New York Gun Shop Employee, Maced By Robber, Fights Back

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Frank, shop employee who was maced by suspect. img; Paul Martinka
Frank, shop employee who was maced by suspect. img; Paul Martinka
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The New York Post reports 06-28-2017 in New York, New York, a customer walked into DF Brothers Sports Center on New Utrecht Ave. in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn and asked to see some of the guns just before 11 a.m.

When the shopkeeper, identified by friends as a 60-year-old former US Marine, asked to see his gun permit, the suspect pulled out a pepper spray canister and quickly sprayed the owner in the face.

The customer, now robber, then used a hammer to smash a display case and tried to steal some of the guns inside. The robber was forced to retreat when the merchant came up shooting with a shotgun.

Police said the injured suspect ran out of the store leaving a trail of blood behind, but could not say with certainty whether he had actually been shot or if he injured himself smashing the display case.

No arrests have been made as of this report and workers at the shop declined to comment on the incident. (A really good idea)


A good self-defense shoot by all standards with the probable exception of New York City and a few other criminal coddling areas.

In common Law Enforcement training, being disabled by pepper spray leaves you in a position where the criminal can take your firearm and use it on you or others.

I am assuming the owner was alone as certainly any other employees would have engaged this robber, hence deadly force is a reasonable option.

Media information from the owner’s friends included that the former Marine owner has a New York license to carry.

Never bring Pepper Spray to a gun fight!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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    1. In NYC, you can not handle any firearm without a NYPD issued permit, unless you are LEO.

      Glad the owner was able to get a few blasts off with the shotgun.

      Too bad he could not have used an AR Pistol.

      1. up close…….gimme dat scatter gun, an auto loader with extended mag tube, please.
        onion rings and fried on the side!

        1. @2a lets see if we can get ammoland to do us a favor,, @Ammoland how about a redo on an article you posted june 2 2016 on the S R M 12-16 shotgun ??? please please any updates would be great I have wanted one ever since . The price at the time was outa my reach but now that the ol lady is the x ol lady maybe , maybe, maybe.

        2. @2A How bout four tubes that rotate holding four rounds each then it pops out and stick in another four tube magazine? would that make you happy??

          1. That should make anybody happy……………….well, except the pepper spraying douche bag on the wrong end of it.

        3. @2A google SRM 12-16 shotgun drop down to second page titled srm 12-16 revolving shotgun there is an interesting video

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