Victim Takes Armed Home-Invasion Robbers By Surprise ~ VIDEO

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

Victim Takes Armed Home-Invasion Robbers By Surprise
Victim Takes Armed Home-Invasion Robbers By Surprise
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-( The Mercury News and KTVU TV-2 report 06-21-2017 in Brentwood, California, local police were investigating the fatal shooting of two men Wednesday night at a home in the 200 block of Birch Street.

The two men apparently had a gun when they entered the garage of the home about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday, Brentwood police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick said. A neighbor stated that this homeowner often watched television in the garage with the door open.

The preliminary information shows it to be a home-invasion robbery. Two suspects, one with a firearm. They presented a threat, the victim retrieved his firearm and fired at the victims in his own defense,” police said in a statement.

When ordered to open the garage safe, the resident was able to retrieve a shotgun from it and fire before the invaders could react. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene. Police would only identify them as residents of nearby Antioch, ages 32 and 38.

Surveillance footage from a neighbor’s camera is aiding the investigation. That video obtained by KTVU TV-2 shows two men apparently casing the area before entering the garage of the home about 55 miles east of San Francisco in Contra Costa County.

The homeowner was briefly detained but was not arrested and has not been charged. The victim was not injured and was cooperating with police.


Watching TV in your attached garage with the door open late in the evening is a tempting target for criminals. The safe they ordered him to open contained a gun, Surprise! This certainly appears to be a good shoot.

Cooperation with investigators as to what happed is fine, but avoid the “why” you fired until you have an attorney present. The stress of the incident and just having killed someone, can cause victims to make statements that are not helpful. Lawyer up!

As of this writing, unlike the neighbor and the media, police have released few details and the investigation continues.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

About Bob Irwin

Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KSHP 1400 AM radio (Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.) As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State and local courts.

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Well Done!!! Good Job!!! And that idea someone suggested about the city, every city around the USA, paying the home owner from cleaning the streets from home invaders (meaning killing them in the act of invading) and others alike, it is a Good Idea!!!!!


the video appears to show the home owner shooting a hand gun several times out side of his garage at some one running away.

Samuel Stephens



Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending?

Carol Milicic

Don’t paint all us Liberals with the same brush! If you are a true Liberal, you believe in the right to choose and choosing to bare arms especially to defend yourself is an option of personal choice. All my Democrat friends, liberal or moderate, believe in gun ownership. Extremism (my way is the only way) and hate on either side is the problem.


Carol, I believe when some people refer to “liberals” are talking about the “extremist liberals” that fight or find everything wrong in the establishment. If you respect common sense issues, like the right to defend yourself with a firearm, then you’re not included in that group.. And keep fighting for what you believe is wrong in the system. I do the same 🙂 🙂


Not sure when the change occurred but “liberal’ used to be the label for those who believed in unfettered liberty. There is an honest debate to be had, between liberals and conservatives, as to how much power government should be afforded, which is why I usually use the term “leftist” when speaking of the trouble makers creating much of today’s news cycle. True that hate, no matter what political beliefs spurn it, should not be tolerated but any honest person would concede that most of it is coming from the far left. For eight years, under Barack Obama, conservatives protested… Read more »


I think it’s the right to “bear” arms Carol. Although you could do it with bare arms I suppose.


Any one who thinks it is wrong to defend yourself in your own home with a fire arm by 2 armed thugs must be a Retarded Liberal !!! Please go get your blanket and teddy bear and go to your safe space you snowflake!!! SGT. Retired U.S. ARMY. And proud American!

Wild Bill

Wait a minute Brentwood is not “…55 miles east of San Francisco in Contra Costa County.” Brentwood is a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. If you are in Santa Monica, and drive straight North (which is not really possible because the streets run SE to NW and SW to NE) Brentwood is everything after San Vicente Blvd. The VA is in Brentwood at Wilshire and Sepulveda.

Wild Bill

Hey, Eric and all you CA people are there two Brentwoods?


There is another CA city named Brentwood and the zip code is 94513.

Wild Bill

@C.A. Oh, learn something new every day!


Brentwood is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States. It is located in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area. The population is 51,481 as of 2010, an increase of 121 percent from 23,302 at the 2000 census

gene smith

Yes…..the OTHER Brentwood is exactly where the article says it is….relax, no error here.


You’re correct gene. The Brentwood in Los Angles is a ritzy regional area in West Los Angeles, not a city. Its similar to Larchmont Village, or Starlight Hills in Burbank. When people move to Brentwood (where O J used to live, they put Brentwood on their mail and find out the hard way that all their mail is going to Contra Costa County about four hundred miles north of Los Angeles.

Wild Bill

That is funny. We lived near there. I never knew that.


Thought you were locked up in Canada???

Mike S

Just imagine how quickly crimes like these would plummet if the state were obligated to pay the homeowner a Criminal Disposal Fee of, say, $1000 each for a justified shoot. Think of all the tax money saved by not having to try and imprison these two scumbags… that’s gotta be worth at least a grand.


Or just have no question asked when someone is shot dead on private property by the legal private owner.

Clark Kent

Gil: Do you have a full time job as a clueless bozo or is it just a hobby?

RM Molon Labe

No Mr. Kent….He IS a full time clueless Bozo…


Do you want to shoot dead criminals or don’t you?


NO ONE here delights in killing people. Except you, gill. And that puts YOU in the criminal class.
No, we only expect to be left alone to do the things we have in front of us to do. Even if its only sitting down and staring at the TeeVee set.

Dave in Fairfax

Gosh, Gil, most of us wouldn’t even consider shooting a dead criminal. It would take YOU to think of something as sick as that.


Really? The comment sections gloat when another oxygen thief had his comeuppance.


What is the point in shooting dead criminals?? If they break in your home and they’re already dead, you have a bigger problem than home invasion (see AMC Sunday nights).

Mike S

“Or just have no question asked when someone is shot dead on private property by the legal private owner.”

You know Gil, that’s not a bad idea. How about we give it a 24 hour test run to see how it works? Can you swing by the house tomorrow? I’ll update you at about 1200fps.. I mean 12 noon. Stupid autocorrect.

American Patriot

More like a $100,000 +