California Politics Cost Lives – Of, By, and For the Elite

By Rob Morse : Opinion

Full-Time Bodyguard

Slow Facts USA –-(  I wrote about the blatant bigotry of California gun laws, particularly the way concealed carry permits were issued in Los Angeles.  In LA County,  mostly rich white guys with political connections got their carry permits.  A reader noticed something I’d missed.  We’re ruled by elites.  Politicians make gun laws that the politicians don’t have to follow.  Law enforcement applies the laws. Laws, that don’t apply to the police.  Judges rule on gun laws. Again, laws that don’t apply to judges.  We established a government of, by, and for the elites.  Disarming honest citizens might cost politicians votes, but it costs us lives.  I’ll spell it out for you step by step.

California legislators have been exempt from state gun laws for years.  Those laws recently changed again, but that explains why the California Democrats are so quick to pass more restrictive gun laws.  These new laws apply to us, but there are another set of rules for our rulers.  Politicians get their permits to carry concealed weapons in public, but you don’t.  Depending on who is in power in Sacramento, the legislators can even get permission to carry in the capital..where you may not.

State legislators are not alone. Sheriffs routinely give concealed carry permits to local politicians while denying these permits to law-abiding citizens.

Law enforcement officers may carry firearms that are denied to ordinary California citizens.  Some thirty categories of officers are exempt from the state roster of approved handguns. California approves fewer and fewer guns every year so the difference between law enforcement and civilians keeps growing.  The issue is bigger than what firearms the police carry on the job.

Law enforcement can carry concealed when they are off the job and out of uniform. They are allowed to carry ammunition magazines that are illegal for ordinary California civilians to own in their home, let alone for us carry in public.  Retired law enforcement officers are usually granted concealed carry permits if they stay in California.  That isn’t fair and equitable treatment between the ordinary citizen and the elites.

California Sheriffs routinely grant concealed carry permits to judges and attorneys.  Is it any wonder that judges then see nothing wrong with the present system that denies the right to carry to honest citizens.  The legal restrictions that disarm you are not applied to judges. They want a permit to defend themselves and they get one.  You want a permit and you don’t.  Of course, that is an infringement of the human right to self-defense..and now we know why.

Yes, I know that politicians, law enforcement officers, judges, and lawyers are special.  They are special just like everyone else..except when we look at the record in Los Angeles County.  We have a name for people who are above the law.

Europe has its royalty.  The US has its elites.  Unfortunately, this elitist system is the rule rather than the exception.  We see it in blue states from coast to coast.  The elitism is simply more evident in California, and particularly in LA. We see politicians with permits.  City hall has armed guards while the most important security in LA is disarmed.

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. We are not police bashing,they are our heroes. But the point is, I and every one else that I know would also run towards the shooting if we had the appropriate weapons. Police are not always available, we must be ready, it is our right and responsibility to be armed anywhere and anytime.

    2. Rob: You are confused. The police ENFORCE the law; they are not ABOVE the law. When YOU and your ilk earn a badge and run TOWARDS danger instead of AWAY from same you can spout off as much as you like. Until then do us all a favor and keep quiet on the subject. P.S. Revelator: No one is ‘beneath’ ANYONE ELSE. Slavery was abolished years ago. Grow up.

      1. @Clark Kent
        As far as growing up, already did that. As far as “Growing”, I still have room to do so. What you are attempting to dismiss however is the nature of public service. Senators, Representatives, the President, and Judges are public service positions. That has slowly been twisted over the last two hundred and thirty years into a upper class, all knowing, benevolent in name only, entitled group of people who look down on the ordinary citizen in “fly-over country” as useful and ignorant tools. HOWEVER, they are beneath the citizens of this nation as they are there to serve us. Not as slaves, and we sure are not forcing them to hold office so please do not be so foolish as to insinuate otherwise. They are supposed to operate only at our consent so long as they follow our will, not their own personal opinion. Ignoring this difference is the differentiation between that of a public servant and a petty dictator.

        Now, I can operate on giving you the benefit of the doubt that perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying, or you actually believe that politicians holding offices governed under the Constitution of the United States of America which is our Government’s Charter under our founding document by which the citizens of said states laid out the rules of operation, the Declaration of Independence, do not have to follow the rules and bylaws instituted in that charter.

        So my question to you is which is it?

      2. Wow Superman, Did I miss the post bashing the police, or are you reading more into the comments than are really there? I would agree that the police enforce the law, but that is because they chose “To Serve and Protect” the citizens. They are public servants by choice, not as slaves. Just as if you choose to work at McDonald’s, you have chosen to serve customers, not be enslaved by them.

        1. @Wild Bill

          He doesn’t need to keep quiet, he just needs to learn to think before he speaks.

          In the case of his comment on this article, he knows he shot himself in the foot. There is a reason he has not responded to my question as of yet and that is because he understands he stepped in it big time. That is why he has just gone silent here. If he responds he really doesn’t have an argument and he just ends up discrediting himself, or he has to admit his original comment was wrong. Chances of the latter are slim and none. Also since he has not responded, though he has been active elsewhere these last two days, anyone reading this from this point out knows he had to run away from this one.

          Neither option will allow him to maintain a dignified or credible reputation, but keeping quiet simply allows him to keep from further embarrassing himself.

    3. The author ain’t just whistling “Dixie”. Here it is straight from the horse’s ass….

      State of California Exemptions for Authorized Peace Officers

      Non-Roster Handguns (Unsafe Handguns)
      The following agencies may purchase non-roster firearms for use in the discharge of their official duties (Pen. Code, § 32000, subd. (b)(4)):
      •Department of Justice
      •A police department
      •A sheriff’s official
      •A marshal’s office
      •The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
      •The Department of the California Highway Patrol
      •Any district attorney’s office
      •Any federal law enforcement agency
      •The military or naval forces of this state or of the United States

      Penal Code section 32000 does not prohibit the sale to, or purchase by, sworn members of the above agencies of a handgun.

      Additionally, any of the following entities or sworn members of these entities who have satisfactorily completed the firearms portion of a training course prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training pursuant to Penal Code section 832 may purchase non-roster handguns (Pen. Code, § 32000, subd. (b)(6)):
      •The Department of Parks and Recreation
      •The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
      •The Division of Investigation of the Department of Consumer Affairs
      •The Department of Motor Vehicles
      •The Fraud Division of the Department of Insurance
      •The State Department of State Hospitals
      •The Department of Fish and Wildlife
      •The State Department of Developmental Services
      •The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
      •A county probation department
      •The Los Angeles World Airports, as defined in Penal Code section 830.15
      •A K-12 public school district for use by a school police officer, as described in Penal Code section 830.32
      •A municipal water district for use by a park ranger, as described in Penal Code section 830.34
      •A county for use by a welfare fraud investigator or inspector, as described in Penal Code section 830.35
      •A county for use by the coroner or deputy coroner, as described in Penal Code section 830.35
      •The Supreme Court and the courts of appeal for use by marshals of the Supreme Court and bailiffs of the courts of appeal, and coordinators of security for the judicial branch, as described in Penal Code section 830.36
      •A fire department or fire protection agency of a county, city, city and county, or the state for use by either of the following:
      ◦A member of an arson-investigating unit, regularly paid and employed in that capacity pursuant to Penal Code section 830.37
      ◦A member other than a member of an arson-investigation unit, regularly paid and employed in that capacity pursuant to Penal Code section 830.37
      •The University of California Police Department, or the California State University Police Departments, as described in Penal Code section 830.2
      •A California Community College police department, as described in Penal Code section 830.32

      Individuals who have obtained a non-roster firearm under any of the exemptions listed in Penal Code section 32000, subdivision (b), paragraph (6) may not sell or transfer the non-roster firearm to an individual who is not exempt from the requirements of Penal Code section 32000.

      A person licensed pursuant to Penal Code sections 26700 to 26915, inclusive, shall not process the sale or transfer of an unsafe handgun between a person who has obtained an unsafe handgun pursuant to an exemption specified in Penal Code section 32000, subdivision (b), paragraph (6) and a person who is not exempt from the requirements of Penal Code section 32000 (Pen. Code, § 32000, subd. (c)(1)).

      Large Capacity Magazines

      A sworn peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2, who is authorized to carry a firearm in the course and scope of that officer’s duties may borrow, purchase, receive, or import into this state a large-capacity magazine (Pen. Code, § 32405.)

      10 Day Waiting Period Exemption

      The waiting period described in Penal Code section 26815 does not apply to the sale, delivery, or transfer of firearms made to any person who satisfies both of the following requirements:
      •The person is properly identified as a full-time paid peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2.
      •The officer’s employer has authorized the officer to carry firearms while in the performance of duties (Pen. Code, § 26950, subds. (a)(1) and (2).)

      Proper identification is defined as verifiable written certification from the head of the agency by which the purchaser or transferee is employed, identifying the purchaser or transferee as a peace officer who is authorized to carry firearms while in the performance of duties, and authorizing the purchase or transfer (Pen. Code, § 26950, subd. (b)(1).)

      1. @DaveW, It is so obvious that the various governments are all working to diminish the peoples’ ability to resist. Somewhere, the feds and states have forgotten that their job is to protect our Civil Rights. I have great hope for the Trump administration and the upcoming primary elections.

      1. @RM, Yes, that is a situation that must be remedied, as well. I believe that I will write a letter to Trump on that subject, this evening. If nothing else it is a good hobby.

    4. I appreciate your use of the term “rulers” rather than “leaders”. I know it was on purpose, but I wonder how many readers may not even think twice about it. “Leaders” should be elected by the people and understand that they work for the people. They should lead by their good example, and listen and act on the concerns of the people that pay their wages and voted them into office. Rulers dictate to the people. They tell the people what THEY will allow and what they won’t, while not applying the same rules to themselves. Rulers take from the people to place themselves above the people. They use propaganda and power to take control and keep control. Lawyers become politicians, politicians appoint judges from other lawyers, judges and lawyers protect other judges and politicians. It’s a closed circle of “rulers”. If you want in, you prove to them that you will play along. Why do you think even a simple divorce or civil suit today is carried on for months or years. This keeps the lawyers and judges busy and wealthy, while exerting control over the lives of those involved. And as we have seen after this Presidential election, the judges have now deemed themselves as “Rulers”, arbitrarily making “rulings” that are beyond their authority and go against our federal laws. Americans have indeed become “subjects” of the ruling class. How far will we allow this to go?

      1. Aardvark,

        Except it’s not supposed to be “Leaders either.” They are supposed to be “Servants”, as in people who are beneath us as ordinary citizens. That is what has been truly forgotten. I don’t want a single member of Congress or the president to “Lead.” What we need them to do is obey.

        The difference between a ruler and a leader is menial. A leader says “Follow me men!” and they follow, the ruler puts a gun to their backs and says “Lead the way boys.” The destination is the same, so does splitting the hairs between the too for a conceptualized idea of freedom matter? Or shouldn’t we be pushing for them to serve, where at our behest their actions are held in check by our benevolence as citizens as long as they do not violate the restrictions we have placed on them? That is the difference between real constitutional governance and “Feeling like it.”

        1. Revelator – Although I believe there is a much larger difference between leaders and rulers, I do agree with your correction. The politicians, judges, and all other government employees have chosen a career as “servants” to the public. This is how our country was set up, and this is what our Constitution calls for. Unfortunately, the elites in power and those promoting them, have effectively made themselves out as the rulers of the people and convinced most that is how it is supposed to be. I found myself falling for the same trap by considering them leaders rather than servants, as they should be. With our school systems, main stream media (Fake News), establishment politicians and judges setting the narrative, this will be a difficult lie to undo.

          1. Aardvark,

            I am specifically addressing “Political Leaders” and in no way am I using the definition of a person leading by example. Instead, I was high lighting exactly what you stated in your reply, that our “Leaders” have set themselves up as Rulers rather than servants.

            What our constitution calls for, and more importantly what is enshrined in the Declaration of independence is that we as individual citizens of this nation are the ones who hold sovereignty. We are the rulers of ourselves.

            So, lets start here. Lets stop calling it “Fake News.” I have a problem with that, because it still implies a sense of journalism. It doesn’t matter if it is CNN, MSNBC, FOX, any of them. They have gone way over the cliff. The only reliable way to go about getting news anymore is to use a story as a starting point and do your own research. That is why Obama started using the term “Fake News”, it’s been the big fight over “Net Neutrality” and the “Fairness Doctrine” during the last thirty years. There are people who don’t like that someone like myself will look outside “Approved news sources” and think as an individual. From there we need to teach our kids to do the same thing and value factual evidence over emotions. That will fix the school issue. As far as judges go, I’m fully ready to be non-compliant.

    5. The Fascist Elite (DemoRats) have always used their “own rules” that don’t apply to the “great masses.” But, thumbs up for armed moms!!

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