Bigoted Government Officials Deny Civil Right of Self-Defense

By Rob Morse : Opinion

Stand Your Ground
Why can't the law abiding citizens of Los Angeles County protect themselves?

Slow FactsUSA –-( Why can't the law abiding citizens of Los Angeles County protect themselves?

History teaches us that human nature is a constant.  Virtue and vice haven’t changed through the years.  That makes comparisons extremely interesting and insightful.  6.5% of American adults took the class and paid the fees to get their license to carry a concealed firearm in public.  Outside the restrictive states of California and New York, about 8% of the adult population have their permit.   Women and minorities are the fastest growing segments of concealed carry holders.  Compare that to Los Angeles County, California.

The issuance rate for permits in LA county is about 2200 times lower than the national average.  Are the adults in LA significantly different than the rest of us?  Is there some odd reason why Angelenos don’t want to protect their family, or is there another reason?  Doctor John Lott collected the detailed data that makes the reason clear.

murder map for Los Angeles
Map of murders for Los Angeles

Not only were the LA permits few and far between, they also went to powerful white men.

On top of the original factor of 2200 mentioned above, combine that with another factor of being 6.6 times less likely to get a permit if you are female rather than male.  You’re 7.4 times less likely to be granted your concealed carry permit if you are Hispanic rather than White.  Why are women and minorities so under represented?  That doesn’t make sense given that violent crime is increasing in LA county.

The answer is politics and bigotry.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff claims this political bigotry is done in the name of public safety.  By law, the Sheriff can deny concealed carry permits to anyone he wants.

The Sheriff gives permits to retired and reserve law enforcement and to judges.

In 2013, some permits also went to the sheriff’s political donors.  Other Sheriffs in California give permits to current and retired politicians and news media.  Ordinary citizens need not apply.

That shouldn’t surprise us.  We often see the same biased behavior across the country in deep blue cities and in deep blue states like New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. What is amazing is that California judges not only tolerate this gross disparity, but they endorse it.

Imagine if female minorities in California were ten thousand times less likely to get consumer credit, housing, jobs, or to be accepted into schools.  We’d know what to call that.  We’d call it bigotry.

Judges look the other way when we excuse blatant bigotry by labeling it as public safety.  That was the same rationalization we used a century ago to deny Blacks, Asians and Hispanics the right of self-defense.  It is the excuse that blue state politicians and judges use today.

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. Vann…Bill, you’re standup guys. Didn’t see the posts here but did in my email. Nothing like second chances! In the words of…someboy…we be good!

    2. Guys, let the Constitution do what it was intended to do! Hold those accountable…accountable. I’m sure there are some non pussyfied lawyers in California that would have the balls to bring to bear, the ramifications of what is SUPPOSED to happen in circumstances JUST LIKE THIS! This was not added to the Constitution for mere lip service…but to be a fail-safe in the presence of corruption in the governing body & their co-conspirators.
      I’m just a stupid old man from Tennessee but I know that when you have the means to take down a rabid dog, you don’t fire a warning shot.
      This is too long to post here but a simple copy & paste will get you there. This too, is to the politicians that read these articles. DO SOMETHING!

      TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    3. Its simple. The pockets of these same government people are always filled with dirty money. You can’t have people who don’t contribute to the dirty money pool going around protecting themselves and killing drug dealers and gang bangers who provide all that dirty money.

    4. The system is FUBAR. Understand? It is BROKEN and needs a major reset. Kind of like the RESET the founding fathers did back 200+ years ago. But no, you can be good slaves as the moderator here is because you sure aren’t allowed to say things like Thomas Jefferson would have been saying to his fellow colonists back then. Who do you think the RED COATS WERE? They were KING GEORGES ENFORCERS of his POLICIES. Expect to end up doing the same, or kiss the boots of those that feed you. Heaven forbid you actually make a suggestion to DO something besides kiss their asses. This is meant for you Mr. Moderator. I suspect you won’t post it because you are just like the majority of the SLAVES that fill this land from sea to shining sea. Quit complaining and plan on doing something or else just accept your chains. Pitiful…

      1. @Mark Are, There is no moderators, no legions of staffers, and no upper management. Just two guys from New Jersey that provide this site for our entertainment.
        I can not help but agree with you on the rest of it. When and where will you be holding formation?

        1. Maybe we need to gather at the next conflagration like the Bundy incident and go there with fire in our eyes. We are being stomped on every time you turn around since the Randy Weaver incident. The so called elite lie about everything and they try to make us look stupid by calling us “conspiracy theorists”. We are dealing with a group of psychopaths that have taken over the stinking planet. I’m saying we need to start standing up to them. The people in California need to stand together when they are attacked for exercising their rights and actually fight for freedom. I hear all about the military “fighting for our freedom” and the last time that actually happened was when the South tried to defend ITS freedom from the nutcase in office back then. And the masses went along with the whole insane program.

          New Jersey is another one of the communist states of America where the 1% think they have some sort of divine right to rule over you. Think I’m kidding read the 10 planks and what has slowly happened to our nation here: “They” treat our RIGHTS like some sort of privileges that “they” give to us. Maybe the premise of “Unintended Consequences” needs to come to pass.

        2. By the way, there are NO CIVIL RIGHTS TO SELF DEFENSE. It is a UNALIENABLE NATURAL RIGHT THAT EXISTS WITH or WITHOUT being written on a piece of paper.

        3. You can toss this one Bill. I had checked and did not see my two other comments anywhere so I thought they had been canned. Now I can see them, so please accept my apology for thinking you had moderated them away. And fo the insinuation I made in the post you responded to above. BTW. I love this site.

        4. Bullcrap. I just posted & the first thing that came up was…”Your Comment Is Awaiting Moderation.” Can’t be any plainer than that!

          1. @Wayne Clark, It is just volume of message traffic. I tell you what, I’ll refrain from posting so as to help reduce message traffic.

            1. @Wild Bill, I understand message traffic & I would never expect you to refrain from posting to lessen it, as I enjoy your comments…but it seems strange that my “complaint” made it through so you could respond (& make me look like an a**) but the other one still hasn’t shown up yet.
              My apologies for griping.

          2. @WayneClark: Everyone needs to understand this is NOT a public forum where you have a right to post a comment. It is a privately run, privately operated, privately owned operation. Fredy can, at any time he so chooses, say who may post and who may not. In order to try and censor the most abusive of comments, which they have every right to do, they utilize a software program, run by a company. When you see “awaiting moderation” that means that the program has picked up on a word or combination of words and has kicked it aside for someone to check. If this happens on a Fri. afternoon, late, it may be until Monday before it gets looked at. Some just plain get lost in the cracks but very few.

            I’ve spoken with Fredy about this and he works very hard to make sure everyone gets their say but he will not allow the vile, crude comments you find on some forums. I happen to absolutely agree with him. Short answer, it’s his forum not ours, don’t like it go elsewhere.

            1. Thank you Vanns! Not Fredy here, but have no problem with that at all as it is quite frankly what I would do if I were in his place.

              To those who gripe and squeeze grapes, there is no problem with snarky, sarcastic, or even the downright silly comment as far as moderation. I have yet to experience a comment fail to pass moderation. Follow this procedure for similar results.
              1. Keep it clean. Kids come here too you know.
              2. The “Truth” is not what you say it is, back it up with citable evidence.
              3. Don’t spam the same comment over and over
              4. If you are going to rage quit like a sissy, don’t announce it like you are yelling into a megaphone, because that is the one comment guaranteed to go up and leave you looking like Nancy Pelosi’s face after she tastes an air biscuit. Hilarious.

              See below for examples.

            2. @Vanns40,
              Thank you for your informative message. Although I never assumed a right to post on this forum, I did assume I had an open invitation to, since it all came to pass from an unsolicited email from Ammoland, basically asking if I would like to subscribe…which I did…& have enjoyed the articles & being a contributing commenter to these articles.
              I can also respect Fredy’s right to allow or not allow certain posts due to offensive, vile or crude content, even though there were no “forum rules” that I could find. I try very hard to have …forum decorum…so as not to offend anyone. I have been known to be straight forward & speak my mind at times & this may have been one of them…but I challenge you to find anything I’ve posted, that a bunch of grown men & women could find offensive. Nothing in my original post, cause the “program” let it all through. It does seem strange that I used the “a” word in my post to Bill…& it posted in its entirety…but now has double asterisks. Oh well, such is the way of censorship.
              If I have said anything that offended you, Bill or Fredy, I apologize & will do my best to keep my strong opinions within the invisible boundries. One other thing…that invitation to, “go elsewhere”, was totally uncalled for. The point was made & should have ended at the first paragraph. I’ll leave it at that.
              You can discuss this with Fredy & decide if I need to be blocked or if we can be adults & put this behind us & enjoy each others comments. Either way is fine by me.

            3. @Wayne Clark: You’re taking the whole thing personally, it’s a computer program! It’s frustrating. I know because I’ve been down the road at least as many times as you have. As with all programs things trigger it that shouldn’t, things get lost that shouldn’t.

              As for my comment of “don’t like it go elsewhere” it was a generic although I can understand how you took it personally. It wasn’t meant that way. So many people think they have a right to say what ever they feel like saying under the heading of the First Amendment. You do when you are on the street, not when you are invited into someone’s home or their forum. I try to never use foul or crude language on a forum. I believe when you do that you’ve just lost the argument and shown that you have nothing left in your vocabulary arsenal. Do I always win? Nope, I’ve had to eat my lunch, stand up, apologize and admit I was wrong a few times, but I try to make those occurrences very few.

              I’m not part of AL although I have gotten to somewhat know Fredy and he is one hardworking guy who puts in a lot of hours promoting RKBA.

            4. @Wayne Clark

              By all means, post your strong opinions! It is more than welcome. What comes with that though is that other people will challenge you on it, they will make you show your work. That is the main function of an open forum, to air evidence and may the facts win out. Evidence proves fact, fact proves truth. Vigorous debate is what ultimately strengthens and grows us intellectually, as long as we are not closed off to factual evidence or willing to admit when we are wrong. That includes myself.

              We may not always agree with everyone. There are several people here that I agree with a majority of the time, but if I see something that is not backed up by evidence, I’ll challenge even those considered my friends, and congratulate those who personally despise me when they get something right. Consistency matters.

              I personally use satire as a tool in much of my comments, and I bear no ill will towards anyone, even the now infamous trolls that come here. What I do go after however without hesitation are their assertions. There is a difference there, and I for one welcome you to do the same.

              Above all, I welcome to Ammo Land and hope you continue commenting.
              God Bless.

        5. @Wild Bill,
          Don’t get sucked in by Mark Bill. I have a feeling I know who he is. Keep your eyes open for more of his comments though, if as he may be who I think then he has become more unhinged since his previous time here. Someone who has openly advocated actual open murder two hours before your comment is not someone you want to tie yourself to.

          As a side note, speaking of a couple of guys from jersey, I need to dig out my copy of Eddie and the Cruisers again.

          1. @The Rev, I like to give commenters the presumption of legitimacy, but I realize that some people like to manipulate others into doing the dirty work. I also realize that gov. agents incognito surf these sites looking for threats and info, etc. And there are people with all manner of agendas in between.
            Doubling the guard on that sucking in thing.

            1. @Wild Bill
              Roger that. I do not believe he is a plant, but he is in my opinion along the likes of Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper, if you know what I mean. While the acknowledged danger that is presented as the basis of his comments is legitimate, his reasoning behind it and proposed solutions fall into the realm of the ludicrous.

              I too will give someone the benefit of the doubt, this individual however as arguing a point on the constitution that has already been completely debunked with direct citation to the Constitution itself previously, the similarity in the language used, sentence structure, and other evidence lead me to be confident in a better than 80% likelihood that it is the same individual.

              As always brother, God Bless and keep shooting straight.

    5. AND Los Angeles County has 144% more register voters than those ELIGIBLE to vote .

      Ditto for other liberal strongholds in Commiefornia.
      DID you ever wonder why The shrill criminal hag hillary won the state by two or three million votes?

    6. I have grown children in California and they do not vote and that is the problem. How do you make people understand that their vote counts. You take back your rights one vote at a time.

      1. @tony, Illegal aliens that brinko la linea, ayer, understand that their vote counts. How can grown children not understand that their vote counts? Were you too strict with them as children? or not enough?

      2. No, you take back rights by one body at a time. You need to be willing to shoot between the eyes anyone willing to enforce the stealing of your god given rights and take out as many as you can before they kill you. THAT IS WHAT FIGHTING FOR RIGHTS IS ALL ABOUT. THAT is what the founding fathers did. They shot the KINGS ENFORCERS DEAD FOR TRYING TO STEAL THEIR RIGHTS. Sorry, but there is no “thin blue line” anymore. Any LAW ENFORCEMENT officer willing to violate his oath and to cage someone for exercising a right is a CRIMINAL himself. I may sound radical, but fact is…so were the guys who gave us the nation we are now pissing away.

        1. Boy Mark, you sound just like…… ANTIFA!

          Here is a hint. Self defense is ok. Stepping over the line and advocating murder, no. There is also a big difference between the American Revolution and the French revolution. What you are attempting to invoke is the latter, not the former. Take off the tin foil and cool down.

    7. I’m thinking that dividing commiefornia into say six states would be the best answer. Say three of the large cities with the other three being the major part of the state. This would first break up the huge block of electoral college votes. That would allow a voice for those not in the huge metro areas. Second the ninth circus should be broken up. Besides that would add a full row of stars to the flag. Military bases could be under U S perview such as GITMO is in Cuba.

      1. Well, dreaming is nice but dealing with reality, in the long run, is far preferable. The best strategy would be to stop Federal Funding (which we should do for the most part to all States anyway), let the other States continue to compete for business & citizens and let the chips fall where they may.

    8. The country of California
      Sounds nice , but I never want to
      visit there .(again)
      I hope they do split off from the USA.
      They will be a 3rd world nation very fast.
      And for a very short time before they come
      crawling back for money and protection
      from the gangs and thugs ( and their government )

      1. a sigificant number of their most rabid anti gun lawmakers and similar public officials have been caught in flagrant violation of the very anti gun laws they helped impose upon the rest. Some have, thankfully, been securely placed behind iron bars for a season (too short, but I thought most would walk free right after their sham trials)

        1. Yep, Tionico.

          Remember, it was Diane Feinstein who went out and got a Concealed weapon and permit after her boss was killed years ago. Today, while claiming she “surrendered the handgun and permit” she still has armed security to protect her, and I doubt it is at her own expense. Who as a normal citizen would be able to have the same? It is the same “Good for me, not for thee” that can be expected from 98% of Washington, and 100% of idiots in California(Notice, smart people in california, particularly living in the northern rural mountainous areas are excluded from that group)

          As she said, she understands the thinking behind the purpose of the second amendment, and of peoples desire to self preservation. However, she is still enough of an evil whore that after recognizing it her justification that she doesn’t think they should have it is a good enough reason to deny it from them.

          1. @Rev: You missed one part of that story, which I actually covered years ago, for the RKBA org I was working for. Dianne made a huge story of turning in her 2″ 38spc but conveniently neglected to tell everyone that she had TWO of them. We uncovered the sales records and showed her for the true hypocrite she was/is.

            1. Yes I did Vanns40, My apologies. I am currently operating at 72.7% peak efficiency thanks to overtime and less than four hours of sleep a night this week.

              Good Catch.

            2. As a side note, now that I have had a little more sleep, Thank you for being one of the guys doing their due diligence and finding things like that. Keep up the great work.

    9. There are three ways to reverse this downward spiral crazyfornia is in. The first would be for congress to do their job (not likely) by disbanding the sixth circus court and replacing ALL of the lunatic judges now sitting. Second get together and vote out the ENTIRE legislature and start the prosecutions for constitutional violations or three use the same tactics the left does violence. Number one is the only rational choice but in crazyfornia rational and sensible have went the way of the Dodo.

        1. Send the Secret Service or U.S. Marshals out to “obtain” the resignation of the liberal corrupt justices from all the Federal courts, all the Circuit Courts, and the S. Ct.

    10. L.A. politics is a microcosm of what the Federal government would be like and what we would have to look forward to if the Feds were allowed to operate and administer directly over the states, counties and cities. Sadly, it is becoming more and more likely as out politicians sell out to the highest bidders and the Congress, Senate, Supreme Court and until recently the Presidents have more and more ignored the Constitution.

      1. Ever wondered WHY they ignore the constitution? The Reason:
        There is a reason that “they” don’t follow the Constitution anymore. The reason is that the lynch pin was removed in 1913. Once the control of the monetary system was taken from the hands of the people and those in control could create all they wanted out of thin air with the collusion of the Federal Reserve, none of what we think matters anymore. None of what we do matters anymore.

        They have effectively enslaved the world to their fiat money systems based on nothing that they create out of thin air and are able to use to do whatever they want. We have no say in what they do. They control us because they have stolen the lynch pin to the system that was designed by our founding fathers to work. No, it was not perfect, as mankind is not perfect, but it gave us a very limited government that was taken away from us when the lynch pin was stolen in 1913. You see, Article 1 Section 10 and Article 1 Section 8 ARE what hold the whole apparatus together. Without it, we are nothing but serfs on a plantation that they control with their fiat unlawful, unGodly, theft system of paper money backed by nothing, created out of thin air with no recourse.

        Understand, that when the money had SUBSTANCE of SOME THING, and not just IMAGINATION, one of the recourse’s we the people had was to withhold taxes which could effectively shut the government down if they were engaged in some sort of insanity that no one agreed upon. Today, we could all quit paying them and they would just print up what they needed and thumb their noses at us.

        1. Wow… Mark is starting to sound very similar to another individual from a month ago who was trying to base his statements on Article 1 sections eight and ten… Until he was proven wrong. This appears to be little more than a name change by the same individual. I may be wrong about that, but the words chosen as catchphrases are the same, the writing style is much the same, and the attitude matches.

          This is the type of shameful tactic we expect from those on the progressive left who lack the balls to stand up and admit failure. But how sad is it when some of the same people who would criticize them for doing it would turn around and do the same thing.

          So Mark, since that line of argument has already been defeated, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind answering a simple question that would show whether or not you actually understand the constitution and if you are only a new name, or a new separate individual.

          1. What is this Nation’s founding document, and WHY is it our founding document?

          Should be pretty easy.

    11. Somewhere in those statistics is a court case that could open the permitting process to everyone in LA land. To any politicians that may read this column, yes I carry in your county because my county lets its citizens.

    12. From an emotional point of view, the sooner the Pacific eats Central and Southern California, the better off everyone else will be!

      1. Yeah it can take everything up to the mountains just leave the desert areas, I happen to enjoy watching the hawks and eagles as the fly around on the hunt. Besides I also enjoy the wildlife that I have around, the mountain lion, the coyote, and other animals that I have seen, yeah take everything up to the mountains on the sea side that should take care of just about 95% of the liberals the rest will just fade away.

        1. I recall that the hispanic radio stations coordinated “A Day Without an Alien” day where all the illegal aliens stayed home to show the white man how much he needed aliens. Two things happened, staying home told the boss who all was illegal and undependable; and California suddenly became a beautiful and uncrowded place. The next day everyone was asking, “Can’t we have another day without an alien?”

      2. @JR, I completely understand your emotional sentiment, but at the same time, not every Californian is a crazy-liberal-leftist-looney. There are too many good people left in the state who are extremely frustrated and feel as though their beloved state has been hijacked by those who care only about ruling the world with their extremist views.

        1. @DB Their beloved state and its political power has been hijacked by those who care only about ruling the world, etc, etc. How will your hypothetical good California people going to stop it?

        2. @DonBailey “There are too many good people left in the state…”. No, Don, there are too few good people left in the State, especially in the most heavily populated areas. If this were not the case Conservatives would be the ruling party. That’s just simple math. More and more businesses and people are leaving CA every single year (Nestle just left)(more than 3 million since the 90’s). Meanwhile, illegal immigrants are flooding in. With the ruling Liberals increasing taxes at every turn there just aren’t the numbers to mount a successful fight so, for many, it’s either grit your teeth and stay until you can leave or, if you can, flee now.

        3. Leaving Cali……that’s fine, but the ones who have left and come to our area are now dreaded. All because of a few bad apples who have brought their ignorance with them. I must admit I’m guilty of the same feeling. But I’m trying to change. It has made me understand how socially and culturally people can be programmed, no matter what they tell you in private. I understand how Cali has fallen so low. Its in their social DNA evolved from years of either being Lord and master, or having no voice at all. I do have great empathy for my country men in Cali. But I don’t have much hope.

        4. Honest question, and wanting a verified answer:

          HOW MANY of those alledged California Good GUys actually do things like vote, stump for the good guys who DO toss their hat in the ring, or even stand for office themselves?

          Now THERE is a big part of the problem,

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