Open the Cage Gear Offering Six New Designs in Priefert Line ~ VIDEO

Open the Cage Priefert Clothing
Open the Cage Priefert Clothing
Open the Cage
Open the Cage

FLORENCE Mont. – Open the Cage Gear, LLC, (OTC) a multifaceted lifestyle company, steps into the chute with a co-branded clothing launch with Priefert, America’s No. 1 name in Farm, Ranch and Rodeo equipment. The line, now available at OpenTheCageGear.Com, includes men’s and women’s premium t-shirts in six new designs, with more designs coming soon. All have OTC’s signature phrase, “Life is a fight…Open the Cage.” Watch the official launch video at OpenTheCageGear.Com.

The Priefert line features country music singer and songwriter, Genevieve Allen, who shares her own ‘open the cage’ moment in this video. The designs sported by Allen complement the original clothing line that launched in 2016.

“We are proud to have Genevieve on board showcasing her talents as a singer-songwriter and sharing her own personal struggles. Her story – and those in the rodeo world – is why we started ‘Open the Cage’ as these are folks who are not willing to settle for anything less than the ultimate experience in life,” said Jim Kinsey, CEO of Open the Gear Gear. “We have an explosive synergy between Priefert and OTC, and our goal collectively is to honor the hard-working traditions and inspire a whole other generation to saddle up, bear down, and hang on for this wild ride we call life.”

“Priefert is honored and excited to be partnering with Open the Cage to create a clothing line that truly embodies the spirit and the authenticity of the world of rodeo,” said Courtney Dyer, director of marketing for Priefert. “OTC’s concept resonated with us and who we know our customer base to be – a group of hard working men and women who wake up each day inspired to live life to the fullest and to take on any challenges that come their way.  This line reaches out to our customers in a very unique way with quality materials and amazing designs that a lot people will want to wear not just at home on the ranch, but out on the town, or anywhere else that life may take them.”

Open the Cage Gear, LLC is headquartered in Florence, Montana with sales/fulfillment operations in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kinsey partnered with Nashville music artist Michael Connors and Art director Curt Liddle to launch this exciting lifestyle brand. “We wanted to reach every day people with a message of moving forward. That’s where our motto, ‘life is a fight …open the cage’ came into play. Just like in the rodeo – you have to open the Priefert gate, get on that bull and ride,” said Kinsey.

Open the Cage, LLC is a multifaceted lifestyle company that sells premium fashion t-shirts and stylish headgear. The shirts can be worn from day to nights out and the quality designs and craftsmanship will make Open the Cage brand shirts stand apart from others. “If you just want to wear a t-shirt, that’s fine, but if you want to wear a quality t-shirt with meaning, then you’ll want Open the Cage Gear,” concluded Kinsey.

Open the Cage Gear is a movement with stories that need to be shared.

About Priefert

Priefert is one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1964 by Marvin Priefert and located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Priefert is considered the leading innovator in the livestock handling industry. With 1,000 employees and a dealer network of over 1000 dealers around the world, Priefert is recognized as having the highest quality equipment on the market. Priefert is proud to have its equipment used and endorsed by the top cattle, equine, rodeo and roping associations in the country. For more information, visit

About Open the Cage, LLC

Open the Cage, LLC is a multifaceted lifestyle company that includes Open the Cage Gear and OTC Music Group. Through music, merchandise and attitude, the goal of OTC is to inspire others to face the fight we all go through in life. Life is hard and without the inspiration to move forward it is easy to quit. The OTC movement tells a story of people that have overcome the challenges of life. We all have a story. We all have the opportunity to either quit or fight. Life’s a fight…..OPEN THE CAGE. Share your story at http://Facebook.Com/otcgear and Learn more at

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Wild Bill

Nice looking filly. Priefert Panels and Gates, located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, just down the road a piece. I have enough of their panels and gates to all of their kids through college, and they are good, community minded people, too.