‘Inner Peace’ Is A Permit For Destruction

By John Farnam

Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou Terror Attack
Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou Terror Attack
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Islamic Terrorism Never Ceases:

Recently, in Ouagadougou, capitol city of the former west-African French colony of Burkina Faso, a group of Islamic terrorists burst into an upscale restaurant, popular with foreign tourists, and systematically murdered everyone they were able to, using AK rifles.

Death toll is at least eighteen. Many others wounded. At least one French tourist is among the dead.

Police eventually cornered and killed two of the attackers.

Displaying a degree of honesty rarely found in Western civilization, Communications Minister Remi Dandjinou immediately declared the incident a “terrorist attack.”

In January of 2016, a identical attack at another upscale restaurant in Ouagadougou saw thirty murdered.

In June of this year, yet another attack saw five murdered at a luxury resort in Mali, also a former French colony, also in west Africa.

These ongoing Islamic murder sprees, because they occur in Africa and other places not familiar to most Americans, are barely noticed by Western news media. Our naive liberal media gets excited only when such things happen in Western Europe, the UK, or CONUS.

Even then, when only a few are wantonly murdered, it’s not even “news” anymore! And, the Western media uses weasel-phrases, like “lone wolf,” and “ It’s not really terrorism” in order to encourage all of us to pretend none of this is really happening. Precious little of what does not fit their liberal narrative is ever reported honestly, or reported at all.

But, the point is that these kinds of murderous attacks by radical Islamics continue to occur, almost daily, reported in the Western media or not, somewhere in the world.

They will likely continue for the rest of our lifetimes!


Offshore travel is not a good idea, and probably be won’t any time soon. Some places are worse than others, as noted above, but all offshore destinations are far more dangerous than they have ever been before.

Africa, in particular, has a large Islamic population. Not just north and west Africa, but the entire Continent. Jihadists are organized, dedicated, deadly, and relentless. They pay no attention to international borders, and local governments do not deal with them any more effectively than we do!

“People confuse ‘inner peace’ with some sense of insensibility whenever something goes wrong. In such cases, ‘inner peace’ is a permit for destruction: The unyielding optimist will pretend that the forest is not burning, either because he is lazy, or too afraid to put the fire out.” ~ Criss Jami


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4 years ago

Correct! And given our official attitude here in the US, I stay alert, stay armed, and practice. Too bad those in other countries don’t have the same option. No government can protect you. They only show up after your dead.

VE Veteran - Old Man's Club
VE Veteran - Old Man's Club
4 years ago

And there it is. Libs like to promote the touchy-feely approach to dealing with people who only understand righteous violence in return for the evil violence they do. There are individuals in the world who just don’t think the way liberals do and one of the libs two brain cells can’t process that, ergo they think that all people are subject to the same rules that they hold dear. They should go on The Wheel of Fortune and buy a clue.