Carbon Express Unleashes Their Newest Maxima Arrow

Carbon Express Maxima Arrow
Carbon Express Maxima Arrow

Carbon Express

FLUSHING, Mich. -( It’s no secret that a bowstring puts tremendous pressure on an arrow throughout the shot cycle. This pressure causes the arrow to flex as it’s leaving the bow and also as it tracks down range – a phenomenon called dynamic spine – and managing dynamic spine is the key to arrow accuracy.

Carbon Express unleashes a new secret weapon to help bowhunters to defeat the challenges created by dynamic spine: Maxima RED SD arrows.

The Maxima RED SD is a high-performance package from insert to nock, making it the best small-diameter hunting arrow on the market. The small diameter combined with RED Zone technology forms the ultimate hunting arrow, reducing wind drift while increasing penetration and broadhead accuracy. Just how accurate are they?

Four times more accurate with broadheads over a standard single-spine arrow-which is ideal for long-distance shooting. In addition, the heavier weight produces aggressive penetration at all distances from a small-diameter shaft that’s incredibly resistant to wind drift.

The new Maxima RED SD is a breakthrough in controlling dynamic spine with a smaller .203-inch inside diameter carbon shaft which has stiffer ends to contain the arrow’s flex to the arrow’s RED ZONE. The RED ZONE is the section of the arrow shaft engineered by Carbon Express to contain dynamic spine, thus producing more consistent accuracy with broadheads-with minimal wind drift-at long distances.

For a hunter looking for an arrow that can do everything, the hunt stops with the Maxima Red SD.

Highlighted Features And Specifications:

  • Dynamic Spine Control: Patented high-tech carbon material construction manages dynamic spine to improve broadhead flight. Maxima RED SD uses different carbon materials to control arrow flex to the RED ZONE.
  • SD: The Maxima RED SD shaft features a .203-inch inside diameter for better penetration and less wind drift.
  • RED Zone Technology: The Red Zone manages arrow flex through the shot.
  • Redefining Broadhead Accuracy: The stiffer front end of the Maxima RED SD isolates flex to the RED Zone and eliminates oscillation to the front of the arrow, which increases broadhead accuracy.
  • Easy Tuning: The Maxima RED SD manages dynamic spine so well that it takes only two spine sizes to cover 40- to 92-pound bows.
  • Matched Set: All Maxima RED SD 6- and 12-packs are sorted and matched by weight and spine. Spine selection sorting tolerance is +/- 0.0025-inch. Weight sorting tolerance is +/- 1.0 grains.
  • MSRP Maxima Red SD 6/fletched with Blazer Vanes: $99.99
  • MSRP Maxima Red SD 12/shafts: $184.99


About Carbon Express:

Carbon Express, an Eastman Outdoors, Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high-performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit their website or call 800.241.4833.