, accessories and ammunition and none of the store management was knowledgeable in today’s mobile technology. Randy worked with the team to develop the “Be the First to Know™” Ron Peterson Firearms App, now available free on iTunes and Android. The Ron Peterson app lets customers know when a product they are looking for has arrived

Ron Peterson Firearms Mobile App
Ron Peterson Firearms Mobile App

and also lets customers and potential customers know when something goes on sale or features a rebate.

“The firearms world has changed dramatically over the past ten years due to technology. Online information and sales have deeply impacted our customer base and how we do business. Our customers are better informed and more knowledgeable. It only made sense to us to embrace mobile technology.  We wanted to be the first to know about how to be great on mobile and above all we want our customers to be the first to know about the great products that we have on a daily basis. Personal connectivity on mobile gives us an advantage over our online competitors. Our Ron Peterson Firearms app makes that happen,” Ron Peterson, owner Ron Peterson Firearms, LLC explained.

ABQ Guns, specializing in personal protection, concealed carry and women’s needs, wanted their mobile app to make their training, promotions and new products available instantly to their customer base. “We are always looking for ways to set us apart from other businesses in our industry.

We cannot rely only on being Woman/Veteran owned and a Blue Label Dealer. Our app allows me to reach out to customers with specials that only the customers with our ABQ Guns mobile app are privy to. Starting a web store was a beginning and adding the app allows our customers to shop wherever they may be, anytime, day or night.

Giving the market convenience falls in line with our core business value: EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Technology keeps advancing and mobile will only gain in usage,” Belinda Gallegos, Owner ABQ Guns commented.

ABQ Guns Mobile App
ABQ Guns Mobile App

“As more and more firearms retailers look for ways to reach their current customers and engage that younger, more digital generation, a solid mobile app strategy is the one viable solution,” Asselin added.

“The difference with Bubandu is that we are tech people who love to shoot and know the firearms industry. We won’t sell you an expensive, complicated app and leave you frustrated and out in the cold. This is family to us. Our Patriot App program, offered for a limited time, offers firearms businesses a full-featured mobile app and press release for only $3,799. That is the cost of an average print advertisement and unlike print or some of the other media platforms, this is not a one-time deal, your mobile app is alive and will continuously attract new customers. Our team at Bubandu keeps it simple for the business and the user and it is fully integrated with your social media and business website. Our methodology is to offer a safe and direct business-to-customer communication link.”

For more information on the Patriot app, and what Bubandu can do to increase traffic in your store, call 1-800-702-0702 and say “Patriot!” to get your limited offer special pricing and press release.

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John Dunlap

The Herd (my name for the majority of humanity) just keeps on stampeding to the next new shiny thing, dragging all with them, kicking and screaming or not. Despite industry and government propaganda, evidence continues to mount regarding the health and safety dangers of wireless tech, not to mention the huge privacy issues it creates. I gathered up a few links below. Given that most businesses are already completely dependent on it, including the entire banking industry, the coming stampede of The Herd away from wireless as they finally catch on is going to shake the world.… Read more »

R. P. Lebowski

The industry is not connecting well with the under 40 market. Back in the day someone in our family taught us to shoot. Today, there are a huge amount of Single Parent households so the streets are defining the gun industry, what to buy, what is good, what not to buy, etc. Mobile is not going away. The industry needs to catch up. Mobile is the best way to connect younger people with brands, shops, educational information, so the idiot up the road doesn’t have to.


…or the retailer can send their promotional information to Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk GUNDEALIO app, FOR FREE, and get better coverage. Gundealio will notify you when you walk in the gun store that there are promotions available. Again, FREE OF CHARGE.

marc disabled vet

Touch , Hold , Rack , Sight on target !
(fire when available) rent one first .
It’s the only way to buy !
Don’t buy a weapon your uncomfortable
or willing to use .
How’s that feel on your computer ?


It Feels like a potato. Makes about as much sense as your last sentence. No one is advocating not checking out a gun prior to purchasing. Some places, such as my LGS has about a 20-30% markup what I see on say Cabelas and had rude and ignorant staff to boot. Knowing that they were the only Brick and Mortar was a four hour round trip, they decided to milk it for all it was worth for years. The advantage of the internet allowed me to look at guns and simply order them online and have them shipped to a… Read more »


I agree with most of what you said and do purchase some of my guns through a FFL holder who may or may not have a pawn shop. This does not matter. What I disagree with is that the folks at Cabela’s are rude and ignorant. Most in the Grand Junction Cabela’s that work in the gun department are very nice to the customer and are informed enough regarding guns to sell them. No, they are not gun smiths and perhaps do not have the knowledge you may or may not have. They are just working for a living –… Read more »