Current Ammunition Situation : August 2017

By John Farnam

223 556 Ammo Ammunition
Current Ammunition Situation : August 2017
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Distributors are, once again, beginning to run low on 5.56/.223!

This is a predictable response to current world and domestic events.

Between the never-ending North Korea situation and an impending indigenous race war, exacerbated by clamorous, violent criminals on both sides, the media, and sissified politicians (including police chiefs) who just can’t say “No,”

Americans are waxing nervous, once more.

I just got off the phone this morning with a friend in CA. He is frightened by current news and wants to buy an M4 rifle. I told him existing CA state law does not permit that, and will soon ban nearly all serious firearms from private possession.

I commented to him, “You voted for these sleazy Marxist ideologues. What did you think they would do? They have succeeded in bribing you with your own money, as leftists always do! Now, you’re sucking wind. Were you expecting another outcome?”

He is moving out of CA as fast as he can! Students in NY, MD, and other places find themselves in the same predicament!

Political violence is becoming a reality here in America, aggravated, indeed provoked, by our leftist media.

Violent evangelism,” by Islamists is also a disturbing reality, here, and in all of Western Civilization. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. They’ve been doing it for the last 1400 years!

The unarmed/unprepared are cannon-fodder!

All the rest of us can do is be prepared and alert, and do our best to stay out of the way!

Now, for the commercial part:

I conduct serious training. Schedules and details are at and

But, my students and friends can go to:

There, you’ll find our DTI Trauma Kits, extra IBDs, good deals on ammunition, etc

At, you’ll find details on, and be able to order, our wonderful Farnam Signature M4


Farnam Signature M4 Rifle
Farnam FSM4 Signature M4 Rifle

About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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Bravas N.

It is a shame that as the citizens who vote the Marxists into power wake up and start to flee, they bring their moronic socialist sensibilities with them. Now they are watering down the laws of the states they flee to. I think ‘the wall’ should follow the Rio-Grande, and head north along the CA/NV border. Chicago and Baltimore can be walled off too. Let them feel the consequences of putting the Democrat socialists in power. A map of the democrat won districts (Hillary) in the last presidential election match nicely with the strictest gun control laws, and the highest… Read more »

m m

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m living in Ca., stuck here for the time, yes. I’ve also lived in about all of the major corners of the U.S. including much of the Midwest. I’m tired of all the cheap shots at Californians, many and probably most of ca. are conservative once you get away from LA & the bay area. We DO vote and vote more conservative than many other states. The HUGE issue is the radical left of the large liberal cities have figured out how to redistribute areas, effectively throwing our vote away. Next time… Read more »

Level Headed

There are some real bats*** crazies that post comments here.

The-One & Only!

Level: GO on now and run back to the liberal rock you came from and leave us alone. We have serious business to discuss. Suck it easy.


Absolute BS to the ammo shortage…didn’t need to read to far into this click bait article to know it was more fear mongering.

Business must be real bad to go these extremes…be creative, not desperate.


Rodger that. The industry is awash with pallets of ammo to the extent manufacturers are offering consumer rebates, and the many bulk ammo retailer’s are at prices not seen since the dumb as a box of rocks George W. Bush.


Ammo shortage? Show us the facts, please. Kind of a bait and switch here: cry alarmist to get attention and then unashamedly push your little business into the picture. You’re a turd.

Silence Dogood

Nothing new here!

Just more self-promoting drivel


After the SAFE Act in NY was passed it was estimated there was only a 7% compliance. I’d venture to say that’s probably the case in every State including CA. There are, most likely, more “illegal” guns squirreled away than any Liberal or Conservative could ever imagine and I’m one of those Conservatives with a pretty good imagination! 🙂 As for the ammunition shortage, don’t believe it. I think John is using one, possibly two, anecdotal instances. If you track internet supplies you’ll find prices at an all time low and specials offered every day. Just today there was a… Read more »

Silence Dogood


So few Kalifornians registered, so-called “assault weapons,” under the 1989 law, that the deadline to register was extended for another year. Even with several expansions in defining what a, so-called “assault weapons” actually is, according to the DOJ, only 145,000 are now “listed.” Sounds like a huge number, but, that’s not even 5% of the actual number of, so-called “assault weapons,” in Kalifornia.


It’s called civil disobedience.

Silence Dogood



No, it’s call a big F.U. If their scheme was actually working they’d be shouting it from the Mt. tops. As with most everything in Kommieforniastan it’s an epic failure as it rightly should be.

John Dunlap

California DOJ estimates the compliance rate at 15%. That’s bureaucratic optimism. The real number is somewhere around 2%.


Ammo shortage???
Supplies are plentiful, prices are lower than they’ve been in years, mfgrs are even offering rebates.
What are you talking about??

Deliberately trying to start a panic buy in this market is pointless and stupid.

Matt in Oklahoma

No shortage here


Andy, Thats kind of over the top. The trouble with the corporate police is, they are under no obligation w GB whatsoever to provide protection to anyone at all. This was proved in 1981 in Warren vs DC, and several weeks ago in Charlottesville, VA. The federal courts have ruled, you’re on your own.
Buy guns and ammo. Learn to use them.

Andy Buckmichael

It was stated that politicians and police chiefs are sissified. Correct on the politicians. Police chiefs and all cops are nothing but scum. The only good cop is a dead cop.

Heart of TEXAS


Wild Bill

@Heart of Texas, Apparently Andy B. knows every police chief and cop in the entire country… personally! The only good scoff-law is a dead scoff-law. The only good law breaker is a dead law breaker. The only good liberal is a dead liberal. See how easy and mindless it is? Come on Andy let’s use that head for something more than a hat rack.

Bill N.

Wild Bill, I totally enjoy your responses here. You are the most level-headed of most all commentators who post here. Keep up the good work and above ’em all keep ’em straight.

Wild Bill

@Bill N, Well, thank you!


Yes yes, I constantly hawk WBs post for some way to Rip him a new one. But, he makes too much since. It’s downright frustrating. I’ve known good cops, bad cops, been a cop, and tried to honor my oath. Group slander is a common plot of left leaners I might add. I feel it incumbent on folks of our ilk to remain honorable in speech and actions. But to always be ready if others choose less honorable actions. Just my random thoughts.


Andy, Thats kind of over the top. The trouble with the corporate police is, they are under no obligation w GB whatsoever to provide protection to anyone at all. This was proved in 1981 in Warren vs DC, and several weeks ago in Charlottesville, VA. The federal courts have ruled, you’re on your own.
Buy guns and ammo. Learn to use them.


Sounds like your pussy hat is too tigjt…


This told me nothing about a ammo shortage.


JTX: I agree! I was expecting to see some good info/details about ammo and well got none of that really. From what I have seen and witnessed, there is a wash of ammo available at the moment and the prices genuinely reflect that again from my experiences lately.

John Dunlap

Mr. Farnam, not everyone in California supports the leftists. In fact, being born and raised here, I can say with some certainty that the state of the state is the result of all the dead people and illegal aliens voting, not native Californians. The current state of affairs was brought about by the decades long influx of East coast liberals trying to escape the disasters they created in their home states, which is why I doubt very much your friend will be welcome where ever he’s moving, once the locals get to know him. If he voted for leftists here,… Read more »


If you can get one, the SKS is a very reliable rifle, not too heavy, and the ammo is plentiful–not necessarily on the store shelves during the “ammo panics” but all around in storage. Everywhere.

Jeffrey A Earle

John, I totally agree… living in the Central Coast in CA there are a few diehard constitutionalist left here. Luckily I live in a rural area and only see the left bat-shit crazy whack’s in LA & SF on TV, for now. I do have a 30-30, .35 Rem & 45-70 in my collection. Also a circa 80’s model 29 .44 mag. The couple that got the .500 S & W are in for a very rude surprise :).

Wild Bill

@John Dunlap D, so under your current circumstances, if “… the new Bolshevik revolution becomes a full blown shooting war…” or just a “Soros funded liberal demonstration gone wrong” comes to your house, what is your plan? What preparations are you making to survive?

John Dunlap

Concerning such matters, I don’t think it wise to discuss our personal plans in an open, recorded forum. The reality is, we can wargame specific scenarios all day, but we can still only make generalized contingency plans. By necessity, my response to an L.A. riot type event will be very different to how I’ll have to react if a couple of humvees full of ‘official’ troops with Ma Deuce and a 40mm automatic grenade launcher mounted roll up, demanding all my registered firearms. The latter scenario concerns me the most. I think the greatest threat to our nation is not… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JD, Everything that you write is correct. OPSEC is important, but I am not really asking for all of the actual details. I can see that my writing was not clear.

John Dunlap

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound snappish. We’ve been working on relocating. With no car and only sporadic employment, it has been difficult, but we are just about there. However, I fear we have run out of time to move, and given what’s been happening in our first choice, the Boise area of Idaho, I’m not sure it matters. Idaho appears to be suddenly fighting tooth and nail for its identity (same as certain parts of Texas). I know what’s happened; leftist yuppies from silicon Valley have inundated the area, attracted to Boise’s chip industry, and have altered the political demographic.… Read more »


@JohnDunlap: Reply to my email: [email protected] and let me know what your profession is. I may be able to help. (Underscore MAY)


Bill and John, specifics aside… Based upon my family’s medical concerns, I am restricted to increasing survivability at our current location (Oklahoma City suburb), and I am simply unable to create a viable “bugout” plan. Luckily, here in Oklahoma concerns about over-reaching government are far lower than concerns over rioting (as a practical matter). And the possibility of John’s scenario regarding troops is minimal here. Military personnel are a respected part of the community… they live here, their families are here… so the likelihood of Oklahoma soldiers opening fire on civilians is low. Social rioting is the most realistic danger… Read more »


I would alternatively recommend a Savage Axis rifle in .223 caliber. Quality weapon, highly accurate, affordable (including a nice scope), and low recoil. Supposedly still available in all political districts (so far).

Wild Bill

@JoeUSooner, That is a good recommendation. Does the Axis come in .243? I ask because he pointed out a .223 shortage, but .243 in abundance. In his circumstances, I think that he needs a logistics plan; a defense plan, to include: Apendix A: Breaking Contact; and a bug out plan.

John Dunlap

.243 and several other calibers, as well as left hand actions. Savage will also build a rifle to your specifications, within limits.


Thanks, Bill…
Yes, the Axis is available in .243 (and a couple of other calibers), although the price will change a little. Good idea for developing a logistics plan, since .243 is indeed abundant now.


There IS NO SHORTAGE of .223 or 5.56 ammo if you go to the internet suppliers. Just Google .223 and 5.56!!!


Sadly in Kommieforniastan, until the various lawsuits hit SCOTUS, we’ll be forced to travel out of state for ammo. Reno will be doing a booming business. Until the law take effect, it’s time to order a couple thousand rounds.

John Dunlap

We also have medical concerns, but the growing culture of eugenics in the Left Coast medical community has become too great a threat. I would not be so certain of ANY government if I were you. Technocrat infestations have a way of remaining unnoticed until they have a solid grip on power. When they assert themselves, most people are caught unawares. Notice that Oklahoma is an enthusiastic participant in the program discussed at the link below,.


Kaiser CA may not be too far behind, I’m having serous doubts about them. I’m pushing 70 very hard, my quality time with my ‘Dr.’ is verging on being a joke. They are forced to spend only 7 minutes with you, my last ‘physical’ left joke way behind.


wow only 1 guy went off into im an a$$hat mode. not a bad conversation either. first the article was crap and im impressed that the comments for the most part have been level headed and havent flown off on some tangent about how … well you know what im saying. second i would consider myself a pretty sane prepper and i dont worry too much about humvees rolling in… mostly because im not sure there is much i could do about it. i live in a very gun friendly state, that is experiencing a boom of california imports. what… Read more »