Smith & Wesson Launches Summer Savings Rebate on M&P Pistols

Smith & Wesson Mail-In Rebate
Smith & Wesson Mail-In Rebate

Smith & Wesson

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -( Smith & Wesson Corp. announced today the start of the “M&P Summer Savings” mail-in rebate program, valid on popular M&P firearms, including M&P Shield pistols.

Consumers that purchase any new qualifying M&P Full-Size, Compact or M&P Shield pistol from July 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017 will be eligible to receive two (2) boxes of Hornady Critical Defense ammunition, two (2) additional M&P magazines and a Caldwell Mag Charger Universal Pistol Loader, for a total MSRP value of $180.

Consumers residing in Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. states with restrictions on magazine capacities and/or ammunition transfers will be eligible for a $75 mail-in cash rebate with the purchase of qualifying pistols.

“We are excited to announce the “M&P Summer Savings” mail-in rebate program this summer on some of our most popular firearms,” said Matt Buckingham, President of Smith & Wesson. “We’ve worked with Hornady ammunition and Caldwell shooting supplies to create an ideal accessories package, whether you are in the market for a full-size or concealed carry M&P firearm.”

Consumers who wish to participate in the M&P Summer Savings Rebate must complete and submit the rebate form, in one of three ways:

Complete and submit the form online.

Download the rebate form on their website, complete and submit via U.S. mail. Obtain a rebate form at your local Smith & Wesson dealer, then complete and submit via U.S. Mail.

All submissions must include proof of purchase and be submitted on or before October 31, 2017.

For more information regarding these rebate offers from Smith & Wesson, visit online or call our customer service line at (800) 331-0852 ext. 4125.

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eddie reno

i received mags mag charger and ammunition 1/12/18.
thanks, when should i get the check?

Mark wells

Joe p side. Check the dates on the redate. July 1 though September 30. If you bought your gun June 29. You do not fall in line for the redate. Just saying!!!!

joseph p. sides

I purchased my s/w shield. 45 on 6/29/2017. I am still looking for my rebate check !!!! will be doing a followup at rebate center soon for additional info…..

Mark Kight

Hang in there fellows I my rebate today! Took 16 weeks

William giraitis

Still waiting for my summer hideaway rebate. Checked online rebate service and it comes up no record of rebate? Should have bought a Glock.

Brandon J

Bought my M&P .40 in September. Order was shipped yesterday and will be on my doorstep tomorrow. Hang in there folks… It’s coming. I’ve never had an issue with S&W not keeping their word.

James Phibbs

Finally got my rebate today,took 5 months.Nice mag.charger,worth the wait

Mike Dill

I purchased my M/P Shield on 8/12 and rebate submission on 8/14 (shows valid submission on, but I haven’t received anything yet. I left a message on rebate inquiry line 1-866-963-7933 back in November with no call back. Since Thanksgiving I can’t leave a message as the mailbox is constantly full. Is this rebate a scam or a bait and switch advertising?


You are not alone. Smith and Wesson has lost a LOT of long time high volume customers, me included. There is no excuse, the “high volume of orders” being nothing short of a joke. Amazon ships out more per HOUR than S&W sells in a year. From same day to three day max. So 16+ weeks is ridiculous. Many have waited and ARE waiting still, 16 weeks be damned. My opinion is they’re holding that money to operate on. Read the complaints online and you’ll see major problems with several different handguns. Customer service is apparently now a joke as… Read more »

Mark picozzi

Just received my rebate ,only took 3 1/2 Mo . Hang in there guys


I bought my M&P Aug 2017 and still waiting. This is crazy. S&W should say up front how long the rebates are going to take before you get them. Makes me company looks bad.


Ditto. Bought mine 9/23 and they don’t even have mine SUBMITTED yet (sent it 9/30). They said they are JUST BARELY getting to Sept. She said, it could take between 10-12 weeks…uh, yeah, we’re past that and they aren’t even STARTED on processing mine? WTF?

James phibbs

Spoke with m&p customer service today.I was told that they were waiting on magazines and then the orders would be shipped,i was given a order number,i am now in my 19 th week of waiting

Mark Kight

Sent my rebate in August 3099th still havnt heard anything!!!

Brian Oswald

Shows my rebate was received 8/14/2017 15 weeks still nothing. Nobody answers phone calls ? E Mails do not get response. Very Bad Customer service , Just be honest with your customers…..

mark wells

I just received my stuff from Smith/Wesson rebate I submitted mine around the 1st of aug so hang in there it will come


I bought my 45cal. s

&w shield mp on 8-12-17 and i am still waiting on my rebate .Everytime I call the rebate center I get a different answer

Tom Galassi

Purchased M&P 45 on July 2. Talked to Jewel at MPS (people handling rebate) on 9/21 on 10/24. No straight answer.
Still waiting……………

James Phibbs

16 weeks and still no rebate

James Phibbs

16 weeks and counting,promo said allow 8-12 weeks


Purchased my promotion eligible pistol in August and still have not received my rebate. Can’t even leave a message as the mailbox is full! Must be a lot of people looking for their rebates as well. No way to run a business.


I never got my rebate, still waiting. 10/28/2017


I have been waiting going on 4 months now and still nothing.MI

Mark picozzi

Bought my m&p 8/26,has been 7 weeks .no rebate yet . Love the gun

Mark wells

When are the rebates going to ship. Or you going to send a check instead. Hope it the rebate. It has been almost 3 months. Thanks for make a great gun in the MP Sheild. 9mm

George Tiensivu

I bought the new M&P 9mm 2.0 on June 30th,2017 ….rats!


Uh, they had a $75 rebate that was valid up through June 30th just before the July 1st one started…but it is now way past time for you to submit that one…


Is this valid on the 2.0?