OK, GOP: No More Excuses!

By David Limbaugh

GOP No more excuses
GOP No more excuses
David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Until now, I haven't been too concerned about the Republican Party's difficulties in passing a health care reform bill because delays have resulted in improvements to the proposed legislation.

But enough is enough. No more games.

It's time to quit the finger-pointing. Neither congressional leaders nor President Trump have done enough to whip votes and sell the bill.

A major overhaul of Obamacare, whether a full repeal, or a repeal and replacement, is imperative for Trump and congressional Republicans. More than any other, Obamacare is the issue that has galvanized grass-roots conservatives since 2010, and the Republicans' failure to act now will be devastating on multiple levels.

Excuses like “we had a few renegade senators on the left and the right” won't work. Then-President Obama had no problem getting a majority to support Obamacare and was even able, albeit through deceit and legislative bribery, to cobble together a filibuster-proof margin.

So why can't Republicans get their act together?

The differences are that Obama wanted this more than anything else and thus almost willed it into existence, and Democrats are far more monolithic than Republicans [read ruthless and cunning] and stick together. Republicans must show the same fierce determination Obama showed when he crammed his monstrosity down our throats.

This requires a concerted team effort. President Trump must focus far more attention on this than he has, and his meetings with Senate Republicans this week were a good start. For now, congressional Republicans must also make this their highest priority. Once the bill passes, Trump and Republican legislators must move on to tax reform with the same unified focus and determination.

Like never before, Trump must use the full extent of his political capital to sell the public on this bill and pressure recalcitrant legislators. He should hold major rallies in the states whose senators are balking, and give substantive speeches on what is at stake and why this bill is the lynchpin to reversing Obama's agenda. For their part, congressional Republicans need to be all over television and flood print media with op-eds pushing this bill.

Both Trump and GOP legislators must detail how Obamacare is failing and underscore the failed promises Obama made to advance this bill. In the process, they must change the narrative to distinguish between health care insurance (a term that has been bastardized, anyway) and affordable, quality health care with maximum consumer choices. For far too long, Democrats have corrupted the national conversation by fearmongering and distorting the English language.

I don't deny that the current version of the Senate bill is far from ideal from a conservative point of view, but it is far better than it was before, and it is light-years better than the status quo.

I confess that I have been torn on supporting measures that many believe are Obamacare Lite, but in the end, we have to do the best we can do and go forward. We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

I think we have a far better chance of passing a so-called repeal-and-replace bill, which could be more accurately described as a partial repeal and replacement than a full-blown repeal. Either way, one must occur without further delay.

Many pundits assume that if left alone, Obamacare will continue to unravel and disintegrate, but another school of thought says that it has already sustained the worst and will survive. I don't know about you, but I would never want to bet against the survival of any government entitlement program. Legislators will always figure out a way to bail it out, or, if it is beyond all repair, they might just take the easy route and opt for a single-payer system, which was Obama's plan all along. That's the worst of all worlds.

Even if Obamacare's ultimate failure were inevitable, Republicans can't sit on their hands and watch it die in slow motion. Far too many people will be hurt, which is unacceptable.

Moreover, though many Republicans assume that Obamacare's final implosion would mostly redound to the Democrats' detriment, it is hard to see that considering they would be the ones in power during the implosion. Don't ever underestimate the formidability of the media-enabled Democratic propaganda machine.

GOP Obamacare
GOP Hung on the Alter of Obamacare

If Republicans don't get their act together now, they may not ever get another chance to prevent socialized medicine in this country. We'll never have a better chance to make market-based health care reforms if we don't pass the best bill possible now, for at least two reasons: First, Republicans will be punished for incompetence and betrayal in the next election. And second, there will be a point beyond which market reforms can't feasibly be made.

But if Republicans move this bill through, there's a good chance they can continue to improve it incrementally — especially if the changes in the current bill yield demonstrable results.

The proposed Senate bill is far from perfect, but we're fantasizing if we think we're going to get anything close to perfect at this point.

Sen. Ted Cruz apparently finds the bill acceptable, and, for now, all things considered, that's good enough for me.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at www.davidlimbaugh.com.

  • 16 thoughts on “OK, GOP: No More Excuses!

    1. We know that prior to omama’s give away program health insurance was not too bad. It was better before heffer hilery got her nose into it while slick willy was taking care of the girls in the Oval office.
      It is going to be a long reach to get people to give up the freebys omama made for them while raising premiums on paying people and increasing deductibles to an unrealistic level. He definately got one over on us and I’m sure he is still laughing.
      The clock needs to be turned back and let the insurance companies set rates based on statistics and competition. Get the government to hell out of it. They know nothing about what they are doing and can’t manage it.

      1. My sentiments EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! There are REAL loop holes in the RYANCARE LITE!!!!!
        One: registrations of weapon owners made from “Doctor’s” notes.
        Two: governmental “elites” can be excused from participation.
        Three: RYANCARE LITE would be ran by government which has no business being responsible for health care in any shape, size or name!!!!
        Four: This would place POLITICIANS in control of your health plan INSTEAD of you and your doctor.

    2. McConnell needs first and foremost to identify specific problems with the status quo. {Publicly invite Democrats to participate. After all, it isn’t just GOP voters who are hurt. But you can’t seriously consider changes until you understand the areas that need to be changed. Then address those areas systematically and individually.

      I keep hearing that X-million people will lose coverage. I’d like to know how many “insured” have actually received benefits. Benefits kick in about the $6,000.00 level, after an “insured” has already paid that much in premiums in addition. This appears to be merely the most expensive catastrophic care policy imaginable.

      Medicaid was established to help provide medical care to the poor. It’s my understanding that now a family of four with a household income of $80,000.00 qualifies for Medicaid. Let’s re-establish Medicaid for its original purpose, and then maybe we’ll have enough money to pay doctors to accept new patients.

      1. don’t bother to identify the most critical parts and attempt to change them.
        FedGov have NO authority to meddle with medicine ,health care, insurance, or any other rlated thing. Its not in their bailiwick. We CANNOT return to a Constittuiona Republic as long as we persue this sort of corrupt power grab.

        I am one of the uninsured.. by choice. I manage my life such that, over the past four decades or more, my total out of pocket costs for ALL my medical needs has been about $2000. And that’s probely over the reality. Now, they want me to pay THEM $8K for the “premium”, then pay the first $6K for any care I need. That’s SEVEN TIMES in one year what I’ve paid out for FORTY years. And they want to FORCE me to do this?

        NO. Repeal the entire mess Turn it back to the free market, which will correct all the issues all on its own. Oh, and get government’s grubby fingers OUT of the health care pie altogether. I KNOW a huge part of the added costs of medical care today are naught to do wiht MEDICAL care… but paperwork, requirements, compliance, records, reams of permissions, etc. What used to be a paragraph of narrative for an office visit now comprises six pages of useless gobbledygook, and oh, it takes five times as much time for the doc to wade through all the fluff to get AT the salient information the visit was to determine.
        Hi, we’re fromthe government, and we’re here to help’… ourselves to unlimited job security, perpetual employment huge pensions, jobs for all our pals, and oh, by the way, WE are too good for that wretched system, so WE have our own “on the side” that YOU can’t access.

        1. I AGREE; Just REPEAL totally the piece of crap called Obamacare. It is totally useless and we DO NOT need NOR will ever need government paid healthcare in way, shape or fashion.
          GET RID of the RINO’s in Congress who snuggle up to democrat donkey tails.

    3. We’ve been abandoned by the GOP, especially the GOP in the Senate. We can’t even get something small through. Idiots like McCain are so angry with Trump they’d cut off the nose to spite the face. Honestly, if this administration does nothing to advance our rights screw them. I am voting third party every election going forward.

      1. I wouldn’t blame President Trump. Blame turncoats like McCain, Murkowski, Collins and the RINOs for trying to portray themselves as the conscience of the Republican Party. Trump has knocked himself out trying to undo Obama’s mess. He has rescinded hundreds of Obama’s executive actions, backed our allies in Poland and Hungary and is starting the wall on our southern border. Not bad considering the D.C. establishment is trying to destroy him 24/7.

      2. If brain cancer is what it takes to rid our selves from Little John “Pot Head” McCain, then so be it. Lets hope his particular type of cancer is contagious.

    4. We need to pick new republican party candidates at the primaries. Trump is the head of the Republican party. He decides who will and will not get campaign funds. Any repub that does not follow orders gets no funds. The funds that the unsupportive repub. would have gotten go to the new republican candidate for his primary. AND Thank God that Hillary is not our president!

    5. All these Lard @sses in Washington ,
      We need to take away their over the top,
      health care and make them use the VA. or
      get an Opayme plan to off set the budget.
      Things would happen a lot faster then !

    6. After the Bull Moose Party (Progressive Party of Teddy Roosevelt) got that DemoRat disaster Wilson elected, most of those Bull Moosers re-registered as the DemoRats they really were. McCain should re-register.

    7. This is very simply explained. During the Obama Administration all Republicans were unanimous in voting for a full repeal of Obamacare because they knew it would never pass, therefore no risk. Now there is tremendous risk of blowback from constituents when you’re taking something away from them, even if it’s something bad. They (the elected officials) value their employment in office over doing what’s right for the American people. It’s that simple.

      Of course we won’t even get into the subject of whether the government should even be in the healthcare business to begin with. That train left the station with the advent of Medicare & Medicaid. Now the question is how does government limit its involvement while ensuring that Americans have the greatest choice and value. The first thing to do is allow all companies to compete across all State lines. Then, although I detest any govt. intervention, we desperately need tort reform. Those two items alone would bring a heretofore unheard of drop in premiums but would also be fought, to the death, by the insurance companies and lawyers.

      1. Finally, someone that understands the issue rather than the typical goober f-tards comments about electing different Republicans. The reality is you’d be electing DEMOCRATS and that would be much worse. I have always voted GOP, but 50% of the country doesn’t and they have a say too.

      2. Vanns40–The third thing needed is a prohibition against any state larding up all insurance policies sold in that state with that state wish list of coverages.

        1. Yup. Let each insurance carrier offer plans they think will sell to their customers. If that includes abortion coverage, cosmetic surgery, dental, existing conditions, fine. But maybe SOME of us will only want catastrophic event coverage….. crash my road bike and bust up a couple a legs or something like. The insurors are smart enough to figure out the “actuarial tables” to cover their risk.

          If I were to run a health insurance company I’d have a VERY in deptch set of questions to ask my customers…. lifestyle choices, .. how many sodas per week? How often do you get serious cardio exercise. How much fresh fruit and veggies a week? How often pizza? What do you typically have for breakfast? Resting heartrate, fasting blood suger, lipid profile, working heartrate at high zone three after twenty minutes. Body Mass INdex// Smoking (any substance), vaping, booze, energy drinks, stress level of your lifestyle…. alcohol consumption…. family medical history…

          But its not “proper” to ask those questions now. BUT.. funny thing here.. when you want car insurance, guess what? They’ve got a pile of such questions….. the car itself, years driving, accident and ticket history, credit history/report (what does THAT have to do with my likelihood to get involved in a crash?) Same with your homeowners… neighbourhood, age, construction, kind of roof, locaion of large trees, underbrush, security, alarms, yard lights,

          WHY is “healthcare” so different? Insurance is a commercial product. Let the ones offering the product, and the ones buying it, work it out. Get gummit OUT of the equation.

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