How to Clean Your Rifle Barrel with Birchwood Casey ~ VIDEO

Birchwood Casey
Birchwood Casey

USA – ( Although many hunters are tempted to seldom clean the bore of their hunting rifles, it’s important to do so on a regular basis to maintain your rifle’s accuracy and be prepared when you get a shot.

Birchwood Casey makes a number of fine products to clean and maintain firearms, including Bore Scrubber, Barricade and their new Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit, which contains everything you need except chemicals to give your gun a quick cleaning, either on the bench, or in the field.

The new Birchwood Casey Waxed Canvas Mat ensures cleaning fluids stay off your bench and the Nest Rest doubles not only as a shooting rest, but a cradle to hold your gun for cleaning as well.

Birchwood Casey Gun Care Products
Birchwood Casey Gun Care Products

To clean the bore, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the gun is unloaded.
  2. Run a dry patch down the bore to remove loose fouling.
  3. Run a Bore Scrubber soaked patch down the bore (twice).
  4. Run a series of dry patches down the bore until they come out clean.
  5. Scrub the bore with a Bore Scrubber soaked bore brush of the appropriate caliber.
  6. Follow up with dry patches until they come out clean.
  7. Use Barricade or a Silicone Cloth to wipe the gun down. If the gun will be stored for a while, run a patch covered in Barricade down the bore.

To see the Birchwood Casey products in action, watch the YouTube video above.