Suspicious Deer Discovered In Elk County, Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Game Commission

USA -( The Pennsylvania Game Commission today announced two free-ranging deer were euthanized on the evening of July 26 in Ridgway Township, Elk County.

The deer were discovered about 20 miles north of Disease Management Area 3, within the Commonwealth’s Elk Management Area.

Both deer had identification tags in their ears, indicating they were at one time part of a captive-deer herd. The Department of Agriculture manages deer farming operations in the Commonwealth.

The Commission has launched an investigation and will work with the state Department of Agriculture to determine ownership of these deer and to ascertain whether they escaped a facility or were intentionally released into the wild.

“The deer are currently being examined by the Commission’s wildlife veterinarian, who will conduct an initial test to determine whether either deer was infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD),” said Wayne Laroche, the Commission’s Special Assistant for CWD Response.

The discovery of deer from a captive herd in the wild raises significant concerns as the Commission attempts to combat the expansion of CWD.

“This is disturbing news following the discovery a CWD-positive wild deer earlier this month in DMA 3,” Laroche said. “With the Department of Agriculture’s assistance, we will do all in our power to sort out what happened quickly and take appropriate action.”

If you have seen these deer in recent days, or know from where they might have originated, please contact the Game Commission’s Northcentral Office at 570-398-4744, or 570-398-4745.

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    1. Nikon prostaff bushnell legend 308 rifle scope pie bald deer delicious meat in the freezer wuts the hype basically a grey headed deer meat still eats good

    2. I’ve been seeing the same one in my parent’s neighborhood near Lake Murray in central SC a few times a year for the last 3-4 years. He’s bold. I haven’t seen any other deer as deep into the neighborhood in a decade or more. The first time I saw him, I thought an African antelope or something exotic had escaped from the zoo. He likes something in dad’s backyard.

    3. Really like ur comment/story about piebald deer I think their kinda cool the first I seen my cousin shot while we were deer hunting it was a 8pt descent looking buck I myself have never taken one but I wid given a chance

    4. We here in Pa. love our deer hunting, our game commission have been issuing a lot of doe tags now for a long time. I have heard from other hunters we don’t have as many deer in the north but I have counted plenty in just two years in the north country all you have to do is go more then a hundred yards from you truck or car and look for sign they are their…..CWD is bad no doubt about it…We had reports of rabid deer too. We have hunters but limited space to hunt I witnessed to many people treaspassing on lands with out permission [ that is a reason by it self we don’t have places to hunt ] If the land owners will permit hunting thank him and be respectful and you will have a place to hunt and maybe just maybe we can get some control over cwd and rabies.

    5. Wut test I seen one in a field last yr and the first was twenty five yrs ago my cousin shot him while we were deer hunting I don’t understand ur question we don’t waste good deer meat we country folk that lives in the country we don’t waste anything kind sir

    6. Why were they killed before the test results came back. If they were clean, you just wasted good deer that could have lived and reproduced in the wild.

      1. The only way to test for cwd is the brain must be removed for testing. The brain will show holes. There is no other way to test that I know of. I have friends who raise deer and that is the only way. Pie bald deer are another matter it has to do with genetics as another reader pointed out. [ in breeding ] We as sportsman should be paying close attention to the animals health and take note of what we see. We are the eyes and ear of fish and game if you see some thing wrong report it or ask questions.

    7. Deer hunted south east ga all my life and I’ve only seen 2 piebald deer in my life I don’t know if that’s about rite or normal for that type of deer both were bucks

      1. They claim that the piebald deer are from a dominant buck breeding back to does that he sired. I have seen several in my county of south central Ga. I saw one that was a buck with long spikes on each side. He had the short legs and the odd shaped nose like a goat. These are characteristics that go along with the discoloration of the hair. This buck had been hit by a vehicle and had had been dead for a couple of days. I thought it was a goat when I saw it laying in the ditch. I carried it to a taxidermy and was going to have the whole deer mounted but it was starting to turn loose the hair. I had an acquaintance kill one that had a rather large rack close to my house. It is rare for them to have racks of any size. I have also seen a doe in my area feeding in a hay pasture that is piebald. Now that the state of Georgia has started the quality buck management program I think that we will start to see more of these deer because of the chances of bucks breeding does that are related.

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