Arkansas GFC Vehicles and Surplus Inventory Auctioned Online

Arkansas GFC Vechicles to be Auctioned
Arkansas GFC Vechicles to be Auctioned

Arkansas Game and Fish CommissionUSA -( The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission currently has many used vehicles and items available on their website.

As part of its ongoing effort to remove outdated equipment, the agency has developed a new model to remove inventory that has outlived its expected useful lifespan by using the online auction site.

“All items have been deemed too expensive to repair or at the end of their serviceable life,” said Leonard Dean, operations and facility manager for the AGFC. “Some items still have some years left in them, but buyers are warned that these items are sold as-is, and they typically will need some sort of repair work now or in the near future.”

Dean says the current list of inventory on the site includes many vehicles, some of which have spent more than a few hours on the back roads of The Natural State.

“Money raised through these auctions helps offset the cost of purchasing new equipment and helps us save taxpayer money where we can,” Dean said. “The more money we save on replacing equipment, the more money we have to devote to work on the ground for wildlife and fisheries management.”

Click here to view a current list of items available.