Interior Recommends Altering National Monuments Prized by Sportsmen

Ryan Zinke native of Montana
Ryan Zinke native of Montana

Backcountry Hunters and AnglersMISSOULA, Mont. -( An Interior Department report recommending ambiguous “boundary changes” to national monuments prized by sportsmen and women drew swift criticism from Backcountry Hunters & Anglers today.

BHA warned that, if implemented, the recommendations by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke could negatively impact key fish and wildlife habitat, reduce outdoor opportunities important to sportsmen and critical to local economies, and undermine a bedrock conservation law, the Antiquities Act, that has enabled the long-term protection of millions of acres.

“Secretary Zinke is proposing to dismantle a conservation legacy pioneered by Theodore Roosevelt that has permanently conserved some of our nation’s most valuable public lands and waters,” said BHA President and CEO Land Tawney. “We’re pleased that the administration has acknowledged the overwhelming public support for our national monuments and the Antiquities Act, and we ask him today: ‘What would Theodore Roosevelt do?’”

Zinke is an admirer of the nation’s 26th president and has called himself a Roosevelt conservationist.

While details of the changes to national monuments being proposed by the administration remain unclear, the secretary indicated that he would not seek to have any monuments rescinded outright. Tawney dismissed this detail as meaningless.

“Why should we thank the administration for its report, which would fundamentally weaken one of our bedrock conservation laws?” asked Tawney rhetorically. “Doing so would be akin to thanking a bully for not beating you up.

“Our national monuments have stood the test of time, and the present review could trigger a game of political football, leaving them in limbo,” he concluded. “American sportsmen and women have made our position clear: An attack on one monument is an attack on them all.”

Today’s report from the Interior Department culminates a several month long review during which millions of public comments reiterated citizens’ strong support for national monuments. BHA members and supporters rallied behind America’s monuments system, highlighting the importance of the Antiquities Act in conserving the places and traditional uses valued by sportsmen and women.

Earlier this month, BHA launched an advertising campaign criticizing the Interior Department’s national monuments review and the risks it poses to prime hunting and fishing on public lands and waters.

Montana BHA members are featured in the spots, which also emphasize the potential of the national monuments review to threaten jobs and economic security.

Read National Monuments: A Sportsmen’s Perspective for sportsmen’s tenets regarding use of the Antiquities Act and case studies of national monuments important to hunting and fishing.

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First, don’t believe anything this leftist group says.
Second, they have already said there would be no messing with monuments in national parks.
Third, get the Federal government out of the land business. Government should not own anything because they have no
money to buy it, except ours.
Forth, they can’t manage anything they don’t screw up.

Gary Brennan

Monuments referred to in this article are land purchases and not physical statues. In order to make an area a national monument, it only takes the stroke of the Presidents pen. In CA last year, we lost thousands of acres of prime hunting land with those strokes of a pen by then President Obama. Overnight, we lost some prime hunting areas and access to other areas. Not all National Monuments are closed to hunting but California seems, once again, to be on the liberal anti-hunting agenda.


Woweeeee! That didn’t take long. Let me sum this up for any newcomers; Backcountry Hunters and Anglers is a false flag group that is anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-fishing, anti-camping. They want the Federal Govt. to control as much land as possible and never let citizens set one foot on it, despite what their website says.

That was slightly more then I had planned on but I wanted to be perfectly clear.

Wild Bill

Heck of a nice looking horse, what ya can see of it. Zinke must be right, he has a pretty horse!


More spew of idiocy from the moronic lieft winger FAUX conservation group. HEY MORONS:
Hey ammoland; QUIT publishing the bullshyte about this leftist group of anti-americans.


so here we have again a pitiful plea from this “green” organisation whose goal is to remove as much territory as possible from pubilc access. Mr. Tawney should sit himself down and READ his copy of the COnstitution… I do hope he has one. If he does ot, shame on him. Then he needs to get back to us here and report the places in there where FedGov have authority to seize, without compensatio, vast tracts of land and sequester them from full public use. He will find, IF he is honest, that even Teddy Roosevelt was in serious violation… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tio, That is the problem with the three branches of government regulating the people through agencies that make “rules with the force and effect of law.” The government becomes a Constitution ignoring bully embodied by faceless, nameless, bureaucrats, that answer to no one.