11-Year-Old Boy Holds Bb Gun To An Employee’s Head

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11-Year-Old Boy Holds Bb Gun To An Employee’s Head
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)-  KSNV News3LV reports in Las Vegas, Nevada on 07-13-2017 An hours-long standoff between police and a juvenile ended Wednesday night with a juvenile in police custody after shooting himself, possibly accidentally, in the head.

He was transported to Sunrise Hospital in critical condition, where he died.

The incident originated around 2:37 p.m., Wednesday afternoon as an attempted burglary.

LVMPD Officer Jacinto Rivera says three juveniles were robbing a home and left the area when they were spotted by a neighbor. After that neighbor called the police; officers then met with one of the three suspects at a different home. Police were able to arrest that suspect, an 11-year-old male.

Police spotted another suspect and chased him into a nearby home, where police say the boy went into a room and shut the door. Police spent four hours trying to talk to him, and in that time heard one gunshot. When the SWAT team entered, they found him shot in the head.

Police say the wound was self-inflicted, though it is unclear if the boy shot himself on purpose or if it was accidental. At this time, the third suspect is still on the run.


Young criminals are just plain out of control! This is not really a new phenomenon. I remembered another local child crime story from 2010:

10-03-2010 ABC Local reported in Las Vegas, Nevada three young boys were arrested in North Las Vegas for holding up two clerks at gunpoint to steal some cash.

Surveillance video from a donut shop shows an 11-year-old, with his shirt pulled over his head, point a BB gun at the clerk and demand money. The 12-year-old accomplice was waiting outside the store.

The clerk described the boy as only up to her chin, but she believed the BB gun was a loaded handgun. The boys then went to a Subway restaurant across the street, where they are accused of executing a similar plan.

According to North Las Vegas police, the 11-year-old boy was brazen enough to hold his BB gun to an employee’s head at Subway. The 11-year-old boy’s mother didn’t apologize for her son’s actions, but she did acknowledge that her son and his 12-year-old partner deserved punishment.

Police said this wasn’t the first time the 11-year-old committed such a crime. Investigators alleged that police were able to track him down because of his prior felony charge.

Comments: This story spoke for itself.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Gary Dettl

Dear Bob
L Davis and Bobo are right on target. total break down of Family values. The boy’s mother should be very apologetic, and the boy should be punished. 11 years old and already with a criminal record. Where are the parenting skills? there are none. The mother should not have custody of her son, she doesn’t deserve it.


nor does the son deserve HER custody.. far too lenient. Looks like he was placed into a different custodial envornment, but I rather question whether that environment is the best one for him.

One would think there would be a mechanism to hold the adult custodians of such hellions responsible.. at least for gross negligence, contributing to the dleinquency of a minor, or some such. People breed these little monsters then unleash them on society with total impunity. Is this right?

joe martin

This is also a fine example of how political correctness is alive and well even in conservative journalism. When a BOLO (be on the lookout) is issued for an individual, one thing that it critical and always included is race. Notice how when these stories about crime and criminals are reported in journalism, even conservative journalism, race is ALWAYS left out because a minority might be offended, or God forbid, it might indicate that an overwhelming amount of crimes are being committed in an area by one or two minorities.


Two things are most troubling in this article: 1) the age of these young criminals; 2) the lack of response from the parent. First the age – Adolescents at ages 11& 12 are extremely impressionable, and have been influenced to commit these crimes from somewhere: news, movies, TV, gangs, somewhere. These influences were not present in my youth, so we are seeing a completely different set of circumstances that breed criminal acts at an early age. Why? Part of the answer is in the 2nd troubling part of the article: the parents. “The 11-year-old boy’s mother didn’t apologize for her… Read more »


The 11 year olds mother did not apologize. What a surprise. I wonder where the father was or is, during this incident? My bet there is not father, hence break down of the family unit.


sperm donors rarely stay around to see the results of their tiny contribution. Initial irresponsibility breeds future irresponsibility.


Hey Bob
The kids is alive, i did a fact check on your story if you report I death make sure their dead. Not that I care if criminals die


Hey Bob
The kids is alive, i did a fact check on your story if you report I death make sure their dead. Not that I care.