Hunting and Shooting CEO Shatters the Boys Club Myth

Sellmark Corporation CEO, Dianna Sellers, Ranked Near the Top of Fort Worth Businesses… and for good reason!

Sellmark Corporation CEO, Dianna Sellers
Sellmark Corporation CEO, Dianna Sellers
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AmmoLand Gun News

USA –  -( Merriam-Webster defines misogyny as “a hatred of women”.

I mention that because I have had the term thrown at me often because of the way I voted, although, to be honest, like countless other American citizens, gender had nothing to do with my decision-making process; moreover, I do think America is ready to lift a woman to our highest office… just not that one.

More importantly, since I began with a political spin, my vote was much more about delivering a shock-treatment to the establishment – a silent revolution, if you will, that said, “We’re done.”

Truth be told, perhaps because in my childhood home respecting women was a cornerstone of our values, I have always been at odds with good ol’ boys clubs. I have witnessed and celebrated amazing milestones of women in my life whether in the wood, at church or on the job. I wouldn’t stop at saying they can do just about anything I can do. I would add that often, they do it better; I’ll be the first to say my wife is exponentially smarter than me. And there are a lot of other amazing women out there, too.

Fort Worth Business Press, Top Tarrant County Women-Owned Businesses
Fort Worth Business Press, Top Tarrant County Women-Owned Businesses

That said, a recent article in the Fort Worth Business Press, Top Tarrant County Women-Owned Businesses, had me thinking… and downright inspired me to share an important, incredibly relevant, sign-of-the-times message. In case you’ve been asleep, there are some amazing women deeply rooted and at the helm of great companies within the hunting and shooting industry, once the poster-child for good ol’ boys clubs the world over.

Sellmark Corporation CEO, Dianna Sellers

In reading the article, one name stood out above all others; it was someone I know; someone laboring fervently within our small outdoor industry community and wholly devoted to enhancing the professional and recreational experiences for everyone, especially military, law enforcement, hunters and off-the-grid enthusiasts; it was my own boss, Sellmark Corporation CEO, Dianna Sellers. Sellers ranked fifth amid 63 of the region’s top women business owners!

While I wasn’t surprised to see she made the cut in the DFW publication’s article, I was surprised to run across her name in any publication; she doesn’t spend much time at all in any limelight, yet she is always the one driving the Sellmark bus, so to speak.

This was, indeed, one of those rare moments where she couldn’t avoid some well-deserved credit. As I studied the typeface in her name for a moment, a smile settled over me.

Shortly after joining Sellmark, after working full-time for years as a writer, photographer, videographer and speaker in the hunting and shooting industry, and enjoying the luxury of making my own schedule, the same question from friends, even new co-workers came flooding in. “How is it ‘working for the man’ again?” The truth is, it’s great when ‘the man’ is made up of amazing people, adding emphasis and even a bit of laughable irony to the cliché-ish term since at the top of “the man” list is an ever confident, ultra-business-savvy woman who not only takes the biz bull by the horns, but also truly exemplifies good leadership. To be honest it’s tough to recollect working for someone, anyone that treats employees with her level of compassion and respect… and that servant-leader attribute is routine for her.

Under Dianna’s tenure as CEO, beginning in 2002, Sellmark has risen to become a true leader in our industry, developing and offering advanced optics and a wide array of other outdoor gear designed to enhance outdoor experiences. While the Sellmark name itself is not widely recognizable, the company’s brands most certainly are well known and span six of our globe’s seven continents; in fact, Sellmark recently opened a European headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sellmark currently houses five brands: Sightmark, Pulsar, Firefield, 12 Survivors and Southern Crossbow.

From a small garage startup to the large-scale yet family-feel industry leader recognized today, Sellmark has seen many seasons and countless changes in the remarkable world of business evolution. At the helm, all along… seeing, doing and leading with both a boot-on-the-ground and global perspective, as well as a passion to enhance the lives and jobs of military, law enforcement and outdoor adventurers, including hunting and shooting enthusiasts, is Dianna.

While some call me a misogynist because I don’t shy away from broadcasting where my vote recently went, others on a few occasions have accused me of misandry, even more of an oddity since, well, I’m a guy. The truth is, I’m for anyone capable of doing things right, anyone with a heart for humanity, anyone who understands the importance of character and that what they do when nobody is looking really does matter, and that lives and leads by the golden rule.

Call me a misogynist, call me a misandrist… just don’t call me unfortunate. I’m in a good place with great people. Working for the “man” has never been better.

Sellmark Corporation
Sellmark Corporation

If you feel like I do, that hard work and character define your character and fulfill your destiny regardless of gender and that our great outdoors are no place for good-ol-boys-club mentality, as evidenced by industry leaders like Dianna Sellers and the exponential growth of women engaging in hunting and shooting, then you’re just like me. When you see an article like the one I found in the Fort Worth Business Press, you should celebrate the accomplishments of those hardworking folks. It’s even better when you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the name you recognize belongs to someone truly deserving.

For more information about Sellmark Corporation, visit Sellmark’s brand websites are as follows:

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