Air Venturi Add .35 Caliber Air Bolt to Their Line Up

Air Venturi .35 Caliber Air Bolts
Air Venturi .35 Caliber Air Bolts

Air VenturiSOLON, Ohio -( Air Venturi, an exclusive airgun, airsoft and ammunition importer of leading international airgun brands, is introducing a brand new addition to its innovative Air Bolt line. The latest release brings .35 caliber Air Bolts to accompany the successful .50 caliber Air Bolt introduced in 2016.

This new caliber increases the versatility of .35 airguns, as well as offering new possibilities of hunting different sized game effectively.

“With the success of the .50 caliber Air Bolt, it was the next logical step to open the product line up to more calibers,” said Air Venturi Director of Business Development, Paul Milkovich. “The .35 caliber is one of the most popular ammunition choices, and this release opens up arrow shooting to a massive audience. Whether you want to shoot targets or wild game, the .35 cal Air Bolt has got you covered.”

According to Milkovich, “The Air Bolts in the new caliber still provide tremendous knock-down power and velocity. When we tested the .35 caliber, 375 grain Air Bolt out of the Recluse, we consistently achieved velocities around 530 fps (feet per second) with 234 fpe (foot pounds of energy). With these kinds of numbers, it’s easy to see how the Air Bolt will transform your .35 caliber airgun into a bolt-slinging powerhouse capable of taking trophy-sized big game.”

“We tested our .35 bolts in our in-house range and achieved 1 inch groups at 30 yards. They’re so precise, you have to be careful you don’t shoot your own arrows already lodged in the target–they are that accurate.”

Both .50 and .35 caliber Air Bolts are constructed of 100 percent Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber with a small outside diameter that produces maximum speed and accuracy. With the 100 grain field tip, the .35 cal Air Bolt weighs 375 grains in total.

Air Bolt by Air Venturi Specs:

  • Caliber:
  • Velocity:
    Up to 530 fps
    Up to 500 fps
  • Power:
    Up to 234 FPE
    Up to 238 FPE
  • Grain Weight:
  • Overall Length:
    23 inches
    23 inches
  • Spine:
  • Construction:
    Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber
    Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • MSRP:
    $119.99, 6
    Air Bolts/box
    $119.99, 6 Air Bolts/box

For .35 and .50 caliber PCP airgun options that accept the Air Bolt by Air Venturi, visit their website.

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