Homeowner Shoots & Kills Burglar Dressed in Drag

Bob Irwin highlights the latest self defense and other shootings of the week. Read them and see what went wrong, what went right and what we can learn from self defense with a gun.

Anonymous Drag Queen Transvestite
Homeowner Shoots & Kills Burglar Dressed in Drag
Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WSB TV 2 reports 07-24-2017 in Lithonia, Georgia, DeKalb County Police say a homeowner shot and killed a man dressed like a woman after the subject broke into his home. It happened near Brownsmill Road just after 2 a.m.

A Channel 2 reporter spoke to Police Lt. Lonzy Robertson about the case Monday.

“The homeowner gave him a warning. The suspect continued to approach him at which time the homeowner fired one shot,” the lieutenant said.

The burglar died at the scene. The lieutenant added the homeowner will not be charged because it’s been ruled as self-defense.

Media spoke to neighbors in the area.

One said he believes the homeowner did the right thing. He has a house full of females (wife, daughters, and mother) and he doesn’t mess around when it comes to their safety.

The neighbor added, “I think people should protect themselves and their property.”

Police have not been able to identify the suspect but have reached out to the community to find out who the person is.


Disguised as a female? That was likely intended to cause the homeowner to hesitate. We are less wary of females coming to our door at odd hours.

The fact is that home invaders often are fronted by a female talking about her car died or she crashed it and her cellphone is dead. So most of us macho (dumb) studs open the door.

Then her partners who were just out of sight come crashing in and take over the house.

Volunteer to call 911 for her. If she says never mind, call anyway to report the suspicious incident.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

About Bob Irwin

Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KSHP 1400 AM radio (Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.) As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State and local courts.

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joe martin

WTF? Maybe this pervert had designs other than robbery and not just with the ladies in the house. Hell yes it was self defense, God knows what this weirdo had in mind. Sadly we live in a sick society that is getting sicker by the day.


Between blacks and muslims and queers and now he-she’s, this country is utterly ruined!


Thankfully I live just far enough away from DeKalb County Georgia. By far the most corrupt and screwed up county in the US. Recently the ENTIRE Council was either in jail or under indictment. Then a few (yet not entirely all) of their replacements brought in came in with the same wonderful character traits. A great portion of the county is a “diverse” cesspool. Watching the dalily news on DeKalb county is like watching a 3rd world clown show. Lol…they cannot even send out correct water bills in over a year and a half. No surprise here at this enterprising… Read more »


ya that why its called fake news just like this crap its not hard to see what your agenda is you dipsticks get your paychecks from soros or obummer.it doesent matter what clothes you were or what paint you want to color yourself.brake in to my house and ill shoot you dead.



Wild Bill

@Gunwrites, Yes, how can I be expected to shoot straight, when I am bent over and barfing?


Pardon me, I think I am going to get sick.

marc disabled vet

Why drag ? Possibly transgender !
or Identity confused !
Don’t Obama the story by adding facts
not in evidence . But I get it , They slam
Trump for not naming names but all the facts
were not in when he made his statement .
Obama called out names on facts that were untrue.
So my point . Why drag ?


if the guy is either confused or perverted about his sex, is it too surprising he’d also be confused about a few other things> such as the propriety of breaking into someone’s home at oh two thirty, or of being about in public dressed like what he’s not?
such a one is unstable in ALL his ways……

Well, he’s finally found the cure for his instability.. he’s laying mighty quiet and still these days.

JR Bailey

Well, at least his body is!

His soul?

I’d say he’s doing the Watusi at warp nine!