What Should Small Government Conservatives Do Living In Deep Blue States

By Rob Morse : Opinion

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What Should Small Government Conservatives Do Living In Deep Blue States
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- What should small government conservatives do if they live in a deep blue state?

More conservatives and libertarians living in socialists states face that question every day.  You’re held in contempt and you face injustice at every turn.

The idea of “live and let live” is a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter that you grew up there.  Now, state and local politicians pass laws designed to drive you out.

What should you do and where should you go?

But I grew up here. State politics changed around me. Why do I have to change, not them?

Let’s talk heart to heart. Yes, it is unfair that you might have to move in order to find freedom. Once upon a time this place felt like home. It doesn’t feel that way today. Still, I get it. The injustice is real.  What your neighbors do isn’t up to you.  What you do is up to you.  What will you do to bring justice to this unjust world? It isn’t as if the Socialist majority in Washington, California, New York or NJ want to hear your opinion. They don’t. In fact, they want more of the same as fast as they can take it from you.

Think of this issue another way. Is it better to remain a powerless minority in a deep blue state or to lead by example in a free state? If you’re open to suggestions, then perhaps the most powerful position is to move to a marginal state where you can make a large difference. You could tip the scales in a state that is hanging by a few votes. Now you’re changing the world for the better.

But who will fight them if I leave?

It hurts me to say this, but we lost. I include myself with you. We failed to change hearts and minds. We let socialists take over the labor unions, the schools, the government, and the courts. Now we live in a world that is alien to our beliefs and we are forced to live their way..or else.  Perhaps the best way to oppose the socialists is to let them go on without our help.

I’m part of this community.

Yes, you are, but only a little bit.  You’re far more than a taxpayer. You’re active in civic groups, in your schools, and in your church.  You contribute to all of them.  You will contribute again if you move.  As much as you value your neighbors, they did not value you enough to let you live there in peace. That was their choice every time they went to the polls.

But my family is here!

Uprooting your family is hard. Unfortunately, it is the people who want your company the least who seem to be making the decisions where you’ll live. Your extended family would be eager to follow you if they valued your time together.

Yes, family is important, but look at that same issue from another perspective.  Where do you want to raise your family? I hear Libertarians make plans to move to New Hampshire and change its culture and its laws (check with the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, see how that has been working).  Are you telling libertarians they should stay in New Jersey or Massachusetts as a permanent minority? We have one life to live. We have a dominant culture that our children will learn. We have a culture to which we contribute. We’re free to choose what that culture will be.

Does it matter what I do?

It matters what you do. It matters to you and to the culture as a whole. It isn’t as if the Socialists are standing still. They destroy one city after another. They destroyed Detroit, then Baltimore, Camden, Newark. Chicago is next, but we could also include territories like Puerto Rico. These failed cities often consume the entire state with them, such as Illinois. The bumper stickers in Arizona, Florida, and Texas are legion. “Don’t Californicate my State”. “Leave New York in New York” Too often the socialists leave their broken state and bring their destructive policies packed with the household goods.

“The Northeast continues to experience a moving deficit with New Jersey (63 percent outbound), New York (63 percent) and Connecticut (60 percent) making the list of top outbound states for the second consecutive year. Pennsylvania (56 percent) also joined the top outbound list this year. ~ data United Van Lines

Moving Out: The top outbound states for 2016 were:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Illinois
  3. New York
  4. Connecticut
  5. Kansas
  6. Kentucky
  7. West Virginia
  8. Ohio
  9. Utah
  10. Pennsylvania

Why do you have to stay and live in the rubble they left behind?

It feels like I’m surrendering if I leave.

Yes, it does. It also feels like you’re surrendering if you stay and have to live according to their beliefs.  Fortunately, you have other options and don’t have to stay.  A move is not a defeat. You are moving to a more desirable situation where you can live by the values you choose. Call it a change of tactics and plans.  You’re strong enough to do that.

Invite your old friends to join you as you build your new success.


About Rob Morse
The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Donald Baker

When you leave these communist states for real American states, you diminish their tax base thus hastening their self destruction.

Clark Kent

And where, exactly, are the ‘real American states’? You are aware the USA is a UNION of states? Go back to elementary school for basic civics lessons (if you ever attended same in the first place, which I doubt).

Wild Bill

@Clark, grouch, grouch, grouch! Look on the bright side of things: HILLARY IS NACHO PRESIDENT!

Thomas Tennant

As a California and Massachusetts refugee to Kentucky, I am surprised to see them not on the list. As a new Kentucky resident I am hard pressed to understand why it is on this list as well, particularly since both CA and MA are the most repressive states when it comes to gun rights and small business. I think you better do some more research and maybe rethink your article.


Left crazy Kalifornia for North Carolina over 10 years ago. Much nicer here. Decent people and good law enforcement. Fair gun laws. Not many crazy liberal loonies. Looked into Eastern Washington but state is run by lefty loonies in Seattle. Maybe it is time to divide California and Washington into two states each. Let the loonies have their own little world and let the normal people have their states back!

Clark Kent

And YOU define ‘normal’? Nice try; no cigar. P.S. We get the government we deserve; live with it.

Wild Bill

Clark, I’m shocked! “…live with it.” Are you issuing an order or making a rule after objecting to him making a mere definition? After we get the government that we deserve, is it permanent or can we work to change it or vote with our feet? I think that CK is just in a bad mood, today.


@Clark Kent – Are you living with it or are you a liberal troll that want’s to keep the discontent going???

Raider Randy

Maybe moving in the short turn will work but in the long term I’m afraid its do to failure.. We need to fight them were they live and god bless the ones who do. Its like a bowl of fruit if one piece of fruit is spoiled in that basket it will spoil the rest of the fruit… What we really need to do is change the lower courts like the 9th circuit to a more conservative / libertarian constitutional court and that will give us a fighting chance.. SAF is vetting to help President Trump nominate these type of… Read more »


I’m not completely up on US law since i come from one of Britains Commonwealths…




Carl O

I agree Randy, but then I think we’ve been the ones who started fighting back in the 80’s when we could see the handwriting on the wall. We’ve both seen a lot of folks cut & run from the fight!


Let’s let them secede. We can even offer to sell them food and electricity. All they want. As long as they realize they can’t change anything here. Leave us the hell alone.

Clark Kent

And who, exactly, is ‘us’ and why in the world do you get to decide who is ‘us’? Hint: you don’t.


@Clark Kent – US is not you for sure!!!


I lived in Washington State in the mid 80’s and Oregon in the early 90’s. Both states were moderate center-right states with a strong middle-class with traditional values. Californian migration plus the demise of the logging industry (spotted owl) caused both states to go loony tune left. Please if you live in a blue state and are liberal, STAY THERE!! Don’t contaminate a red state. Lay in the bed you made. We don’t need the left-coast, northeast, urban, large-city, liberal/progressive/ statist bullshit in the rest of America. Liberalism is like a cancer. It eats up societies and then moves on… Read more »


Californian migration plus the demise of the logging industry (spotted owl) caused both states to go loony tune left Hate ta breakit to ya, but the”spotted owl” meme was a complete and total fabrication foisted upon us by FedGov. It was a false meme from the start, made up out of whole cloth, and handled masterfully. WHY? They ((FedGov) for reasons never realy revealed, “decided” (and WHO are THEY do to so?) that the Pacific Northwest HAD to get out of timber production. At the same time as the Fairy Tale of the Spotted Owl was foisted upon us, FedGov… Read more »


The owl meme was fake. But it’s impact was real. The logging industry and the middle class jobs suffered

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club

The state of Colorado has turned purple on the election maps. The leftist trash moved in from the People’s Republic of Kalifornia and Noo Yawk, Noo Joisey, Wisconsin and etc. The heard we had a good economy and wanted to bring their damned politics with them. They should of been made to check them at the border.

Clark Kent

So YOU get to decide the political beliefs of others and where they decide to move? NOPE!!!!! Do us all a favor and move to North Korea.


The “outflux” of folks from Kansas, at #5 was certainly not the result of gun laws…we are one of the most gun friendly states in the union. I suspect a lot of the migration from KS was to MO, but I don’t have that data. Having said that, folks in KC KS, Lawrence and Topeka (a small percentage of area, but a large percentage of the state population) want to limit our gun rights. We’ve already been banned from carry in certain hospitals.


Please move to Texas Conservatives! WE NEED more Patriots to counter all of the damn libtards from KKKalifornia!

Clark Kent

“If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell” – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.

Wild Bill

@Clark K, Well, that is easy to say in the abstract, but suppose Sherman would have said, If I owned Texas and Detroit, I would rent out Texas and live in Detroit. Sherman would have been one wealthy, yet scared and cringing landlord!

Wild Bill

Ok, don’t hold your breath, now, but here goes, “Abra Ka abra!”

Wild Bill

Well that will never work. Let me try again ” Abra Kadabra!”

Silence Dogood

Kalifornia should be on the top of the list…but the DemoRats fake the numbers. The influx of so many illegals distort the actual outflow of Citizens. Proof of this is that since 1850 when first admitted to the United States of America, as a State, the Kalifornia Congressional delegation expanded after each census, beginning in 1860, until the 2010, when the Kalifornia Congressional delegation did not expand by even one Representative = more Citizen fleeing the Fascist policies of Sacramento.

lonely red

Any conservative is welcome here in Florida. There are too many liberals moving here and we are in danger of turning, blue, which would spell doom for the rest of the country, as this is a huge battleground state. Please move here, conservatives!!


Very good article but I would like to mention that the reason people leave Ohio is because of the lack of good jobs (with the exception of very prosperous Columbus) not because of gun laws. We have more gun freedom than many/most southern and western states and it actually gets better year after year- the democrats here (and there are many) lose on the issue every time. At one time, only Texas beat us in the amount of registered machine guns and we have always had some of the largest gun shows in the country.


Ohio has some of the best CCW and open carry laws in the Country, Lou you are correct. Also Commie/DemoRat/Liberals are losing ground in Ohio every election. The Conservatives own the House, Senate and the Governorship in Ohio and industry has increased by over 200% in the last 7 years since the Conservatives have taken back the State and most City/Town Governments. But two of the four Major Cities in Ohio are under Commie/Liberal control…Columbus and Cleveland! The Columbus Police just passed a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against the Commie/Liberal Columbus Mayor…this guy hates the Columbus Police and needs to… Read more »


Unfortunately for Ohio, you have the turncoat governor Kasich. This individual almost single-handily elected Hillary president by his pathological refusal to support Trump for president. Even though he promised to support the eventual republican nominee. Also, he and the State of Ohio are addicted to Obamacare. Basically, he sold you out. He also broke his promise. I could never support anyone who does not keep his word. Typical Washington politician.


Although I don”t agree with Kasich on some issues, he was supporting the 2nd Amendment when Trump was calling for “assault weapons” bans. This is what you don’t know: There are many critics of Kasich in the gun community but they seem to know little about Kasich regarding gun rights – he’s not perfect on all conservative issues but he is WAY more pro-firearm ownership than most Republican governors (although he was not pro-2A in the past – 20 years ago). I’m from Ohio and we have had anti-gun governors in my 50 years of being on this earth including… Read more »


It seems that Kasish got on the right/winning side of gun rights. Still his lack of support for Trump is unforgivable


Agreed, that data is from a moving company, not because of guns laws…tho I’d say 1-3 on that list may have gun laws as contributing factors!

Clark Kent

Washington state has a conservative majority in the state senate. The state house of representatives and the governor are liberal. Rob, do some research before you post.


@Clark Kent (Superman???) – Exactly how did a majority conservative state let liberal house and governor get into office? Sounds like your state is changing around you and you are not noticing like the article said. That or you have become lazy and MOST of the conservatives don’t go out and vote. Either way fix it or you will be a blue state and you will not be able to change it!


The Senate in Washington State have had no spine for nearly a generation. Ever since they knuckled under to Queen Christine they have backed down at every turn. WHERE were they when the stupid Bloomburg backgorund check was bought for us? The Senate rolled over on that one. Back a couple decades… stadium. People voted NO twice. Legislature decided we “needed’ it anyway, promised it would NOT be funded by tax dollars (it was, and has been), that there would only be one (there are now two, right next each other.. how STUPID is that?) and that since we liked… Read more »

Clark Kent

I see both of you flunked reading comprehension 101. I did not claim Washington state is a ‘majority conservative state’. Nor did I write about past generations of the state senate; I wrote about the present day senate. P.S. ‘Roadside spy units’? Get some new tinfoil for your hat, Tionico.

jim s

Yeah but your conservatives in the senate are very liberal, just like in Kalifornia. The Republicans in the state legislature would be called liberals in most other states.

Clark Kent

So how long have you lived in Washington state, Jim? I’m betting you don’t have a clue about the makeup of the Washington state senate. Nice try; no cigar.


About why Australia is a fascist country not a democracy (and any of its associate countries)… Download these two PDF links first, then i will explain. https://www.casa.gov.au/file/139186/download?token=XtXcIPy9 https://www.bobtait.com.au/files/pdf/supplements/Part61-AirLaw.pdf In these documents you will notice the expression “fit and proper person” , in the main definition handbook pdf, you will see it explain that while it gives a definition , it also states there “is no actual definition”.This “definition” is for the Private Pilot License (PPL) Commonwealth of Australia.However, if you did not know, with a “forklift” (PIT) Powered Industrial Truck as used in warehouses, the license is known as a… Read more »


FASCISM defined: government control over private means of production. Yes, tyranny raigns in Oz… but nothing you reported here rises to “fascism”. Though that may well be coming. Back in the mid 1970’s I looked into emigrating to Australia. Almost had enough points. Canada was much easier, and I did. Only stayed five years. I still have one rifle and shotgun I took north, declared and legal, when I went. Both would have been exempt registration, as I owned them there prior to that law. But when I look at Canada now, and Oz, I am SO glad I never… Read more »


We were intended to be a Republic, NOT a democracy. The history revisionists have duped the culture. In a democracy the 51% control the 49% (what we have regressed to). In a Republic rights are protected for all, including minorities by the rule of law. Republics are hard to maintain due to the human lust for power. Our Founders and Framers knew this which is why they created limited powers to the general (national) government leaving the authority with the people of the states.


Difference between “democracy and Republican” is interesting, I cite that no different complexity to the difference between democracy and elite-ist fascism (monarchy is simply the hereditary version) as shown by Britain and its commonwealths. Democracy CAN change legal policy by voted power , however, that is not possible in Britain and its Commonwealths because the “essence” of being a government minister is having a degree in economics or in company “law” , other degrees make them extremely unlikely to ever be either a minister or prime minister, but it is in effect the Governor General has the power to dissolve… Read more »