Sidearms for Soldiers , Make it a Movement

By John Farnam

Active Shooter Response : Run Hide Grovel
Active Shooter Response : Run Hide Grovel
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Our ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter aloud: this is the meaning of the word, ‘unspeakable.’

Atrocities, however, refuse to be buried. Equally as powerful as the desire to deny atrocities is the conviction that denial does not work. Folk wisdom is filled with ghosts who refuse to rest in their graves until their stories are told.” ~ Judith Herman

The 800 lb Gorilla:

The Army’s TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) is in the process of publishing a phone-app, designed to assist soldiers in their thinking process, on-base and off, when they find themselves caught-up in a terrorist attack, or any other violent crime.

Details are not firm, but it is safe to say that the final product will be a replay of the “Run, Hide, Tell” mantra that currently represents the thinking of most Western nations, with maybe a little tweaking here and there.

Nowhere is mention made of issuing pistols (with competent training), intended for open and/or concealed carry (depending upon circumstances), to all officers and S/NCOs.

Constantly armed officers and S/NCOs, on-base or off (there is no such thing as “off duty”) will then be able, and expected, to take decisive action, including the precise application of deadly force, during a terrorist attack… instead of just “running and hiding.”

Concealed carry for our military officers and S/NCOs will be authorized everywhere, similar to LEOSA!

Such an idea is, of course, unthinkable, given the current “Let’ s-all-be-good-victims” orientation characteristic of much current Western military philosophy.

I think a campaign, called “Sidearms for Soldiers,” should be presented to DJT (Donald J Trump) and enlightened members of Congress!

The goal will be to arm every officer and S/NCO with a SIG320 or Beretta M9 (a great surplus of these should shortly be available), and then provide them all with competent training on how to handle, carry, store, and effectively use these pistols, as well as providing suitable concealment holsters and other necessary accouterments.

This incisive doctrinal change will send the stark message to all terrorists – no matter where, no matter who – that our sad period of “victim-orientation” is finally over.

M9 Beretta Handgun
M9 Beretta Handgun

We’re proud Americans, and from now on, we’re not just running and hiding. From now on, we’re shooting back, immediately and without apology! . I remember several years ago running training for groups of Marines in CA. Of course, we ran all ranges “hot.” Most of my Marine students had never been on a hot range before, but all “caught-on” quickly!

An O6 (not a student), observing our training, commented to me that, when hot ranges become default, and Marines are routinely armed, he was worried about gun-accidents and related “bad outcomes.

I replied, “Colonel, you’re having gun-accidents now! We’ll continue to have occasional gun-accidents, no matter what we do, so long as we’re allowed to actually touch guns now and then.”

“Colonel,” I continued, “We need to train competent gunmen, competent Operators, not just occasional “gun-manipulators.” Our Marines need to know how to live with guns, because that is what they’ll be forced to do the moment they step into an area of hot conflict.”

He hesitatingly agreed, but the truth has yet to make its way up the food-chain.

Less than a decade ago, the idea of arming teachers and school administrators was roundly denigrated by most in our leftist media.

Today, that idea has finally caught-on! Armed teachers are now everywhere, and more are being armed all the time. And, of course, the media-predicted blood-bath has never materialized.

Arming our officers and S/NCOs represents the critical next step!


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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Roy D.

I had to laugh when I read this line: “Concealed carry for our military officers and S/NCOs will be authorized everywhere, similar to LEOSA!” So these “authorized people” will be carrying in the Pentagon and in DC? They will be carrying in Headquarters buildings across the country? They will be carrying on flight lines near strategic aircraft? They will be carrying in NCO and O clubs? As much as I wish it could be so, it is just a pipedream to think it will ever happen in a manner which will make a difference. My youngest son and his wife… Read more »


Thats because there were IMPORTANT people there. They are more important that REGULAR people like us. You see, the military higher-ups are the politicians of the military community and deserve safety not needed by lets say an e-4 with a young wife and two small children. And why only officers and senior non-comissioned officers? Are they somehow more enlightened than an e-5 or e-4 with 3 tours of combat in some shithole under his belt? No, they wouldnt know how/when/where/why and on whom to use a weapon would they? Especially on post. One statement in the artical about what was… Read more »



David Telliho

I work for a Company w/a run/hide/throw something policy. Policy allows any person to enter the business carrying a weapon. But we employees are not allowed to. Most of us have one out in our car, but…..
We all agree that our families will sue them(a multi billion dollar business),should a tragedy occur. But good grief. There is no common sense anymore. I guess we could all carry a pocket full of rocks. It just occured to me, there is no prohibition on slingshots.


if possible, you might want to look elsewhere for employment.


Looks to me like the Colonel you referenced had already had the complete lobotomy required to become a General Officer. I served 28 years in Army Green and always maintained that Soldiers need to be 100% competent in their individual weapon and optional sidearm, regardless of duty assignment. That would require more than just the annual qualification week and should include “fire and maneuver” courses with live ammunition. My superiors always agreed with the first idea, but never with the second. Their position was that it would place Soldiers at risk unnecessarily. Seems like that mindset permeates our military leadership,… Read more »

Wild Bill

@LTC Davis,

I concur with your views, and I’m sure that it is just an over site, not that it matters, here, but your signature block should be:
L.(name spelled out) (MI) Davis
LTC, IN, AUS (ret.)

I offer this with the deepest regard and esteem.


Wild Bill
LTC, IN, AUS (ret.)


Any and all Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen. Not just senior NCOs and officers. It’s past time to get over that crap. The military is comprised of citizens of our country. It isn’t some little separate royal heirarchical class.

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

I have to disagree – I would not extend that privilege to “all” servicemen until they are vetted by training and having held positions of trust. Giving guns to some Ricky recruit is just asking for trouble – they don’t have the maturity to effectively handle situations – unarmed or otherwise. How do I know? 20 years of experience is how I know. We didn’t have many of the higher ranks getting into trouble, a few but not in the same amount as junior enlisted fresh out of Boot Camp or their Tech School. Yeah just throw a side arm… Read more »


It was my experience in the Army that the worst person to trust with a weapon was a lieutenant. Captains were only marginally better. But that aside, once Basic Training is completed, those people are in trusted positions and have had adequate training, or should have, if the Army is still doing its job.

Wild Bill



I saw plenty of high ranking individuals doing things that would or should have landed them in hot water. I remember being a lowly enlisted (below NCO) man and physically carrying some of my company’s officers, 2 captains and a lieutenant home drunk from the bowling alley. Rank is no indicator.


Although I ‘m a long way from Basic and AIT my recollection, from my current experience, training, and skill level, is that it was only slightly better than nothing. Having said that, the military population is, because it is drawn from the general population, no different. Interest, experience, and willingness to learn will vary just as it does in the entire population. The key to this concept is additional training for officers and S/NCO’s (e-5, spc-5 and up in my view) if they are going to carry. Serious, real, and ongoing, training on the level of (pardon me John) a… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Joe, of course there would be training…lots more training. The federal government could pay for it by not paying for Beagle dogs on treadmills until they have an induced heart attack, or no longer paying SS payments to those who have voluntarily disabled themselves through illegal drug use or reducing the Former Presidents Act to one office and one Secret Service Agent per year or cut back the White House Chef staff down to an order out to Olive Gardin. The Federal government will probably save enough to pay for everything just by not flying Nancy Pelosi’s fat greedy self… Read more »


You mentioned Officers and S/NCO’s to be armed; what about MP’s, Security Forces, Master at Arms, etc.? You know, the guys and gals that handle weapons every day for 12 hours or more?

Craig Alstott

I disagree. Not because I don’t want a professional soldier to have a firearm on base or personally off base. But I disagree with giving firearms to professional soldiers and not to the citizenry for self protection. Further, having the Military and Police armed in our society will produce a problem with the constitution and a further problem with the gun grabbers pointing to this as the “solution” and try to take away the citizenry’s guns. I won’t support it. (9-11 was a government operation with Israel)

Craig Alstott

I won’t support “in uniform” professional soldiers carrying firearms in public. This is not a military state. As a “non-uniformed citizen” who is a professional soldier, I have no problem. Ft. Hood shooting was on a military base, by definition, not a public place. As far as soldiers not being allowed to carry firearms on base, I think that is ridiculous. All officers and enlisted soldiers should be allowed to carry on base. Also, if a kid is old enough to fight, they should be old enough to drink (but leave the firearm at home)

Wild Bill

@CA, I don’t know what your definition of a “military state”is, but the various governments in the U.S. do not use the military to diminish your Civil Rights, or regulate you. In the U.S. the judiciary and governmental agencies are used to diminish your Civil Rights and regulate you.
The police carry firearms in public, and enforce the dictates of government, yet you do not complain that this in not a police state. Don’t worry so much about outward appearance.


Craig; You sound like a total idiot and moron. Your statement > “non-uniformed citizen” who is a professional soldier, I have no problem< Is completely and absolutely moronic and lacks any common sense.

Wild Bill

@Craig Alstott, When you write, “… I disagree with giving firearms to professional soldiers and not to the citizenry for self protection.” You have hit on a great idea! The federal and state governments should issue firearms to their citizenry for self protection! I do not know why it did not occur to me, before! What should we call this new program?

Wild Bill

@OV, Of course it would only be a .22 single shot, that actually fired, only, 25 percent of the time, and cost $7,000 each. It would be called the Shummershot.

Craig Alstott

That’s a good point.


sounds good to me.


As former military I agree 100 0/0 All NCOs and Officers should be trained and issued equipment for “off duty” carry
Stateside and overseas

Wild Bill

@Chuck, I agree, and also think that some sort of empty handed fighting system should be taught instead of plain old PT.

Bill N.

Wild Bill, I like your train of thought. Great idea of hand training. There will be almost without a doubt times when you won’t be able to draw a weapon so hand training is a great idea.

Wild Bill

@OV, The DoD and DA, have good people already. “They” (the HIMWICs) have made great strides in mess hall food. Now, it is healthier food rather than cheaper food.

Wild Bill

@OV, Ya know, brother, I never had a second rate meal on the Air Force, a substandard drink in the AF O Club, and was never disappoint in the Eagle drivers.